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eMiata Replacement plastic window kit

[12/19/2006] Reviewed by: Ed B. -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

do-it-yourself window, with glue

So.. my car gets stolen, and a week later it comes back with a cracked window. A crack shaped like an inverted V. Gee, thanks. The plastic was already fogged and scuffed but still, the top was in decent enough shape. I checked out this kit because the cost difference between having the window replaced by a shop was frighteningly close to the cost of a new (uninstalled) top ($400-500). The kit was 59 bucks total. A decent sheet of instructions came with it. The plastic window sheet came rolled up and included were two bottles of 'glue ingredients' to be mixed. I followed the instructions as closely as I could, SOOO careful not to botch anything. I was encouraged by another reviewer of this product, but my own experience was frustrating and at times hopeless. I was careful to mix the glue to the proportions suggested, but it never took a strong hold. Maybe I didn't add enough, I don't know. After a day, I checked to see how secure the parts were that did stick. They tore aw! ay sort of easily. So, off to Home Depot to grab a tube of something else. After much reading, decided on Goop (Plumber's type, for it's flexible and watertight qualities) for about 4 dollars. At this point all I wanted was SOME-thing to cover up the hole where the previous window was. Pretty straight forward after that. The Goop held. I put plenty on and found the most satisfying bond was one where I could see a bead of glue seep out up onto the plastic as I pressed two surfaces together. This sounds much worse than it is. That little bead was a nice water-proof wall of confidence. A lot of glue is good. From the inside, the overlapping edge of the window you've cut is visible but it really isn't a big deal. Anyway, if you're in a Miata and you're facing rearward, you've got more immediate problems. You could cover it with some black fabric tape if you wanted to. Strong advice: Cut the window at least an inch and a quarter bigger all around than the window outline of the t! op and sand the extra edge area well.

The best part of this is that I got a nice clear window on my car for 59(+4) bucks and that priceless 'did it myself' feeling (as well as being able to thumb my nose at those who'd have taken hundreds of dollars of my money for something slightly more sightly). Physically speaking, the best part of this was the plastic. The Goop is what I'd use first if I did it again. My strong recommendation to anyone attempting this is to first prepare a nice flat, solid surface on top of which to lay the window as well as lay the part of the top that glues to the window. MUCH of my frustration and initial feelings of failure were due to the fact that the window "frame" doesn't completely lie flat on the back dash. It kind of hangs a from few inches above it. This makes it tough as hell to center the window, avoid glue-smearing, and place pressure from above and below. I ended up stacking books on the back dash, then put heavy magnets on the top of the border. Don't be surprised if you! don't get it totally even and flat. Few will. I have a subtle (and quite frankly, perfectly acceptable) ripple. Also, I'd not be worried about getting it all clamped down at one time. Work on the toughest (the lower) edge first. Then take your time and Goop in on. Oh, and have some clean rags for the drips here and there. Also, clamping the glued surfaces together wherever possible is a big bonus. I had two black plastic clamps like big clothespins that could reach a few inches down the side of the window and squeeze things tight. Would I do it again? Yeah. And if you've got coffee and you're in New England, I'd even help you.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

E-miata glue in window

[10/5/2006] Update by: David Hunter -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

A glue in window for you Miata soft top.

2 years.

UPDATE to my review below, after two years. Everything above stands. I'm writing because I continue to get asked or see questions about glue in windows on the forum. After 2 years the plastic is the same. The glue smudges turned yellow, so avoid making those smudges. Parts that I didn't glue well have come loose. I don't blame the e-miata glue, most of it has held quite well. It all comes down to how well you do this job - excellent glueing with good overlap of window to top, with dead straight placement, would give OEM results I'm sure. Less care will provide, well, less nice results. It's still quite reasonably priced.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Glue in plastic window by

[6/7/2004] Reviewed by: David Hunter -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

An inexpensive plastic window kit for the soft top from

You cut out your old window, cut the new window, and glue it to the top. No dis-assembly of the top req’d. Fairly DIY but good instructions. It's the right price - cheap enough to discount some issues. Examples: I didn't position the hole in my top quite correctly while glueing the new window in, so it's not as taught as I might like and there is a small ripple in the plastic. From the outside I can see where some glue squished around the edges of the window. For $60us though, it’s good. I bought the car and the window was useless. $60 later the top works fine. I plan to run it like this for years. No one normal will ever notice anything wrong. Only a Miata owner might notice that the plastic isn't as tight and straight as a normal top and has some smudges on it. I got the tinted version which I'm happy with. Customer service is good. I recommend this repair.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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