Finish Line Belt Line Molding

Finish Line Belt Line Molding

[9/8/2010] Reviewed by: Nolan Penney

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

The black molding on the top of the doors that the window slides against.

Does not come with all the clips. You will need two of the white clips from your old molding, so try not to break them when you pull the old molding off. It does come with the button clips at the ends. They came well bent and dented, so some time was necessary to straighten the units back out. The metal is much softer than the original, so it easily deformed. The fit is overall excellent. Replacement is a quick and easy job, taking just a few minutes. The window does not need to be removed, nor does the interior door panel.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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29 September, 2010

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