Xida ACE: 949 Racing/Supermiata

[12/3/2018] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

This is a coilover suspension system that differs from the other expensive competitors (Ohlins and Fat Cat) in that it employee an active component. Dampers are electronically connected to an accelerometer (usually positioned in the center console) and to a wired remote mounted somewhere in the cockpit. This allows for adjustment of independent front and rear stiffness from within the cockpit, and for setting ACTIVE pitch and roll stiffness modulated from the accelerometer. System is intended to give optimal combination of street ride and handling AT OR NEAR STOCK RIDE HEIGHT.

Installed about a month ago, replacing Bilstein HDs that were 15 years old. And still we're fine. Bilsteins are terrific for the price!!

Mounted the electronics in an IL Motorsport center console, so accelerometer and wires are hidden under a custom carbon fiber shelf, to which the wired remote is secured. I'm quite pleased with performance. Car is absolutely flat with cornering and braking, and ride on the horrible streets of LA is less harsh than with the old Bilsteins. Really is the best of both worlds. No experience with Ohlins or Fat Cats so cannot compare. Note that this may not be a good track car choice. You cannot lower ride height significantly, and active suspension components are not legal in some classes. VERY expensive.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Xida ACE

[11/18/2018] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Coilover suspension system with active pitch and roll, cockpit adjustable.

Just installed

The Xida ACE system is 949 Racing's premier suspension system for the Miata NA, competing with Ohlins and Fat Cats at the high (expensive) end of the range. The Xida ACE features cockpit control of front and rear fixed stiffness, and cockpit control of active pitch and roll stiffness. The latter two parameters are modulated thru a cockpit (generally center console) mounted accelerometer. The system is very expensive. The idea here is to create exemplary handling with excellent ride, and by and large it works, although some experimentation with the settings will doubtless be necessary. My baseline was aftermarket Bilsteins, on which I had been riding for 15 years. Tough to beat for the money IMHO, but it was time for an upgrade. I've never regretted opting for the very best with any of my cars. The Miata has Nakamaes, FM II, Enkei RPF-1s, Nitto NT01s, etc. The suspension is no exception. Bear in mind that the Xida ACE may not be legal for autocross or competition because of the active component, but that is for a reason. All else being equal, active suspension will be superior to non-active in almost any application. I must emphasize that I have no seat time in cars with either the Ohlins or the Fat Cats. I'm sure they are terrific. I'm confident the Xida Ace is better. But it's also significantly more expensive.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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9 February, 2019

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