Evolution Car Cover

Covercraft Evolution IV Cockpit Cover

[7/22/2009] Reviewed by: Keith Godshall

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

Covercraft Evolution IV Cockpit Cover

Nice, light cover that worked better with some modifications.

I was looking for a cockpit cover to hide the interior when I had the top down and my boot cover on. Covercraft seemed to have a good reputation and I liked their general design from the photos I saw. I wanted something that installed quickly and wouldn't mar my Miata's paint. I paid $50 from GoMiata and got excellent service. Basically, this cover is fine. It has velcro straps that go around the outside mirrors, the wipers hold down the front, and there is a webtab that goes under the front edge of the trunk lid to hold down the back of the cover. Also attached are 2 front and 2 rear straps that have padded metal strips to anchor the cover to the fenderwells. I cut these off. I used 2 of the straps (I removed the metal tabs) and attached them to the rear edge of the cover to assist in securing the rear edges under the trunk lid. I sewed the straps to the rear corners of the cover, rolled up the loose tab ends and glued them so they wouldn't pull out of the trunk lid and voila...it's secured perfectly. Now I can park the Miata, top down, and install and secure this cover in about 2 minutes, ensuring that the cockpit is covered and stays cool and clean. Overall, good cover material and I'd buy one again.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Evolution 4 car cover from MM Marketing

Reviewed by: Brian Johnston - bjohnston@towery.com

A fitted car cover made from Kimberly Clark's breathable Evolution 4 material, with scratch-proof grommets for use with a cable lock.   

I live in an apartment building with no covered parking, and, having just purchased my first Miata, I was looking for a way to protect the car's finish. After looking at all the options in car covers, I chose the Evolution 4 cover for its combination of value, durability, and protection.

The cover arrived within days of placing the order, and I rushed home to try it out. Being one of the few men in the world who actually reads instructions, I found the ones packaged with the cover to be very complete. The cover went on with no problems, although you have to cut a hole for any non-retractable antennas. Unscrewing the antenna first made this very simple. Here's a hint: If you have one of those short, fat, rubber antennas (like I do), cut the hole large enough to fit over the tip of the antenna, but small enough not to fit all the way down to the base. That keeps water from collecting at the base of the antenna and dripping through the hole. Once the hole is cut, taking the cover on and off is a snap. The fit is excellent; in fact, even in high winds, it barely moves around at all.

I've had this product on my car for a little over a week now and I am very pleased with it. It keeps sun, dust, light rain, and bird droppings off the car, but a heavy rain will soak right through. However, since the car is dust free to begin with, it dries virtually spotless. My biggest complaint is how much space it takes up in the trunk. Since I live on the 10th floor of my complex, I can't throw it inside (or in the garage) before I leave. It's kind of a hassle, but there is still enough room in the trunk for a bag or two of groceries. You also have to be very careful about putting the cover on while the tailpipe is still hot. I haven't had any first-hand experience with this, but I hear it makes a real mess. My solution is to let the car cool down for 15-20 minutes before installing the cover. It's a pain (living on the 10th floor and all), but when I think about all the time I've saved cleaning the car, it makes it all worthwhile.

Fitted Car Cover from Roebuck Mazda

Reviewed by: Anonymous

Miata Car Cover from Roebuck Mazda, Blue, breathable "Evolution(R)" fabric; 'Mazda' label on front; $120.

For 96M without rear spoiler or front air-dam: this is a fitted cover with pockets for side mirrors that look like "ears" :-) and a clear plastic window over the rear license plate area. The cover has an elastic lower hem to provide sufficient tension to keep it in place, as well as eyelets left and right center where one can attach a line w/lock (to keep city folks from stealing your cover) that would keep the cover secure in a heavy storm. Easy to install and remove; a heavy, somewhat padded fabric with breathable features. It's possible to fold the cover for storage in your trunk.

This is a high quality accessory from a reputable Miata dealer http://www.roebuckmazda.com suitable for rain or sun protection, as well as short-term storage. For longer-term storage, we would advise using one of the plastic "bubbles" featuring total humidity and environmental control (used by classic car collectors) instead of a conventional car cover.

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24 October, 2009

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