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Planet-Miata Economy Top

Planet-Miata Economy Top w/rainrail

[7/9/2010] Reviewed by: Stephen Caldwell -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05

A new "economy" top from Planet-Miata ($525), installed on-frame and then shipped out as a complete unit. Installation involves removing the complete top assembly and installing the new one. They claim to have a jig that makes the vinyl install quicker and easier, and you have the option to have them put on a rainrail too.

While the top was made of a quality material, their install was quite poor. The top I received doesn't fit well. It has many wrinkles on each side, and slack around the back where the rainrail attaches. The door seals that came with the new frame were in very poor condition, worse than the 10-year-old seals that were on the old assembly. I had to spend many hours over the course of several weeks adjusting their install, so much that I practically took the vinyl off and reinstalled it.

Their product claims to save time by taking the difficultly out of the top install, but I would have spent less time AND less money buying new vinyl and installing it myself on the old frame. Product not recommended.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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29 September, 2010

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