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Eagle One Tire Shine

[10/16/2007] Reviewed by: Beastie

Eagle One Tire Shine is a tire dressing packaged in a clear spray bottle. The liquid itself is clear. The liquid's consistency is oily to the touch and roughly the viscosity of baby oil.

I use Eagle One's foam tire swipes to apply EO Tire Shine to a clean tire. It applies easily (original Armor All is easier yet because it is more watery in consistency). About 2-3 squirts on the applicator does a tire. Finish is similar to Meguiar's NXT Tech Protectant: moderate sheen but has an oily look. Durability of Eagle One Tire Shine is about 2 weeks but it is best to apply after every wash.The oily tire surface doesn't attract dirt/dust and turn tires brown to same degree as NXT Tech Protectant but it does so just slightly. Eagle One Tire Shine is fairly cheap. I have no slinging problems as long as I let it dry for at least 10 minutes. Eagle One Tire Shine doesn't seem to hold its appearance for more than about 5 days.

I'm not too crazy about Eagle One Tire Shine but I don't hate it either. I prefer Armor All because it is more durable, easier to apply and looks blacker. AA isn't too glossy if applied with a foam tire swipe. AA doesn't attract dust either although it is very minor with Eagle One Tire Shine. I would recommend Eagle One Tire Shine but not enthusiastically.

Not an installed item

Eagle One Tire Shine (update)

[8/1/2008] Reviewed by: Beastie

After living with this product, I think that I will withdraw any recommendations. Nowadays, any sheen from a new application of Eagle One Tire Shine is 50% gone after a 40-mile drive. The tires will remain black for 10-15 days but the "shine" dies a quick death. It still protects during that time its just that the car doesn't look like the tires have been touched after a wash/wax. I much prefer original Armor All because it's easier to apply, less oily, keeps its sheen better and gives the car tires a nicer look (ala 303).

Eagle One Nanowax (spray-on)

[1/15/2007] Reviewed by: Ed B. - time4lime@verizon.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Spray-on, wipe-off carnauba wax

Why do I try new things? ..especially when I'm happy with what I'm using? I don't know.. the chance to be impressed, I guess. I've been using Meguiar's Quick Detailer. I like it a lot. But when I ran out, the cobalt blue bottle of Eagle One caught my eye, as did the explanation on the bottle of the product's function and science. I took it home (5 or 6 dollars later) and on a cool, clear day sprayed it on my hood. Whoa.. vanilla. It smells like vanilla. Nice! I take out my microfiber towels and wipe. Yikes. This stuff's thick. Could it be too cold for this? Nah. It's like 55 degrees. But it's like wiping off maple syrup. I'm used to the Maguiar's QD coming off almost like water. This stuff I feel like I'm just pushing around. Got to work harder at this. Here we go. It's coming off nicely and leaving a nice shine. Feeling warm now. Hmm. Maguiar's QD has spoiled me.

Would I buy this again? Yeah, probably. As waxes go, it's certainly easier than some. Water beads up nicely. Good gloss. And the price is decent. And the vanilla smell- What could be better? ..shining up the Mazda on a nice day, sipping a beverage with the smell of vanilla lingering in the air? All I need is Jessica Alba sitting there with me to make it perfect. But anyway, I'll still keep the Maguiar's around. I like to hit those not-so-perfect spots on my car while I'm out on my lunch hour. Maguiar's QD lets me do that. This needs more of a commitment. But hey, it's wax. Not quick detailer. I expected that. The paint on my red '93 is very nice. After a wash I leave it be, or hit it with the Maguiar's QD and it looks great. So I don't see the chance for getting a whole lot of use out of this. But I have to wax some times, and when I do, I'll use this. Happily.

Not an installed item

Eagle One Nanowax Spray

[3/31/2006] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to:

Nanowax Spray (NS) is a carnauba based spray wax using EO's "Nanotechnology" using very small wax particles to get into small crevices and smooth out the paint surface. NS is a milky fluid that is a tad thicker than QD. Here is a link to the manufacturer's site: http://www.eagleone.com/pages/products/product.asp?itemid=1121&cat=5010

I find that Nanowax Spray is like a super mutant QD. Wash and dry the car. Spray a little on a car panel, wipe it on with a microfiber using straight strokes following the air direction over the car. Immediately wipe off. Move on to the next panel. Use even on windows. Easy to use when you follow directions. Use too much and it is a bit harder to buff off. A Miata is done in about 10 minutes.

