Moss Motors

Moss Motors OEM-style rear spoiler

[10/9/2006] Reviewed by: Brian Barrows - bcbarrows@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

This spoiler is a plastic replica of the R-package rear spoiler. It arrived fairly safely but the plastic was pitted and required a lot of prep-work to smooth out. It also had to be completely sanded or else I had some fisheyes appear on the paint.

Prepping the spoiler took a lot of time, but painting was pretty straight-forward. It is mounted with double-sided tape and two screws. Unfortunately, there was no template (or any other mention) of where to drill the holes for the screws so I had to try and measure it. Of course, I got the measurements off and had to file the holes out in order to get everything to mount. But now it's on securely and I'm sure it's not going anywhere.

I love the way the spoiler looks! It was a tough decision to buy it since the Miata looks very clean without it, but in the end I love spoilers so I had to git one. I'm glad I did it but it was not an easy task and would recommend that anyone considering this either really do their research or pay someone else to install it.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Moss / Wings West Decklid / Trunk Lip Spoiler

[12/22/2005] Reviewed by: Eric Amador

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

This is the Moss / Wings West urethane replica decklid (trunk lid) lip spoiler.

A good replica that needs some careful and expensive finishing to make it look right. Be ready to spend almost three times as much on finishing as you spend on the spoiler itself.

I wound up buying a $120 Miata lip spoiler off Moss and brought it in to my local body shop to have it painted. They do great work. The owner immediately pointed out a lot of imperfections that they had to sand and fill and adjust. Along the bottom edge of the spoiler there's a ton of tiny air bubbles, and the area around the brake light is asymmetrical; they had to sand it and make it even. I wound up paying $300 for them to paint it, then installed it myself, saving $50 for the one-hour install. Some comments: (1) Forget about using just the supplied tape to hold it on. I had to press the ends of the spoiler down about three-quarters of an inch to made it lie flush with the decklid, and the tape alone would never be strong enough to affix it in that slightly flexed position. (2) Moss didn't bother to give me a template, so I spent most of my time lining everything up perfectly and measuring it five or six times to get the screw holes perfectly located. It worked with my first drill holes, so it was worth it. I touched up the raw metal of the holes with OEM touch-up paint. (3) This spoiler is pretty heavy (not sure exactly how heavy; maybe 7-10 pounds), so I plan to find some of the OEM decklid springs that are heavier-duty, or the $38 Moss strut lift kit, to support it. I tried relocating the stock springs in their alternate perches and it did not help. (4) The screws penetrate on the outer edge of the decklid, near where the rubber bumpers attach. The placement is critical and is very close to the adjacent decklid reinforcing metal, but it works. (5) It looks great. Expensive, but great. Just like the OEM spoiler.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Moss Motors Wing Spoiler

[3/7/2004] Reviewed by: Phil Yenovkian - warrantp@excite.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Gray primer after-market wing spoiler for 1999+.

This is Moss Motor's part 903-965. When I saw it, I was very disappointed. The ends of the wing were shaped differently. There were pits in the wing that primer would not cover. I took it out to my car and noticed that it did not conform to my fenders. No matter how I placed it, there were gaps between the "feet" and the rear fenders of as much as 1/4"! If not for a "'99 Miata" stamp on one foot, I would have thought it was made for another car. This is a blow-molded part and Moss even includes a warning to check the fit before sanding or painting. If the part is sanded, they won't take if back. They must know these parts are commonly defective so why they would not check these before shipping is beyond me. Poor parts quality is always a problem, but more so with some companies than with others. If you buy this part, check thoroughly before you decide to keep it.

Even if the product fit, I don't think it would be a secure addition to the trunk lid. It attaches with two screws. Due to the quality of the product and fact that the feet did not conform to the shape of the trunk, it would rock back and forth and be very susecptible to bending if someone leaned on it.

Not an installed item

Moss Motors Wing Spoiler

Reviewed by: Nathan Keysor - SirNuadha@aol.com

A wing-type spoiler which attaches to the trunk lid via three mounting points.

This spoiler is more difficult to install than the factory lip spoiler but gives a much more aggresive appearance. Installation requires drilling three holes in your trunk lid. The hardest part of the install is lining up the points for the three holes prior to installation. The way I did this was by applying strips of masking tape to the top of the trunk lid where the spoiler's "feet" contact the trunk. Once I had the spoiler in the correct position I used a magic marker to trace around the base of each foot and onto the masking tape. After that I screwed the three mounting screws into their holes in the spoiler and put a daub of touch up paint on each one. I then carefully lowered the spoiler onto the outlined areas leaving a small spot of paint on the masked areas. These spots are where you should drill. I would suggest lining all of this up two or three times to makes sure everything is in the right place. A 1/4 inch drill is needed to install. Also it is necessary to remove the center brake light <review cut off>

This spoiler looks good on my car!!!! I also have a Racing Beat type I nose on the car an the two really balance one another out. It cost $150 from Moss Motors and $30 to have painted. The only negative thing I can say about it is that Moss didn't send me any directions with it! Luckily, I figured it out for myself.

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