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MM Marketing M189T Cab Cover

MM Marketing M189T Cab Cover ( MM047)

[6/12/2011] Reviewed by: Chris Borrelli -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

This is a cover that covers the cockpit area with either the top up or down.

I wanted a cab cover because it easier to put on than removing the boot, windblock and Cool Breeze Scoop to put the top up for times that we dine or shop. I've had and used this product for a year now. I bought this particular cover because it was the only one that could be used with the top in either position.

I tested this cover for moisture resistance by lining a cardboard box with it and pouring in a gallon of water.....not a drop leaked through. I did a little research and discovered that it is manufactured by Covercraft and is their top of the line (Ultratech) cover. It has a built in anti-theft feature, probably the best protection from UV and moisture on the market today, a lifetime warranty, and a storage bag. Installation and removal is quick and easy. I have an NA and I'm pleased with the fit, no issues. In other words, I recommend this product.

Not an installed item

MM Marketing M189T Cab Cover, Poor fit on NC

[1/26/2009] Reviewed by: Bill Latsha -

Applicable to: '06+

This is a lightweight Cab or Top cover to just cover and protect the top and 4 windows of the Miata. it is supposed to fit all NA, NB, and NC series. It just does not fit the NC well.

I was attracted to the "Top", or "Cab" cover on the MM Marketing web page. I wanted something lightweight to cover just the top and windows for frosty mornings, and when parked in the sun for an extended period. This is made of lightweight waterproof, breathable fabric, with a shiny aluminized coating to reflect the suns rays. I called them and ordered one for my 06 Miata. They assured me the model "M189T" would fit all models of the Miatas. This review is a "Caution, as it does not properly fit the NC Miata. I called to complain, and they said they never had any complaints before, but I am not sure I believe this. Read on please. The rear of the cover is held in place by a piece of plastic tubing in a sleeve. The sleeve fits under the trunk lid opening. But the tubing gets so hard in the cold you have to fight to make it lay flat to close the trunk. ** I cut the tubing into 3"-4" pieces, strung them on a thin rope, and pushed it into the sleeve where it was. This now works OK. But the side straps do not fit the door handle and mirror location for the NC Miata. I decided to keep the cover and make it work because I like the material it is made of. I sewed a piece of Velcro to the underside of the cover in front of the actual mirror location. Now I can loop the strap under the mirror and hook it to the new Velcro piece. I am going to cut the elastic strap for the door handle, and sew Velcro to that too so I can loop it around the door handle. This strap is only made to fit the NA Miata as it is. At the front of the cover is two Velcro straps. You sit the wiper blades on the cover, and wrap the straps around the blades to hold the cover in place. The cover is too short, or the strap placement is in the wrong place for the NC. I had to sew pieces of Velcro to the front edge of the cover so I could use these straps.

OK, You ask "why" I kept it? I used to have the Moss cab cover for my NB. it was a heavy cloth that did absorb some water. I didn't want another one of them. I saw a "Raven Wing" California Pop Top cover, and the material just felt too thin for me. I didn't trust it to hold up in the winter. I liked this material on the MM Marketing cover as it was a fabric between the other two, with an aluminized coating on it. The cover also has a Lifetime Warranty. I think the cover itself is good, but before you buy one beware of the poor fit on the NC

Under 5 minutes to remove

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3 July, 2011

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