I like the swirl hiding ability of NS. It is not only very good for a spray wax, it rivals the best. It is very wet, has a liquid shimmer. Optically, it is nowhere near as clear as Klasse AIO/SG so reflections take on a slight milky character. It has the carnauba look. It is about the equivalent of NXT paste wax at about 1/3 the price. I'd say this one is a keeper.

Not an installed item

Eagle One Wet Car Wash

[8/18/2004] Reviewed by: Beastie - bparaan@hotmail.com

Applicable to:

A good cheaper alternative to Meg's Gold Class wash and Mother's CA Gold car wash. All three are very good but I seem to prefer Gold Class by the slimmest of margins. I get good suds, good cleaning and easy rinsing with Eagle One. I seem to get very minor waterspotting issues which come right off with a quick detail spray. It's really a virtual toss up between these three products with Gold Class just nudging ahead with more sheeting action but Eagle One catching back up with maybe more cleaning action (highly debatable, I won't argue if you said Brand X was better). I bought my big container for $3.99 at Pep Boys. Can't beat that with a stick.

One more reason to keep Dawn in the kitchen and off your car.

Not an installed item

Eagle-One Wet WipeN'Shine Quick Detail Spray

[2/10/2004] Reviewed by: Ben Paraan - bparaan@hotmail.com

Applicable to:

Inexpensive and widely available detailing spray from Eagle-One. The spray mechanisms I've had (been through 4 bottles already) have been reliable and leak-free. I haven't had any problems with the bottle itself leaking or cracking.

This is a QD spray that I carry around the most nowadays. It doesn't seem to have ill effects on surfaces that I have applied Klasse All-In-One and Sealant Glaze or carnauba waxes. It is cheap (I find mine for $3.50 a bottle) and does a good job. It's not as good as Pinnacle Crystal Mist in making the car shine but is much more universal in its usefulness. I use it for general tidying up of paint and glass, as a lube for claying and to dampen my applicators when applying wax, sealants or polishes. I also like it better than the $18 Sonus Acrylic Spritz because of its universal usefulness and comparable shine. It's the QD I use the most.

Not an installed item

Eagle One Visual Perfection

Reviewed by: Albert Low - Albert_Low@AmwayMalaysia.CCMAIL.compuserve.com

This is a package consisting of a polish and spritz. The polish is a creamy beige lotion while the spritz is a clear fluid (looks like water!). The Visual Perfection combo is claimed by the manufacturer to be at the leading edge of technology whereby depth and richness is first class. Comes with an applicator pad too. Don't know how much it is in the US but in Malaysia, this combo is roughly equivalent to US$ 23.70.

Using it was a bit tedious compared to "all in one" polishes because you have to make sure the paint surface is clean of stubborn stains first. You surely wouldn't want to splurge expensive products on a less than pristine surface! I used Eagle One's paint cleaner first to remove all stains and then proceeded with the Visual Perfection combo. Sray a mist spritz on the applicator and then, pour on a little polish. Apply in a back and forth motion (to minimise swirl marks). Wait for a minute and buff off. Lots of work but wait till you look at the results!!

Whoa!!!! Unbeliavably fantastic! In terms of depth and gloss, simply superb! There is a noticeable difference when compared to a single application of Meguiar's Wet Look POlish. Don't get me wrong...the Meguiar's is also an excellent product that offers great value for money. But this Visual Perfection stuff is something else...the gloss is stupendous. The only drawback is, you must be prepared to spend time and effort to do it right. Prepare the paint surface first. Make it really clean before using the VP combo. In the hot Malaysian weather, it lasted only 3 weeks or so. That's why you have to top it up with a layer of Carnauba Wax for maximum protection. Again, more work. But the results are more than worth it. My car has a Ferarri Red paintwork (Glasurit 2pack) and the results are so good, I just love to stand in hot sun and admire the shine! it turns heads!!!!!!!

