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Borla Dual Exhaust

[5/24/2012] Reviewed by: Nick Cascioli - nicholas.cascioli@jjay.cuny.edu

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Stainless Steel Dual Cat-Back Exhaust System by Borla. Includes connection pipe, muffler, bolts, and paper template to cut out the new exhaust port in the bumper cover. You will need to reuse your old exhaust gasket or buy new ones as this system, unlike most other brands, does not include new gaskets.

There were a few difficulties in getting this system on. These difficulties included: getting the old system off, mounting the second exhaust port properly so it looks good and doesn't hit and rattle on any part of the car, and cutting the hole in the bumper cover. At first I was very disappointed with this product and, in fact, I thought I ruined my car. On the highway with the top and windows up the droning was unbearable. After notifying Borla of my problem, they sent me a ventri that I had installed at Mieneke. This dealt with some of the droning (using a decibel meter I noticed a 3 decibel drop in the amount of noise when accelerating from 55 to 70). But with the top down I think this system sounds great. It is a quality item, that when installed properly, looks great too. And with the help I received from Borla, you can tell they care about their customers.

This product really shouldn't be installed without a least one ventri and a cold air intake. After I installed a Jackson Racing Cold Air Intake I noticed that the exhaust was considerably quieter during cruising and passing and that the droning became bearable.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Sport Dual Exhaust for NA

[1/21/2012] Reviewed by: 71Bacon - m7powers@verizon.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Borla Dual Exhaust Sport Catback

I picked up one of these used as the muffler and catback. It bolted right in with no problems. I wanted a dual exhaust sound but didn't want to cut the rear valence for the drivers side outlet. I dismounted the drivers side exhaust pipe from the muffler by loosening the clamp and twisting (hard, with the pipe wedged in a tree and a full body move it took effort). Then installed in the car with a standard 2" exhaust tip installed where the drivers side outlet had been. I've got a supercharger on the car which increases the exhaust flow and the note. The result of installing this muffler is I do have a good throaty exhaust note without cutting the car. It is damned loud off idle and at low RPM, it's great! Very throaty sound loud enough to rattle the rear valence on the car if you "gruff" the throttle slightly on takeoff. I discovered that with the driver's side outlet plugged, it turns into a normal sport muffler -- all of the extra sound is emitted by the drivers side tip. The sound is loud but I like it a lot. No fitment problems on installation, it bolted right up.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Dual Exhaust (Sport)

[9/22/2008] Reviewed by: Jason Wheeley - jbirdnc@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

Borla Dual Exhaust (sport tune)

I purchased this from someone who had it installed on their Miata for under 300 miles. Apparently the driver was a woman who was unsatisfied with the exhaust tone. This item seriously looked brand new, and could have easily passed as not ever having been installed! I agree it's hard to gauge a sound by using pc speakers and sound clips off you tube or whatever. This item was extremely easy to install for the most part. Use PB Blaster on the 2 nuts that must come off, and it helps to use a spray lube on the hangers as well. Of course a bumper template is needed for the left side cut out for the secondary exhaust tip. High quality, and the tips have the Borla logo etched.

While I was very hesitant initially, this was easily one of the best investments I've made for my Miata. The look is fantastic, the quality is superior, and the exhaust tone is killer. I have a AEM intake also, so the exhaust tone was nowhere near as loud as I expected. The car has a nice bass tone, and when warm, definitely says "listen to me." No ricer sound at all, even with the sport tune as I have. If this is the louder of the 2 Borla's, I'm so happy I chose this over the touring version. The tips are a bit larger than stock, and the stats I've read are 64% better flow over stock, AND weighs 5 pounds less than stock! If you are like me, and have owned several Miatas, but never with dual exhaust, don't wait a second longer! This is a MUST have for ANY Miata, seriously.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Dual Tip Muffler (Touring)

[8/20/2007] Reviewed by: H. U. Whitaker

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

Borla Dual Tip Muffler (Touring/Quiet)

The only hiccup encountered was delivery. I ordered online from Moss Motors and, right on schedule, a small box was delivered containing a clutch master cylinder. A call to their office in California took care of the mistake made by the New Jersey location. The correct item was send 2nd day air, no extra charge. Installation was a breeze. Slight bending of one of the hanger rods was needed to get the tips exactly level. The sound is great. Not too loud and not raspy or tinny at all. There is some resonance on the eardrums between 2000 and 3000 rpm if you use much throttle in that range, but it's quiet on the road. The look is outstanding.

