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Mazdaspeed Springs

MazdaSpeed NC springs and Stabilizer Bar

[12/21/2006] Reviewed by: Mark Haggard

Applicable to: '06+

Replacement HD lowered springs and HD F&R stabilizer bars

Have springs installed for over four months and they do improve the appearance and cornering. No noticable ride deterioration. Wheel gap is now reduced by about an inch. Added stabilizer bars about a month ago and this finished the handling improvements by getting rid of the dartiness in the steering.

Now the car handles and rides just like I feel it should have from the factory. I retained the factory Bilstein shocks and these work just fine. I had the springs done by an outside shop (who overcharged me a lot) and installed the stab bars myself (very easy).

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Mazdaspeed Sport Springs

Reviewed by: Greg Germar -   [8/7/99]

Progressive rate springs made by Eibach for Mazdaspeed. Lowers the car about 1.5" all around, making the car hunker down with a really aggressive posture. Good control, but rides harder than stock expected. Can be used with stock shocks, but they really can't control the spring well. Best with aftermarket shocks. Combined with Mazdaspeed shocks, I had absolutely no fear in cornering. Raises the limit for the car's handling, with the corresponding ride ;-)

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Alfie Rufino -

Mazdaspeed sport springs

Mazdaspeed sport springs lowered the car by exactly 1.25 inches front and rear when mounted on Mazdaspeed shock absorbers. Bump stops were not modified.

Lowered stance looks great! Combined with the Mazdaspeed shock absorbers, cornering has drastically improved but ride has suffered. Extreme care is now taken when going over speedbumps and ramps due to scraping.

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