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Tanabe Sustec Tower Strut Bar

[8/11/2007] Reviewed by: Sean

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

The Sustec Strut Tower Bar is designed to reduce the load of stress felt by the strut towers by tethering the two front or rear struts together. This allows both struts to share the load during cornering. The result of this increased strength is a more solid chassis and decreased tire wear and metal fatigue. Ultimately, this allows you to gain an overall increase in the handling of your vehicle. Built with quality in mind, the Tanabe Sustec Strut Tower Bar is manufactured with reinforced extruded aluminum to maximize strength and minimize weight—no need to worry about your aftermarket parts weighing down your ride. The end plates are constructed from 100% steel for ultimate strength and durability. With a design that stands up to the significant stress of your chassis, the Strut Tower Bar is ready to provide you with improved performance for years to come.

When I first received the product, I was impressed with the quality and appearance. The bar itself is a dark metallic red and the steel base plates are painted black. Examining the product prior to install, the quality of the materials and finish was immedately appearant. Installation itself was extremely easy and took only about 15mins. Just be sure to jack up the car first. As I am currently running stock suspension, I noticed an increase in stability immediately during my first ride after the install. Body roll during turns has been decreased significantly and the chassis feels much more controlled and stable. It makes the poor roads in Los Angeles seems much less punishing! It makes me think I can live with my stock suspension just a bit longer before upgrading, plus it looks absolutely great in the engine bay. Very nice bang for the buck!

I purchased the bar from Mark at J-On Demand. The item was instock and was delivered within the week. A very smooth transaction!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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30 September, 2007

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