Eagle One 5 Minute Detailer

Reviewed by: ALBERT LOW - Albert_Low@AmwayMalaysia.CCMAIL.compuserve.com

Liquid-based, quick to use formula that is used AFTER polishing and waxing. The main purpose is to provide a quick and easy shine for that "just detailed" look.

Excellent! Just dry your car completely after washing and spray a very light mist on a soft cloth. Use as little as possible for best results! if your paint has been properly polished and waxed, I guarantee this product will add a most noticeable wet look shine to your paint! Especially great on 2-pack paints. However, the effect lasts about 2 weeks in hot sun. Re-apply whenever you need the ultimate killer sheen!

Will definitely continue to use it. Streak-free, easy to apply and a most unmistakable shine. You have to make sure your paint is up to scratch first though!

Eagle One Wet Look Car Polish (with Teflon)

Reviewed by: Ong Su Ching - bkho@tm.net.my

I have never used Eagle One products before and this product attracted my attention after I read about it in a car magazine. Okay, it's claimed to a car polish and that's it! You'll still have to finish off with the company's Wet Look wax for best results. You'll also be attracted to the bold and stylish black labelling which makes the product stand out amongst all the other high end products out there.

My car has never been repainted before and after 4 years, the paintwork is still quite pristine...thanks to frequent washes and the luxury of a basement parking in my office. Firstly, I started off with a good wash and then removed all tar spots all over the car with a tar remover. Then, I just applied the product as directed...sparingly on a soft dry cloth using circular motions. It dried to a haze pretty quickly and when I buffed off with a terry towel..WOW!!!! Darn unbelievable! The surface was so smooth to touch and there was really a 'wet look' effect. i think it would be even more tremendous in black/dark coloured cars. Ok, ok,ok.......I have used Turtle Metalic Wax (blue container), all Simoniz products and Meguiars. But so far, the only product that can match the Eagle One, is Meguiars' products. Of course, your technique and paint condition are two of the most important determinants of the final result. But in my case, my technique was ok and my paint was well cared for.

I would give this product a definite thumbs up! However, don't forget to finish off with E.One's Wet Look Wax (with Teflon). I did it and the outcome was fantastic. You should set aside a complete day for a thorough and rewarding job. You won't be disappointed!

Eagle-One WET LOOK Paste Wax

Reviewed by: Trevor Ryder - trevor@okanagan.net

After finally deciding I was going to do the full-course Meguiars treatment (a cleaner, swirl polish and wax) I went to the only auto-parts dealer that carries all their products in town to pick up #9 and few other bottles.

Well, to say the least, it wasn't cheap, it was going to cost me at least $60 CDN for everything I needed. My car looks great as it is, as I was really only wanting to get rid of the swirl marks (probably caused by the dealer applied wax job).

So, after looking at what else they had for wax's and polish's, I ran across EAGLE_ONE WET LOOK PASTE WAX. I had used Eagle-One plastic cleaner on my Jeep's softtop windows before with moderate success, and something in the back of mind said that a recent magazine had rated this stuff highly.

For $18.99 CDN it even came with a really nice, easy to use, applicator sponge, and enough car wash for two washes. Seemed like a good deal to me. It also claimed to be only a two-stage process, and would remove swirl marks, so I gave it a shot.

So after washing it, to test it, I did only half of the car with this wax. To say the least, it really does look wet. The difference between it and whatever the dealer used was definitely noticable. My girlfriend now refers to my classic red as "Cheap-whore lipstick red". The gloss and shine is fantastic, and it really does look wet at certain angles.

Swirl marks are a lot less noticable, but there is still some swirling present. More than likely, the old bathroom towels I was using weren't soft enough. However, it still does look much better than before in that department.

I highly recommend it if your Miata isn't in too rough of condition, and you want to bring back a high-gloss freshly painted look. The bonus being all you have to do is wash and wax too.

Heck, its even CHEAP!

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