Nice mod for the '05. Wish I had waited a week to order and hit the Moss Borla sale. I could have saved $60.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Cat-back (single exhaust)

[8/17/2007] Reviewed by: Frank R. - fnr1969@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97

This is the stainless steel catback system Borla makes specifically for the Miata.

It took my mechanic less than an hour to install this and I absolutely love it. Great sound...not too loud but a definite improvement over stock equipment. I can feel a difference in acceleration, especially since I also put a Racing Beat cold air intake on at the same time. I just added headers (OBX ceramic) and the whole system is great. Borla is not the cheapest but it is among the best. Highly recommended.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Cat Back Exhaust

[8/5/2007] Reviewed by: Bill Hunter - billy427tp@verizon.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Stainless steel cat back exhaust system

The pipe that connects to the cat on the original system is larger (2.25" ?) than the pipe that is supplied with the new system ( about 2"). This seems to be a restriction on the exhaust flow.

I needed the system and had to install it despite the drawback. When I asked the Borla customer rep about this he did not have an answer nor offer to find one.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Catback Dual Exhaust

[7/9/2007] Reviewed by: Jerry Haan - jjhaan@comcast.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Borla catback stainless steel dual exhaust system purchased from Moss Motors for 90-97 Miata.

I purchased this system from Moss Motors during the Christmas holiday. The system arrived promptly, and was packaged well. I took it all out of the box, and was initally disappointed because there is no etching on the exhaust tip. >From looking at the ads on the Moss site and in the pictures, it appears that there is some text etched on the tip. Maybe its just my imagination! After spending almost $400, that would be a nice touch. Other than that, the system looked very well made, and the tips were polished perfectly. I looked at the template to cut out the driver's side outlet and it did not look the right size, but I figured I would deal with that during the installation. I soaked the bolts by the cat for a couple of days. But I could not get one of them off. I took it into the shop to have it cut off. The shop offered to install the whole system. I turned them down, but in hind site it would have been a good decision. After the old system was off (about 10 minutes after the cat bolt was removed by the shop), started installing the new system. I compared the template to the outlet on the passenger side. It was not even close to the correct size! So I made my own template using the passenger side outlet, and got both sides the same. After looking at the template more, and looking at other Miatas, it looks to me like the template is for a M2 Miata. The Moss website has a copy of the template also, and it too looks like a M2 outlet. I read other reviews about this product for M1 Miatas, and most of them say the template was fine. I wonder what they got that I did not. After spending about 45 minutes making my own template, and cutting the driver's side outlet, I was ready to finish. The rest of the installation should be easy. I installed the exhaust pipe, and the muffler with the passenger side exhaust tip. Looked good so far. I installed the driver's side pipe, and could not get the height, angle, and length of the two exhaust tips to match each other no matter how I adjusted them. Looking at the driver's side pipe, it did not look like it was bent properly to match the passenger side. I called Borla, since they are the manufacturer. They said call Moss, as they make this system only for Moss to Moss' specifications. I called Moss and explained the issue. The Moss rep was very helpful and eager to come to a solution acceptable to me for my satisfaction. He offered to compensate me with store credit to bring the car to a local exhaust shop to get the tips to line up properly. So, back to the local muffler shop I go. They were more than happy to help, and they remarked that they get a lot of business "adjusting" aftermarket mail-order exhaust systems. They had to cut the driver side pipe and shorten and bend the pipe in order to get the two exhaust tips to match each other. This cost me $40, which I was given store credit for by Moss. The Moss customer rep was very helpful in working with me for a solution for this problem, but is was extra work for me and another trip to the shop. By now, I have 3 or 4 hours of my time invested in installing this, but it looks perfect! As far as the sound goes, this is what I have to compare it to. I had an Ansa slip-on muffler on for years. I really liked the way the Ansa muffler sounded, but it was getting rusty. So I have long forgotten what the factory exhaust sounded like. But the Ansa and the Borla are louder than stock. I have had the Borla system on for about 6 months now. I love the way it sounds! The dual exhaust gives the car a great sound from the driver's and the passenger side. I has a nice quiet rumble at idle. It gets a little deep and boomy sounding from about 2000 to 4000 RPM when under load, which sounds real good. As the RPMs increase, the sound gets a little more high pitched under load, with a sound that you want to keep there. Under steady speeds, it quiets down, but with a sport sound that sounds much better than stock. Around town, it makes me want to drive with the car in 3rd gear just so I can hear the sound of the muffler. My wife thinks it sounds a little "boomy" when driving with the hardtop on, but I like the sound. With the top down, my wife likes it too!

