KG Works Panels

KG Works Classic Dash

[11/27/2007] Reviewed by: Peter Corkran

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Classic style dash with individual chrome trims and glass for each instrument and retro style lamps to replace "idiot" lights. Black background

Excellent fit and looks great. Some reflection from the glass. Simple to fit,just be aware of the "bang' as the original intstrument cluster comes out of it's clips. Expensive but very nice.Indulgent as the driver is the only one who notices it!!!

Bought from RSpeed, great service.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

KG Works Instrument Panel

[6/3/2006] Reviewed by: Rus Hinman - jhinman3@cox.net

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter


Easy install. Looks Great! Lasts a long time. Wipes clean with a damp cloth.

The KG Works panel is a direct replacement for you stock instrument. it seems to be made from a stock panel, as it plugs right back into the panel slots. It couldn't be any easier. The effect is fantastic. I'm an ATP pilot, and it takes me right back to my early years of flying. The really great thing about it is that you see it every time you check something, And every time I just think: "This Looks Good." Very Satisfying.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

K.G. Works Independent Look Instrument Panel (Black) from R-Speed

[11/22/2002] Reviewed by: Keith Green - NGreen2363@cs.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Replaces OEM instrument panel with separate looking glass bezels, and aircraft style warning/operation lights.

Taking it out of the box, I said, "I paid over $300 for this?" It's just a faceplate cover, although the glass and chrome are quality materials. Good instructions, installed in 1 hour with no problems.

I'm a retired Air Force pilot whose been trying to figure out how to replace the steering wheel in my '92 with a fighter stick. When I saw this instrument panel I thought it would be the next best thing. Expensive, and the glare mentioned in other reviews is there but not objectionable. It looks fantastic, both day and night. Installation was much easier than I thought. If it was $59, which is about what it's worth, I'd recommend everyone get one. Only negative I've found other than price is at night it's difficult to read the labels for the warning lights. You have to memorize what warning lights are where--just like in old airplanes. But for anyone whose looked at the picture on R-Speed's web site and thought, "that's really cool," I recommend you get one.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[6/8/2001] Reviewed by: Bryan Carper - carper1@erols.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97

A high quality piece that replaces the stock instrument overlay and plastic cover. Each gauge looks independent and more recessed, and quartz glass now covers each gauge. The glass covers are highly reflective. The standard warning lights are replaced with round jewel lights that look like that they came off an old MGB.

WOW! The cockpit looks totally retro with this kit. See a good photo at RSpeed in the marketplace section.

I thought the $319 was a bit steep looking at the unit uninstalled, but now love the look that it gives. Relatively easy to install with good instructions included. I had to clip off the wire leads for the rear defroster light, but don't have a rear defroster anyway. A lot of accessories are meant to be seen by others...this one is a treat for you the driver to admire from behind the wheel.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

[9/11/2000] Reviewed by Mike Menozzi - mx5@chicagonet.net

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Purchased through R-Speed, it arrived in less than a week. A beautiful, although expensive piece, which is easy to install and really dresses up the dash. Quality workmanship throughout, glossy wood look trim, glass lenses on aluminum (?) trim rings, with colored lenses that replace the "warning" lights on the stock dash. Very very nice.

The installation is straightforward and documented elsewhere on the Miata.net. If you want to dress up the dash, and achieve a look similar to that of older sports cars, this installation is easier to complete than switching gauge faces.


Contrary to another account , I haven't found the blue high beams light to be too bright, so that must have been changed.

Drawbacks? Only one as I see it, the wood "look" is dark. Darker than pictured on the web, and dark enough that you really don't notice it in passing that it's wood and not just dark brown.

You will get some reflection in this instrument panel, I'm 5' 10" and if I change my focus I can see myself reflected in the glass gauges and instrument panel. It don't bother me at all, others may find it distracting.

All in all, this is a very well made, very attractive addition to a fairly bland interior. I'd like it better if it were lighter wood color, but would buy it again in a minute.

Instructions included are not great, gather your information from various spots on the Miata.net and you'll be better prepared.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

KG Works' Independent Look Panel

[3/28/2000] Reviewed by Vincent Wu - vincent_wu@telus.net

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

This Independent Look Panel from KG Works replaces your stock Gauge Panel (the one with two chrome rings)...with a chrome ring on each meter. The panel's gauge faces are each covered individually by really clear, hard glass. Retro looking pilot lamps replaces your turn signal flashes, seatbelt warnings, etc. The panel which I received was finished in satin black.

My experience installing this product was really easy. You just need to follow the instructions (in Japanese) even if you can't read the Japanese, look at the diagrams to find out where you need to take out the screws to remove the gauge console/pod cover. There is no wiring necessary. Removal is really easy too.

I REALLY liked this product despite the price. It does not increase your performance, but it'll make you feel like as if you're deeply looking into some neat, retro airplane console while driving (Maybe its the aftermarket MazdaSpeed 3-spoke steering wheel that further complements the instrument panel cover that heigthens the feeling). Go check out KG Works to find out more and take a look at it in full color. BTW, if you can't stand looking back at your reflection, then perhaps pass on this product. The glass is so clear and finished smoothly, it seems like its mirror. This might be dangerous for some as they might have difficulty seeing your travelling speed, but i'm ok with mine.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

KG Works Stainless Steel Instrument Panel

[2/1/2000] Reviewed by Drew Colston - drewcolston@hotmail.com

Applicable to '90 - '97

This is the Stainless Steel instrament panel made by KG Works that replaces the factory panel. Instead of the black plactic around your gauges, this gives you beautiful stainless steel with old fashion indicator lamps instead of the cheap plastic backlit dummy lamps. This is not just a panel that attaches to your instrament cluster, this actually replaces the entire cluster. You can view the image at http//www.kgworks.co.jp/eng/4c05.htm.

This product is GREAT!!! It is very expensive at almost 30,000 yen, but it is worth every cent! The whole design has been very well thought out, and perfectly crafted. Instalation took me under 30 minutes (but I installed car alarms and stereos for years, so I'm used to taking dashes apart), and you just take off the dash pod (the scariest part), unscrew the old panel, and screw in the new one. You have to also unplug the old connectors for the indicator lights, and just plug the factory connectors into the indicator lamps. I can not recommend this product enough. It is the ultimate dash dress up, and it really blows away the simple aluminum panels made by others.

Since I installed this unit 3 months ago, I have only learned to love it more. Instead of the clear plastic panel covering the dash pod, each gauge has its own clear cover. It is neat to be driving on the open road with the top down, and look at your gauges, and see the wind blowing through your hair in the reflection. My only quandry now is to decide which color gauges I want to go with it (white to match the classic look, or blue to match my car). I also have the Voodoo Spun shifter and brake handle, and MRoadster's Satin Vent rings, and the Stainless Steel matches them surprisingly well (much better than I expected). The only thing I can say about this product that is not perfect is that the blue indicator lamp used for the high beams is a little too bright at night. But overall I love this product (if you can't already tell).

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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