[4/15/2010] Reviewed by: Jon Weinberg -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+

Duragloss makes a complete line of car car products and also products for boats and vehicle fleets. I've used their washes, polishes and waxes for the past several years after reading about them on They are exceptional and for the most part I highly recommend them (see specific product recommendations below).

They are inexpensive, easy to apply and remove, leave a deep gloss, and are very durable. I've used it on my Miatas (2006 and 1999), as well as my Honda CRV that gets used all year round. I wax them once a year, and even at the end of the year they look great, especially given the CRV goes thru New England winters with salt on the roads.

Here are the individual products I've used with my comments: Bug remover - spray on a few minutes before washing, and does a good job of loosening up caked on bug guts so they wash off easily All wheel cleaner - also spray on my painted wheels and let sit while I put water and soap in my wash bucket, then rinse off with the nozzle jet spray. Sometimes that's all I do to clean my wheels, other times I also wash the wheels. I buy this by the gallon... Car wash concentrate - very slippery, leaves a nice shine. Smells good too... Pre-Bonding Agent - use after claying and before TPP - allegedly makes the polish/wax last longer. Apply polish right over it (without removing first) Total Performance Polish - synthetic "wax" with some cleaning agents. Apply a very thin coat. Reaches full durability and gloss within 8 hours, and lasts a whole year. I use monthly on my clear bra to keep it clean and clear. Also on the piano black strip on my dash. Clear Coat Polish - I use this as a second coat over TPP (after the 8 hours). Similar to TPP but without the cleaners. Adds a deeper gloss and an additional layer of protection. Aquawax - excellent once a month treatment when drying the car after a wash. Adds additional gloss and protection for little effort. Fast Clean and Shine - excellent quick detailer Wax Eraser - don't bother. Didn't seem to work for me. Metal polish - was ok, probably no better than most other products like this Rubber and Flat Black Dressing - similar to Mothers Back to Black but seems to last longer. Great for cleaning and restoring black trim and bits Vinyl and Convertable Top Dressing - was ok, but I liked 303 better You can search in the forums for "Duragloss" and find a lot more information. Hope this helps...

Not an installed item

Duragloss Aquawax

[1/3/2007] Reviewed by: Beastie

Duragloss Aquawax is a spray wax. Duragloss' website doesn't clarify whether it contains carnauba but there's no mention of it even on the sample bottle I received. Duragloss Aquawax is meant as a maintenance wax to boost the protection of whatever wax you already have.

I applied this product on the driver's side of my car which already had 8 coats of Klasse Sealant Glaze. It is very easy to use, just spray a little bit, wipe on with a microfiber towel and then turn towel over and wipe to a gloss. Duragloss Aquawax is optically clear on the paint so it doesn't change the look of the Klasse underneath. It added some wetness and has excellent gloss but I'd be hard pressed to tell you that it really made a difference. The car looks newly waxed but it doesn't look any different from the Klasse side. Don't take this as a condemnation of Aquawax. Actually, it is about as close to Klasse as I ever found. Every other wax changes the look of the car. Also, won't hide swirls when used.

Duragloss Aquawax and Eagle One Nanowax Spray are competing products. Duragloss Aquawax is more glossy while EONS is closer to a carnauba glow. EONS will hide swirls (quite good at it too). Both are outstanding booster waxes.

Not an installed item

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6 July, 2010

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