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RennenMetal Accelerator Pedal Cover

[3/29/2008] Reviewed by: Al Smolkin - al_smolkin@comcast.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Accelrator Pedal Cover Spec Miata 1990-1997NA & 98-05NB Allows Proper Heel and Toe Technique * 3/16" Aluminum * Meets SCCA, Nasa and most other sanctioning body specifications * computer controled water jet cut * Mounts to existing pedal by utilzing provided zinc plated machine screws, washers and nyloc nuts * Brushed aluminum finish * Installation takes about 5 minutes or less

Extremely well designed. Very heavy duty. Stamped aluminum, 3/16" thick. Huge pedal cover. Wonderful product through and through. While trying to combat torquing my knee due to me using aftermarket pedal covers (Pilot, el cheapo), I came across a post by one of the members, who mentioned several sites selling "pedal extender". RennenMetal.com was the only one that made gas pedal cover NOT out of a stamped diamond plate. Delivery from TX to Boston was extremely prompt, even though I cheapened out and went with USPS. David even followed up with me, checking whether I received it ok. Instaling the pedal took about 1 minute. Really. It took me longer yanking the old pedal cover set off. :D The pedal is so well made, and so thoroughly thought through, that nothing else is necessary. No other pedal cover, no seat change (I have removed the foam from the back, but not the bottom), no steering wheel change. My knee pain is going away. I'm enjoying the new pedal more than I could ever expect for $20 bucks. I guess the only suggestion would be for RennenMetal to use square drive screws in place of Phillips ones, and I've already emailed David on that. If you are looking for a better pedal set in order to decrease the distance between the brake and the gas pedals, as the proper heel-toe technique requires, look no further than RennenMetal.com

A fantastic product for what seems like a steal of a price!

Under 5 minutes to remove

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8 June, 2008

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