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Finish Kare 108 "Top Kote" RVL Poly Protectant - Anti-Static

[8/25/2009] Reviewed by: Beastie


Applicable to:

Liquid polymer sealant for exterior/interior rubber and vinyl and interior leather. Anti-UV and antistatic. Leaves like new finish, not greasy or wet. Available online at:

FK 108 Top Kote is a watery liquid that comes in a 31 oz. spray bottle ($16.63) or in gallon ($38.91) or bigger sizes. It neatly slots between 303 and Klasse VRLP in its strengths. It is anti-static, does not attract dust. Dusting is kept to a minimum. Very good choice for interior plastic like dashes, door panels, etc. "Shine" is between 303 and VRLP, so it is not shiny. Maybe just a tad less sheen than 303. On tires, it works very well. Durability here is on par with 303 and maybe a tad better than Armor All Original. Some in Autopia say it is the best looking tire dressing and I'm not about to dispute that with anything solid. It is like a toned down 303, less tire sheen. Not greasy so brushing up against your tire doesn't leave a mark on your pants. FK 108 is okay with leather. Looks great on exterior plastic trim and engine compartment dressing duty. Also works very nicely on vinyl tops.

A lot cheaper than 303 specially in bulk sizes, even with shipping factored in. I prefer FK 108 Top Kote over 303 whether or not price is factored in. Antistatic property is not as good as Klasse VRLP, maybe 1/3 as good. Klasse VRLP sets the standard really high on that aspect and also in durability. But application-wise, FK 108 and 303 and Armor All Original are all very similar. Very easy to spread evenly. Doesn't eat sponge material like NXT Tech Protectant and (to a lesser extent) Eagle One Tire Shine. I find Finish Kare 108 Top Kote to be a very good alternative to 303, but not good enough that you throw your 303 away just to get FK108. Highly recommended!!!

Not an installed item

Finish Kare 118 Exterior Shampoo Concentrate + pH Neutralizer

[8/22/2009] Reviewed by: Beastie


Applicable to:

Relatively thin green liquid car wash concentrate from internet vendor Finish Kare. Can be bought in gallon, 4 gallon case or 5 gallon pail sizes. While Finish Kare is geared towards professional users, it also sells products to consumers. $27 for a gallon of FK 118. They charged me only $5 shipping on my order that included 4+ gallons of liquid products (heavy).

It does a wonderful job in cleaning the car. Suds are not luxuriously thick, smell is not memorable. It rinses easily and removes dirt well. It seems to be more environmentally friendly as the I don't use as much soap, it is pH neutral, rinse water is not full of suds. It doesn't seem to be harmful to waxes.

Not an installed item

Finish Kare 425 Ultra Slick Poly Wipe Spray Detailer - Anti-Static

[6/13/2009] Reviewed by: Beastie

Applicable to:

A pink colored liquid that I bought in a gallon container for $29. Smells like children's medicine. Saw a lot of posts in detailing sites that claimed that it was the best as far as looks are concerned. It seems a little thicker than most quick detail sprays. Finish Kare site described that it had low cleaning capability but has high gloss rating.

FK 425 is an awesome QD for an after wash glossing up. It is not like other QDs that require minimal wiping. You have a few extra strokes to wipe it off. It almost behaves like a spray wax in that you spread it then turn the towel to wipe off. As I mentioned, minimal cleaning ability means that this is not the QD to reach for when you want to remove bird poop or dust. This is strictly a glosser type of product. Seen that way, this is the most impressive QD I've used. Very beautiful gloss, other people notice it thinking it's a fresh wax job.

As an aside: FK 425 vs Duragloss Aquawax/Duragloss QD spit shined Both very good looking. FK425 appeals more to people who have an affinity to the carnauba look as it has a glow in addition to the very nice wet gloss. Duragloss Aquawax spit shined is slicker, is shinier and has more of a sealant look. Aquawax by itself has even more of a pure sealant look but spit shining will increase gloss while giving a little bit of wetness. Winner: I'd give the edge to the Duragloss combo but you have to take into account my biases. Almost too close to call in reality even though they have their own look. Technically a draw.

Not an installed item

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24 October, 2009

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