Turtle Wax

Turtle Wax Ice Paste

[8/20/2007] Reviewed by: Rod

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+

A polymer wax product that according to the directions can be applied in direct sunlight. Applicator included. Price around 14-15 Dollars @ Walmart.

I decided to try this product due to the claims of easy application and buff off. It goes on clear and will not leave white residue. It is also safe for plastics. I found the application and buffing off claims to be accurate. I did not try it in direct sunlight but applied in shade. The application was quite easy after following the directions to dampen the applicator first. It also buffed off quite easily. I had used a Mother's clay bar and QD spray prior to applying the Ice. In general, I was originally pleased with the shine although it didn't really seem to have much depth and didn't really give me a "wet" look. I only applied one coat. Within a couple of weeks there already seemed to be some dulling of the shine and degradation although it was still beading, but not as well as before. For ease of application and removal I give the product an "A". For durability, I'll have to go with a "D". I did not have much confidence in the product really protecting my car's finish.

By the end of the third week, I applied Duragloss 601 followed by 105 and am really pleased with the outcome. Plenty of depth of shine. The Duragloss is rated well for durability so we'll see. I will probably use the rest of the Ice on my other vehicles due to the ease of application and acceptable nature of the shine (I'm not as particular about my other vehicles). Overall, I plan to stay with the Duragloss products.

Not an installed item

Turtle F21 Super Protectant with Sun Stop®

[3/11/2007] Reviewed by: Ed B - time4lime@verizon.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Shines, protects, plastic, vinyl, leather and rubber. Sprays on.

I tried something new again. I took this 10.4 ounce, lime-green bottle home for about the same price as Armour All. I think it was even a little cheaper. I covered all the 4 types of materials it claims to work for. It looked equally nice on all of them. I was apprehensive about wiping it on my leather shifter and brake boots (the Moss ones) but afterwards, it looked great. Not a cheap, glitzy shine, but a respectable 'glow'. I was grateful for this as now the 'pitch' of the leather's shine matched the appearance of my new leather shift knob. Before, the boots looked kind of suede-like by comparison. Now, the look is more unified. I don't use it on my tires. I found some great STP stuff that serves well on my flat black wheels, as well as the tires, so I only take out this bottle for the interior. The good: it spreads easier and more evenly than AA. I don't mean to specifically pit this product against Armour All, but one can't help it. Armour All is everywhere and chances are, if you've ever sprayed anything on your car, your first time was with Armour All. It's natural and logical to compare it with such a common experience as the spraying and wiping down of some good ol' AA.

I love it and I'm faithful now. Did you notice I didn't put a 'The Bad" section above? That's because bad is relative here. You see.. this stuff lasts. I mean, it never leaves. Sure, you could clean if off if you so chose, but if you want it to stay on and look good, it'll deliver handsomely. So why do I suggest that this might be bad? Because if you really thrive on that sunny weekend tradition of wiping down the interior, you're going to find yourself largely unoccupied. That look that you raved about the first time you put it on.. is still there. What to do? Well, I like to firmly wipe down the still shiny areas of things with a dry, soft cloth to lift up all the dust and airborn grime that can settle into shines. Maybe even throw a mist of glass cleaner on the cloth first. THEN.. you can reapply the F21 because you will have removed some of it when you dry wiped. And, you'll be confidently (and contentedly) shining up a cleaner surface.

Not an installed item

Formula 2001 by Turtle Wax

[1/3/2004] Reviewed by: Seth

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

This is an all around rubber/plastic protectant with UV inhibitors. It is a relatively new product sold in a neon green spray bottle. It is made by "Turtle Wax" so it is available in most auto parts stores.

I used this on a factory nose bra and it worked very well. It gave a very shiny finish and seemed to clean up small scuff marks and dirt. It gave a very nice non-greasy (coompared to Armor All) surface and had a plesant smell. I used this oon my black convertible top and it really made a huge difference. It looked like it was brand new. If this product protects from UV rays like it is marketed then I'll be fairly pleased.

Be VERY careful around plastic windows and paint. It smudges and causes smears really easy. I applied a bit much to the top and when it rained there is some run off onto the paint. I'll be washing off the excess and re-washing the car due to the previously mentioned smudging. Use sparingly as a little goes a long way.

Not an installed item

Scratch and Swirl Remover

Reviewed by: Phil & Geri Yasuhara - philngeri@earthlink.net

It's advertised as "new" but most importantly, it works! Turtle Wax Scratch and Swirl Remover does exactly that! I have a 97 in Montego Blue which the previous owner abused with cheap (abrasive) polish. The hood, especially, had fine swirl marks which are really obvious in bright, Hawaiian sunlight. I spot tested this product after waxing with my normal wax and it's the difference between night and day. Wax alone makes the swirls less noticeable--the Turtle Wax SSR physically alters the paint surface for a gleaming shine with no swirl marks (unless the paint surface is actually broken). It also removes light scratches but no color comes off on the applicator. I intend to use this for the next couple of wax jobs until the finish is like it should be. It's also a wax and water beads nicely. Certainly worth a try. Easier to use than Zymol cleaner which has similar effects but requires more effort and is a two step process--clean, then wax. You'll be glad you tried this if your results are half as good as mine. About $5 per bottle.

Emerald Series

Reviewed by: Keith - Kherbert@bellatlantic.net

100% carnuba wax

This stuff is great it goes on easy and comes off easy.
So easy in fact that you might question the integrity of the finish.
Well don't the finish you get is amazing, and it lays down four times
the carnuba for at least half the price of zyoml. For the best results I
suggest triple coating you car with gives the car a deep stable finish.
You can tell just by the feel of the finish that this a very high quality
at a reasonable price. If you want a professional quality finish that people
will admire than you have got to try turtle wax emerald series.

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