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Axis Power Racing - CF seat

[6/5/2007] Reviewed by: Timothy Chen -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Prepreg Carbon fiber bucket racing seat,

Simply the lightest seat on the market made specifically for the miata. complete bolt on with your OEM sliders attached, no interference issues, lower driving postion by ~1"-1.5". Can be custom made to have more padding if required.

I drove 12hrs to John's shop in St. Louis and have two seats and a CF hardtop(see review) installed. The seat offers excellent shoulder, back, & side support. The workmanship of the seat is good and it is very well built. I am 5'7" 140lbs so the steering column had to be dropped 3/4" inch to clear all the gagues. A buddy came along and its quite comfortable to sleep in eventhough you have less room to move around. I can feel what the car is doing better than the heavily padded oem seats. The seat is designed to have a 5-pt. harness with a sub-belt. I searched a long time for a light weight seat that will fit without trimming, without raising driving position, adjustable longitudinally, & at the right price. I am very happy that John came thru. I don't race my car but I want a lighter car so its perfect for my application. I will buy more CF from Axis Racing.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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4 July, 2007

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