UltraTech Car Cover

Ultratech Car Cover

[7/31/2011] Reviewed by: Mark Lee - mark_lee1@comcast.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Ultratech Car Cover

I have used it for two months on a black SAAB 900.

This cover is not worth the money it costs. I don't agree w/ many of the high ratings as this cover does not protect against dust, pollen, or rain. Even a light drizzle penetrates the cover to the paint. Rain water pools in the side mirror cutouts. Worse, the rain mixes w/ the dust and pollen and makes your pain look horrible. Product literature rates this cover as "best" regarding UV, rain, dust, pollen, etc. If it doesn't protect against rain, pollen, or dust, how can one be sure that it protects against UV? If you live anywhere where there are periods of inclement weather, buy a different cover. I have an outdoor cover for another car and it never soaks through w/ rain or collects dust or pollen under the cover like the car under this cover.

Not an installed item

Car Cover, UltraTech, from MM Marketing

[1/28/2005] Reviewed by: Greg McCandless

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Ultratech car cover, from MMMarketing

I use mine every single day, on & off in hot CA sun, left on outside in rain. It is nice & thin & breathable, easy to roll up & put away. I love it, & am considering looking for one for my Porsche.

Mine, too, developed a small tear, & they shipped me a new one. They stood behind product. I know of no other lifetime guarantee cover... would definitely get it again.

Not an installed item

Ultra Tech car cover

[8/5/2004] Reviewed by: Jack Wissner - jackwissner@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '99 +

Car Cover

I purchased an Ultra Tech car cover several years ago from MM Marketing. It has a lifetime warrantee. I really use it. On and off the car every day. Very nice cover. Eventually, it wore out. A couple of rips in the cover. MM Marketing stood behind the product 100%. They sent me a brand new cover to replace it. They really stood behind the life time warrantee, and deserve a great deal of credit for it. Great customer service!! Thanks!! Jack Wissner

Not an installed item

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