Furtune Auto 510 coil overs

[2/24/2012] Reviewed by: Manuel Patino

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Coil over suspension package consisting of shock absorbers & matched springs per customer's request. I chose 6K front and 4K rear springs.

I purchased the Fortune 510 coil over system from RSpeed where they were also installed. They arrived within a week of ordering. I consulted with Terry at the Fortune Auto assembly facility in NC and based on my needs he suggested the 6K front and 4K rear springs and the custom valving of the shocks to match the springs. They were promptly installed at RSpeed and I drove on them. Unfortunately the ride was pretty rough. After a few days it became apparent that one of the rear shocks was defective and it made the suspension unable to work properly over road imperfections, pot holes, etc. I called consulted with Joe at RSpeed who called Terry and they sent me a replacement cartridge as quickly as they could. Due to some circumstances beyond their control it took a few days to get the part to me. Needless to say I was totally unhappy with the whole thing until I got the problem resolved. I was able to change the cartridge fairly easily and took the car for a drive. What a difference! The coil overs work extremely well. No more bone jarring jolts and clunking noises. So far I am quite happy with the Fortune 510 coil overs and with RSpeed as well as Terry at Fortune Auto.

The coilovers are obviously a high quality item from the outside appearance. They are custom valved for the chosen springs and can be rebuilt. One nice thing is that the can be serviced in their facility in North Carolina. The installation is fairly straight forward and no different from any other coilover package. The ride quality is outstanding. Although firmer than the stock suspension in a standard package Miata, it is definitely comfortable. The handling based on my driving impression is quite improved. The car seems to be more controllable and body roll is greatly reduced. The coilovers will definitely lower the car. At their highest setting they are 12" in front and 12.5" in the rear from the center of the wheel to the highest point of the fender opening. However, they can be lowered probably another inch or better. There is no "hitting of bump stops" effect. The suspension as I have it set up does not bottom out under driving conditions. I have the softest springs available so obviously, the ride would be firmer and the suspension tauter with stiffer springs. I do not race my car so the ride comfort is more impostant to me than ultimate handling on a race track. In all I am very satisfied with the product as well as with the dealer and manufacturer. I have done business with RSpeed for years and they have not disappointed me. I recommend these coilovers and RSpeed for anyone wishing to go with this type of suspension package. These are high quality products at entry level prices.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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12 August, 2012

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