[2/9/2008] Reviewed by: www.johnjasonchun.com - repo4sale@gmail.com

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

2004-2005 Mazdaspeed Miata COLD AIR INTAKE

INSTALLED IN 1.5 HOURS. EASY TO DO, NO REAL EFFORT, JUST WAS A HOT DAY IN THE SUN, Installed in 1.5 hours. Easy to do, no real effort! Here is my advice on this deal: Avoid hot days, do it in the shade, music is nice, fan is nice, a lot of liquids due to efforts to remove parts.

Engine breaths well, good sucking noise now, turbo sucks a lot, and Blow off valve can be heard. Takes time to get used to this sucking, whoosh, louder engine! The California Air Resources Board Certification Sticker is very important to avoid problems in all 50 states with the cops and any engine laws on alterations. Worth the cost, effort and enjoyment. PS: I burn out every day, not chirp. 101k miles now and 9th set of tires on the back! 04MSM and nothing broken, except 2 windshields due to body twisting (autoX) and 2 bent rims & 1 cracked rim (drivers fault)!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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14 February, 2008

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