VersaTuner Sheepskin Seat Covers

[2/25/2008] Reviewed by: Captain Standish -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter semi-custom universal-fit sheepskin seat covers. One pelt/panel design (as opposed to "mosaic" type, which is like a patchwork of small irregular shaped pelts, and is of lower quality). Available in many colors. I chose dark charcoal, to liven up my all-black interior slightly and coordinate with my Silverstone exterior.

They are very thick, you can bury nearly half your finger into the thickness of the pile. They're so thick, you actually sit a little higher in the seats. You will definitely need to remove your seats, and loosen some of the seats' plastic trim, for a professional-looking installation, but still very easy to do. You'll have to make your own headrest speaker perforations. They are SUPREMELY comfortable in all weather. In hot weather, it is nearly impossible to get a sweaty back in these. Yes, they're that good. They look good, and so far, they are wearing well (no noticeable wear at all, and no shedding, that I've noticed). They have not shifted, sagged, or stretched at all, in the five months I've had them. There is no mistaking these for anything but a high quality product. sells sheepskin car seat covers in three ranges: universal fit, semi-custom fit, and vehicle-specific custom fit. Prices increase respectively. I initially ordered the universal fit covers online. One of their people called me, by phone, shortly afterward, advising me that those covers would not fit well on a Miata; they'd be too big and baggy, and that I should spring for the semi-custom ones instead, which, to put it in her words, "...are designed for narrower high-back sportscar seats, like those in Porsches and Corvettes". I was so happy she intervened, BEFORE I recieved sloppy-fitting covers, and had to make a disgruntled return. And, she was absolutely right; the semi-custom covers fit great! I assume the vehicle-specific covers would fit even better, but they're nearly twice the price. The semi-customs represent the better value. IIRC, the price I paid was a little over $200 (like 210, maybe?). They're worth every penny, and I highly recommend them, i! f you don't mind the appearance of furry seats. They make you just want to sit in your car all day.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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8 June, 2008

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