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Energy Suspension Control Arm Bushings

[6/23/2009] Reviewed by: Tony Comer - arcomer@arcnic.net

Applicable to: 1.8 liter

Full Energy Suspension Control Arm Bushing set from 949 Racing.

Picked up the Harbor Freight Bushing press kie when on sale and finally got aroung to installind all new control polyurethane control arm bushings front and rear. Followed 949 Racing's recommendations on installing grease zerks and all turned out great. Really like the way they tightened up the handling. I installed JIC Coilovers at same time and set them to 5 clicks from soft. Really LIKE the way the car rides and handles. Although it is subjective I don't find the ride that harsh. No squeaks.

Do install the grease fittings and buy a tube of Prothane grease from Summit Racing. Regreasing is easy this way.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Energy Suspension Complete Bushing Kit

[6/17/2009] Reviewed by: Gaius49

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

The Energy Suspension Complete Bushing Kit is a complete replacement kit for the oem rubber bushings in the suspension. It includes bushings for Sway bar end links Sway bar mounts Control arms Differential mounts

WOW! I just finished replacing all of my oem bushings (diff/swaybar mount/swaybar endlink/suspension) with the ES kit from FM. About a week before I started the project I replaced by old engine mounts with new MS ones. Also, I swapped my power rack for a depowered rack and replaced the steering rack bushings with poly ones from FM. Additionally I replaced all of the alignment bolts with the post '94 design. I had the car aligned to my specs. Driver/Passenger Front toe .07/.08 toe in Front Caster 5.7/6.0 Front Camber -1.1/-1.1 Rear toe .03/.04 toe in Rear Camber -1.4/-1.4 I cannot begin to describe how the car has come to life. The steering is heavy, but precise and extremely talkative. The ride quality is dramatically improved. I have now backed my KYB AGX shocks off by 2 clicks and yet I have less roll, less dive, less squat, and more grip. I simply didn't think that kind of improvement was possible. I thought I would trade grip for roll resistance or vice versa, but I didn't think I could improve both. The car feels much more taught. If I hit a bump the car doesn't shudder and jar like it used to, it now simply absorbs it and lets me know. There is more buzzing in the cabin, especially around 3200-4000ish. From there the buzzing decreases slowly but noise and vibration increase along with RPM like normal. The gearbox feels much sharper and more precise than before. I suspect this is due to a the engine mounts and diff bushings. The whole car just feels better than I had hoped for. I cannot recommend these bushings highly enough. Curiously, the amount of Poly grease supplied with the kit was woefully insufficient. I managed to grease the diff bushings and half of the swaybar bushings with the supplied amount before switching over to a large tub of poly grease I bought. I used ludicrous amounts of grease, and my suspension shows no signs of squeaking. I hope this little analysis helps inform anyone interested in replacing their bushings.


Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Energy Suspension Polyurethane Sway Bar and End Link Bushings

[10/17/99] Reviewed by Anonymous

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 +

Energy Suspension P/N 9.5120G Sway-Bar Bushing Set, 5/8" = ~16mm, $19.95 list price http://www.energysuspension.com (949) 361-3935 Sourced from Suspension Restoration Parts, $14.95 http://www.suspension.com (209) 578-5101. Kit includes 2 bushings, mounts, instructions and grease; "G" suffix on part number means, (black) "graphite-impregnated" polyurethane bushings. Kit is designed to fit and upgrade most aftermarket 5/8" REAR Miata sway-bars.

 In addition to their black, "graphite" poly composition, these bushings are larger (wider contact area) than standard OEM or aftermarket REAR sway-bar bushings; the bushing mounting bracket that comes with the kit is also larger, and fabricated from 1 gauge thicker steel.

To fit our '96M, with RacingBeat 5/8" REAR sway-bar, we found it necessary to slightly modify the E/S bushing mounting bracket; and, to purchase new metric fasteners.

The bushing mounting brackets have a 45-degree "clip" taken out of each corner... we took a slightly larger "clip" out of each lower, outer corner of the brackets, with a hacksaw and file, to clear the frame/weld bead.

The OEM Miata REAR sway-bar fasteners are 8mm x 1.25mm pitch, 14mm hex nuts with a flared base; the flared base will not fit with these larger E/S bushing brackets. We used

4 - Midwest Fastener Corp P/N MN2642E 8mm x 1.25mm pitch nuts, nylon insert lock; 13mm hex, ~$.39 each; and,

4 - 8mm i.d. flat washers, 16mm o.d., $.10 each.

Rather than using the white grease supplied with the E/S kit, we used instead sticky, green "Marine Wheel Bearing Grease" to lube the inner bore.

This is a high quality sway-bar bushing and mounting bracket upgrade, suitable for racing applications. Suspension Restoration included the Energy Suspension catalogue with our order kits with this black graphite-poly bushing compound, with 3-5/8" long by 1-3/8" high brackets - are available in 1mm increment bore sizes to fit sway-bars from 16mm = ~5/8" to 25mm = ~1".

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

[8/18/99] Reviewed by: Greg Kraus - gkraus@odysssey.on.ca

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

The product is a urethane bushing kit to replace both the front and back anti sway bar bushings that are rubber from the factory.

The kit comes with both the end link and center bushing pieces and cost about $70 Can for both. The old factory rubber pieces with very worn and cracked over the years(90 model-67000 km). The old pieces were easy to remove with the BBQ method(burns up old pieces in 15 min) and the new ones easy to install. Be sure to use the supplied lube to prevent squeaks.

The difference in handling is night and day and would be about 70% of the difference in getting performance sway bars as one of the difference in these bars are the improved bushings. The car is much flatter in the turns and the ride is tighter. This is the third car I have done this mod to and every time it has been a huge difference for very little money. Highly recommended!

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Reviewed by: Frank Peng - fpeng@earthlink.net

Sets (front and rear) of polyurethane bushings for the stock sway bar and end links.

Based on the postings I've read, I thought replacing the end link bushings might be real difficult. But there's an elegant solution!

I got these bushings from Suspension Restoration Parts Co. in Montclair, CA. They offer a 20% discount over the retail price and they'll UPS ground ship it for about three dollars. Their price was far better than the quotes I got from numerous speed shops, some even asking for higher than retail prices! I got the referal from Energy Suspensions customer support. The trick to removing the end link bushings is to use a gas BBQ. In about 15 minutes, they completely burn to dust and ready for the new bushings once cooled off. I must give credit to my buddy Rik for coming up with this hassel free solution. I can't speak to how well the bushings improved the performance but I wanted to share this great deal and bushing removal technique with other home mechanics.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

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