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Bomz airfilter and adapter

[12/9/2007] Reviewed by: Genesis -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

I bought the item from eBay it was a blue air filter with the mas adapter

The adapter fits well but not perfectly the diameter of the tube and gasket is slightly bigger,knock off air filter,i cut my own gasket and made the hole bigger. i also mad a custom bracket for the mas sensor,installed product in 10min,performance wise i definitely felt something pass 4000rpm like a quick snap to redline,i got dynoed for free i gained almost 3hp on the intake,4hp on my rb header total of almost 100hp on my 92 miata

This is the real deal at a cost of 30$ on ebay you get a 3hp and nicer looking engine bay,You just need to be creative on the heatshield,because the intake is about 6inches away from the header,overall im happy coz i didnt have to pay a couple off hundred bucks for and intake and im able to put a strut bar

Under 5 minutes to remove

Bomz Air Intake System

[5/16/2005] Reviewed by: Patrick

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Bomz Air intake system...ebay product

Installation was pretty simple. The only challenge is finding a place to attach the mounting hinge on the pipe that connects to the airfilter. The airfilter is actually good quality, I didn't notice much difference between it and the AEM or K&Ns I have owned in the past. But here is the real kicker. It sounds awesome once installed...almost has a small V6 Porsche rumble to it (I know this b/c I have a 911). However, I lost punch in 2nd gear and 3rd gear at low RPM (just below 3k). I am not sure why..I know it was installed correctly (MAF and temp sensor). I was told that the elimination of the resonance box on the factory filter hurts...and...the new system gets hot quick. It pulls in hot air, and the air heats up with the metal piping. High range RPM response was the same. I read some more, that even the "nicer" systems like AEM don't provide any HP increase...dyno tested. The weak link in the miata isn't the intake. So really...if u install this system or any for that matter...shoot for good sound. That is all u get. I was thinking about buying a spare intake box. Replacing the factory filter with a rectangular K&N ($20). Then, cutting the lower half side of the box off...revealing a larger breathing passage on the drivers side of the box. This will eliminate the little snake tube and box; providing for less restrictive flow. But..I will only do this with a spare box. Not a bad product for 40 bucks. Nice sound, looks decent. I felt I lost a little on the low 2nd and 3rd. If it was must have been at least 5 ft lbs torque.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

bomz ram air intake

[8/30/2004] Reviewed by: tracy galus

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

bomz ram air intake replacing the stock airbox and air inlet pipe. came with all the hardware accept for the vacuum hose. i just used the stock hose. the couplers came in blue but can be easily painted to your color of choice. the pipe is silver. comes with a knockoff k@n filter. got the intake off ebay.

everything was very straight forward in installing this intake. it didnt come with instructions so dont forget to reinstall the mass air sensor. no instructions so thats one thing you need to do. i used colored tape to hold in the air temperature sensor since the hole is too wide. if you use colored tape to match the couplers it looks very nice.

all in all a pretty good bargain. even after i upgraded to a k@n filter it still cost under 80 dollars. good deep, throaty sound and i could hear the air whooshing in. very cool. i get the good looks. i cant see any difference then with the higher priced intakes. just pop for the "real" k@n filter to replace knockoff that comes with the kit. the k@n actually cost more than the entire intake. but worth every penny. save your money for something else and get the bomz intake and upgrade to the k@n filter for way under 100 dollars. you wont be disappointed.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bomz ebay Intake

[2/17/2004] Reviewed by: Adam P

Applicable to: '99 +

This is a Ram air intake with no heat shield. The kit that I got was a polished aluminum style with a K&N knockoff filter (Same as K&N, yes I've owned both). It included everything I needed to install it with the MAF sensor.

Great sound, cheap price, is the same thing as the other more expensive kits. I ended up paying $47 total. Be sure you buy from a quality seller (check their ratings!) I saved $150 by going with this kit, -and I've had an AEM Intake before -- this one is just as good, in fact I'll bet that it is made in the same plant. The only complaint that I had was with the couplings included with this kit. You can hook it up, it just takes a little thinking. Let me explain.

The kit comes with three couplings, two of them are the same diameter and one tapers from a larger diameter to the same size as the others. The kit also includes enough clamps to do the job. Here's how I used the three couplings for a secure fit: From the throttle body I used a normal coupling and two clamps to attach the first intake tube. Then on the other side of this same intake tube I used the other normal coupling and two clamps to attach to the MAF sensor. Then on the other side of the MAF I used the thicker end of the last coupling, tapering to the thinner end to attach to the second intake tube and two clamps. The only way I could see to use the thicker coupling at all was to leave the "sleeve" on the MAF. You will know what I'm talking about when you dissasemble the Air box. The last part was to use the last clamp to hold the filter on. This needs to be done very carefully, to ensure that the filter is all the way on the tube before tightening! it down.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

"Bomz" Intake

[1/13/2004] Reviewed by: Mark Jimenez -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

This is the cheap intake pipe and cone air filter sold on e-bay for about 35 - 50 bucks.

Delivered in a week , installed in about thirty mins. The kit was complete but did not include directions. Removal of stock parts and kit install was however, very self explanitory.

Pleasantly suprised by quality of Aluminum tubing and couplers, mouted right up, fit well, looks great, sounds great. cheap filter will be replaced with a K&N soon. Heck, even with the K&N filter this whole thing will be under a hundred bucks. Looks just as nice as the $180 units being sold, sorry theres no way one aluminum tube is $80 better than another.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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