Moss Miata

Diamondite Bug Blocker

Diamondite Bug Blocker

[7/7/2008] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Ok, I got my hands on the Diamondite Bug Blocker and decided to use it. The instructions say to apply generously using the supplied foam pad on a clean car nose using a left-right wiping motion. I applied the DBB on the nose and on the front part of my hood (roughly up to the level in-line with the tops of my headlights). Well, the stuff dried up and left a hazy film. The instructions did mention that this is a possibility in areas of high humidity. It also mentioned that for best results, wash off the original application after 24 hours and reapply a new coat. How did it fare? Well, bugs that were splattered on the coated area came off pretty easily with a jet of water. Thing is, you will get a good amount of your car wet if you do this, meaning you may end up washing the car if you are trying to maintain a high level of detailed appearance. The second application did seem to increase the effectiveness of the DBB but the hazy appearance remained. Mind you, we don't have lovebugs in NJ but I do live in the Pine Barrens, so I did get my fair share of bugs. So for now, I say this: if you find DBB's insect protection important to have, then I say it works as advertised and works quite well. If you can't stand looking at the whitish film on your otherwise shiny car, then just keep waxing the front on a regular basis. I will keep experimenting with it to get full measure of its effectiveness but I find it more off-putting seeing DBB on my car since insects come off easily anyway with all the wax I have on it.

Not an installed item

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3 August, 2008

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