Moss Miata

Mother's Back-to-Black

[8/3/2007] Reviewed by: Billy Ching

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Exterior bumper and trim care.

Advertised as an exterior/trim treatment. Works as advertised. I'm pretty impressed. I used it all around the window trim, around the top and especially the cowl/wiper arms where they were faded to a gray. It now almost looks as if they're new.

The consistency of the product is thin and not much is needed during application. The top that comes with is useless and makes a mess. I found I was better off just unscrewing the top.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Mother's Trigger Wash

[1/13/2004] Reviewed by: Ben Paraan -

Applicable to:

Concentrated car wash shampoo in a spray bottle meant for bucketless washing.

Using this product required some amount of mental adjustment because you are not using a bucket. The car is wetted down first to loosen up dirt. Pre-treat areas with tar, bug splatter and bird poop by spraying directly to the area. Spray the shampoo (it does smell like baby shampoo to me, nice smell) on the car body and/or the wash mitt. Not much is needed. The bottle says 3-4 squirts for a quarter of the car. The shampoo lathers up nicely and is effective in cleaning the car. It has good sheeting action when the open hose method of rinsing is used.

I like this product a lot. I was forced to buy it because I needed to wash the car and I only had a hose and microfiber towels available (my wash bucket was left at home). I use less product than what I would normally use when using a bucket. It cuts down the time to wash the car. I do my normal bucket routine in about 40 minutes including drying. Trigger Wash allowed it to be done in less than 30 minutes.

Not an installed item

Mother's Clay Bar Kit

[8/25/2003] Reviewed by: Wynn

Applicable to:

I got myself a '93 Miata that's red and dull. I had read in miata forum that the dullness is not a hard factor. I finally spent 4 hours on a Saturday afternoon, I finally have a shiny car. After I washed the car, I used the polishing compound, and my sister already commented on the shine. I told her not even done yet. Then I used the clay bar and thought that it was a waste of time since it glided too smoothly. After I dried it though, I was so impressed at the before and after result. It didn't do anything at the plastic bumpers, side mirrors and back panel though. My bro-in-law was amazed as well. Then I finished off with NU-Finish and was awestruck. If the seller had done this, he might have gotten at least $500 more. Of course I still have some light scratches, hail dents, nicks and dull bumpers, but at least I made the car look 5 years younger.

Not an installed item

Mother's California Gold Natural Formula Carnuba Paste Wax

[6/29/2003] Reviewed by: Tom Brenholts

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

A non-abrasive carnuba paste "pure wax" with no cleaners. It is meant to be "step three" of a 3-step system (remove swirls, glaze, then wax). It should not be used if you haven't done steps one and two; use Original Formula (a cleaner wax) instead.

I used this product exclusively at our club's detailing day. About 1/2 a can did 11 cars in 12 hours. It smells great, goes on easily and wipes off easily, and does not streak nor stain trim. It brings up a rich, deep shine, especially on Classic Red and Montego Blue. Its effect is less noticeable (but still there) on silver.

This is an excellent consumer product that is available almost anywhere. I confidently use it on my cars and my friends' cars. Like any natural wax, it isn't forever; count on using it every 3 months or so. However, once the surface is prepped (steps one and two), the waxing is quick and easy. You can wash, dry and wax a Miata in a lazy 90 minutes (I did it this morning). Layering increases depth and glow, to a point; more than two coats is stretching it. I'd recommend washing weekly, waxing monthly, for optimum results.

Not an installed item


[1/20/2003] Reviewed by: Bob Hammond - Hammonrp@sysadm.suny.edut

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Clay bar-cleaner wax

I have never used NMothers products before.

I had MLK birthday off and decided to wax car after reading in reviews about clay bars.I wasd skeptical. Bought a 12 pack and decided to work on it all day. Clay bar was a bit of a pain because you cant have a speck of dirt on your car or it will scratch finish. Got done with clay bar and finish looked like front bumper (Ive got red 92-you know what I mean). At that point I was disappointed and figured as always I had wasted my money. I put on cleaner wax and removed and holy $%^&* I finally had the wet look Ive always heard about but could never achieve. I then put on wax and stood back (finished 12 pack and admired). Then I wrote this review. 8 hours but it was worth it. Hope my spelling is ok. Well worth money. I am sold on Mothers. Will never change.

Not an installed item

Mother's Clay Bar and Instant Detailer

[6/29/2002] Reviewed by: Chris Eberle -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Mother's Clay Bar with Instant Detailer

Amazing! I couldn't believe what this little clay bar removed from my seemingly clean car! After a thorough wash with Palmolive, I use the clay bar with the included Instant Detalier as a lubricant (smells like cinnamon!). I got a bar full of black gunk and red paint oxide (yes, the car is red). The paint really felt smooth after I was done. Another quick wash and I finished with Meguiars Gold Class Wax. What an unbeatable combination!

Be sure to keep folding the clay bar and don't be sparing with the instant detailer. I use most of the included bottle. I wiped off the excess as I moved from panel to panel. Follow with another wash (use Palmolive to strip all the old wax) and then wax.

Not an installed item

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