Moss Miata
Meguiars Clay Bar

Reviewed by: Bill Meyer -

I have seen this stuff on the market for about a year now and have never given it much thought until I went to the SEMA convention in Las Vegas this year. Several vendors were out and about using this clay bar on their cars so I checked it out. I was convinced enough to buy some at the local Grand Auto. I bought the Maguires product for about $14, although you can buy from many other providers. Well, I brought this stuff home, layed out my polishing equipment and began. All you have to do is shape this clay bar which is about 2 inches by 4 inches by 1/2 inch thick into the palm of your hand, spray on this liquid spray detailer on the area you plan to undertake. This acts as a lubricant for the clay over the paint surface. Then move your hand steadily in an up and down direction over the surface. The trunk took about 15-20 seconds to accomplish. Then just wipe off the sprayed on detailer and clay residue and move on to another section. It's all just too easy. What I found after I applied the clay bar treatment to my '95 M was a clear coat smooth finish beyond anything I have ever been able to accomplish. This stuff is amazing. After the clay bar, follow the instructions and apply a polish and/or wax finish to the car. I opted to apply the carnuba liquid polish that came with the clay bar kit by hand and remove with a rag, then a buffer. Just because I'm so picky about my car, I applied a coat of Maguires Gold Class liquid wax. My finish looks and feels like...better than new paint. This stuff works at removing pollutants and small particulants from the paint surface. In addition, it has removed 95% of these little swirl and minute scratches from the surface, leaving an excellent prepped surface for waxing. Before the clay bar I have tried swirl remover followed by polish and wax and with no luck. The clay bar REALLY WORKS and it's so simple to use. 'Can't believe I haven't used it sooner.

Reviewed by: Peter Myers -

Very Favorable. After reading about it in several of my automotive magazines I finally had to try it. The first test I gave it was on the top of our mini van. It had a bird dropping on the top that was etched into the paint enough that cleaner/ wax would not remove it and neither would Body Scrub. I was anxious to try the clay on the spot. To my surprise it removed it. Then I tried it on my red 90 Miata. I did the hood and it gave it a very smooth finish. However, I was a little disappointed with its ability to remove the bugs from the front cowl. I guess they have been there too long. Especially the bottom half. They come off to a degree but not completely.

Clay does work. A body shop owner friend of mine says he uses it to remove overspray on windows. A final comment on waxes. I have tried many. The new Turle Wax Emerald series is easy to use.The best I have ever used, that provides the longest lasting protection and beading, but is absolutely the hardest to use, is Zymol Wax. And applying with your bare hand is the best way.

I may have to try Lusso Oro after reading the report.

Reviewed by: Bryan Carper -

Clay bar and Quick Detail mist. You apply mist to car and lightly rub clay over surface to remove minor imperfections (sap, contaminates, etc). Gives an incredibley clean and smooth surface to your paint before waxing.

You must apply a liberal amount of the mister to keep the clay from sticking to your paint. Even so, I had trouble keeping residue from the clay from hazing the surface. My black paint may have been a reason for this.

The finished surface is GLASS smooth, but you must follow up with a good wax to get all the haze removed.

Looked a lot easier on TV. I would NOT use it again. A good cleaner wax is much easier.

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