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Advanced-Autosports Spec Miata Intake

[5/21/2005] Reviewed by: Rich Friman -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

A light weight mandrel bent elbow TIG welded to an adaptor plate for the 1.6 AFM (choice of red, blue or black for the elbow and plate), a large K&N cone filter, and a mounting bracket.

Installed in under an hour. No instructions came with the kit, but it was pretty clear how everything fits together. I used the instructions for the stock box removal from a article on a RB install. Once everything was installed I had to work with the filter angle and use some gentle persuasion (grabbing the elbow and AFM and twisting down) to bend the bracket a bit for the hood to close flush. The intake is a little bit louder than stock until you get on the gas, then a nice low roar that keeps building. Good pull in all the gears that feels smoother and stronger than the stock air box. This of course is just butt dyno so the usual caveats apply. The tweaks in sound and pull were what I was looking for and the intake delivers. Also, the intake looks good in the engine bay.

I'd been leaning towards the RB High Flow but for reasons of heat soak didn't like how close it sat to the exhaust header, and pictures of installs on the Advanced Autosports website suggested a bit more distance. My experience to date, with ambient temps in the 70s, has been the elbow and AFM are only warm to the touch even with the heat radiating off the stock header. Dave Wheeler at Advanced Autosports was more than patient with my assorted emails, and the intake shipped within the week ($130 plus $10 S&H). The downside for folks in CA, no CARB.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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