Mazda Hardtop

Mazda Removable Hardtop

[4/24/2007] Reviewed by: Mark Haggard

Applicable to: '06+

Factory Removeable hardtop

Very good fit and finish. Looks terrific, changes the whole character of the car. Reduces interiors noise level at highway speeds significantly. Radio never sounded so good before. Visability to the rear is increased a lot. Easy on and off (two people job, not that it's heavy, just you don't want to risk dropping it)

Only negative I could possible think of would that when you remove it, you need to have someplace to store it since you can't throw it in the back and take it with you.

Not an installed item

Mazda Hardtop

[11/27/99] Reviewed by Robert W Adams -

Applicable to '99 + 1.8 liter

Mazda Hard Top. Factory kit comes with new side panels and all hardware. Save the old side panels so can reinstall if you trade for a new Miata. Then install your new ones in new Miata

New panels have holes for the hardware and install very easly. The hardware is a snap. The top itself goes on easily and you only need to follow the direction supplied. Total time was about 45 min. You will have to get it painted as only comes in primer black.

Top listed for $2,295 but because I went to my local dealer where I bought my Miata they sold it to me for wholesale $1,765. The painting of the top cost about $80.00. The look, quiet, and more solid feel are excellent. I also recommend the over head hoist for both getting it on and off but mainly for very easy storage.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[9/9/99] Reviewed by: Mark Boursaw -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Madza factory hardtop with defroster

Living in Washington state, we get alot of rainy days in the winter. The hardtop is quieter & easier to see out of on those rainy days. Also  with the HT on it makes the Miata look like a different car. So you can have two diff looking cars for the price of a HT.  I bought a used Miata factory HT with defroster  for my 93 Package A by calling people with Miatas  for sale & offering them $1000 cash. The hard part of the installation was figuring out what parts I needed to make the defroster to work. Called local dealer, looked on & called Roebucks. All the answers were different. So I took my 93 Workshop Manual to a friend who can read wiring diagrams & got a parts list made up. Quess what? The dealers & were both wrong. I did not need a switch for the dash or a new fan switch. I ordered the correct parts from Roebucks. The good news is I never bought any wrong parts & the defroster works great.

Parts List for 92 or 93 Appox  Cost
NA02-R1-361D Right side striker $15
NA02-R1-371D Left side striker $15
9983-40-820B Striker Screws $3
LA40-67-740 Relay $21
NA01-67-7T0 Timer Unit-Rear Defroster $65
N008-66-730 Fuse Block $12  (needed if no power antenna)

The strikers are installed by the seat belt anchors. With the soft top down you can see the back side of the nuts. Using the striker as a pattern, cut a hole in the plastic that fits the back side of the striker. The first one is the hardest. The relay goes in the trunk behind the rear cover near the trunk latch. The timer unit goes under the driver side dash. The fuse block goes by the antenna in the trunk. I hope this sets the record straight on the parts needed for a 92 or 93 HT defrost install.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Darrell Dacus -

Mazda factory hardtop with rear defroster and headliner (about $1200 used - perfect shape and matching color).

The Mazda hardtop is the only choice to make. I understand that the Snugtop and others (?) are probably great, but I tend to stick with the manufacturer. The quality is...well it's genuine!

I ordered the required side latches (about $35) and they installed easily with two bolts each - this is a permanent change as drilling the side plastic panels is required. This part will take the longest - about 1 hour to do everthing right so that it looks like it came from the factory. After a bit of lining up and adjusting the latches (about 5 minutes) I could not think of another improvement that has satisfied me more. The car feels stiffer, it's super quiet (uh, oh, better find those new rattles I can hear now) and is easy to install and remove. The top feels as if it weighs maybe 75lbs or so. It's not heavy by any means. Anyone will get a chuckle out of the "headliner" though. It's a rubber type of mat about 1/8" thick. It seems to do the job so no gripes. I also installed the defroster kit and power antenna to match my new and improved Miata! My over all opinion - it feels as if I just bought a new Miata -: !!!

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