After the problems with installation were solved, this was a worthwhile upgrade. It looks great from the rear of the car, it sounds great at idle, under load, and steady cruising speeds.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Dual Tip Stainless Steel Muffler

[6/6/2007] Reviewed by: Jason Schneider - jjschneider1995@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

Borla Dual Exhaust "Touring" Muffler

As stated earlier, the muffler arrived relatively timely and packaged well. While there were a few scratches on the muffler, they were not on the polished SS exhaust tips - these looked great and where seperately wrapped. I agree with other posts on the loudness of the "touring" muffler - it is pretty loud. Not open header loud - but loud enough that if you don't like a nice exhaust sound you probably shouldn't pick this one. I felt the sound was a little "tinny" sounding - not totally trash can or lawn mower muffler sounding, but it is not a very deep burble that I originally expected based on other reviews. There was no exhaust gasket provided with the muffler, so you will have to get a new one. I installed the muffler with the RoadsterSport Midpipe as well - luckily that came with two gaskets (not flexitallics like the OEM ones, but they did seem to seal just fine).

Over all the muffler appears to be well constructed and good product. Be ready to set off a few car alarms.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Cat Back Dual Exhaust System

[3/31/2007] Reviewed by: Jim Gaydusek - jimgaydusek@sbcglobal.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Borla cat-back dual exhaust system

I ordered the system from Moss Motors and it shipped the next day; the delivery time was normal for UPS and the carton arrived in good shape. The packing material was first rate as nothing was scratched or otherwise damaged. The overall appearance of the components was very good and the fitment was excellent. I was replacing the original cat-back exhaust due to a rotted muffler. I had a small problem with the alignment of the Borla flange to the cat; it had to be the cat flange and not the Borla, as the new gasket I purchased fit perfectly to the Borla flange but neither the Borla flange nor the gasket would fit over the cat studs. I spent about 5 minutes with a Dremel and carbide bit elongating the Borla flange holes as well as the gasket holes and got it to fit. Cutting out the driver's side bumper for the additional exhaust pipe was a matter of taking a little out, checking the fit, taking some more, etc.; better too little than too much. All in all, if I didn't have to mess with elongating the flange holes, I would have been done in less than an hour. The sound is a deep growl that I find myself going for drives to nowhere just to hear it; I have nothing to document it but she sure seems to wind up to redline faster than with the original exhaust. Looking from the rear at dual exhaust pipes is really cool.

This is as much a sensory upgrade as it is a performance one; the look and sound is awesome. The Borla system has less restriction and getting up to redline is faster than with the original system. I would highly recommend this addition.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Catback Dual Exhaust

[3/19/2007] Reviewed by: Greg - steviegee@windstream.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Borla Catback Dual Exhaust

Exhaust looked beautiful right out of the box. After following the advice in some of the reviews, it went on surprisingly easy. The nuts to the cat bolts came off with no problem after soaking with PB blaster a couple of days ahead of time. The hardest part was getting the oxygen sensor off. Other than that it was a breeze. I was done in under 2 hours. And the sound is perfect! I couldn't be more pleased.

It was exactly what I was hoping for. I can't tell if it created more HP, but is sure sounds like it does! If you're going for something that will make your cutesy Miata sound and look more aggressive, then the dual exhaust Borla is a no brainer!

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Touring Dual Tip Cat-back Exhaust

[1/12/2007] Reviewed by: Russ Carpenter - russcarpenter@sbcglobal.net

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

Borla stainless steel dual exit cat-back exhaust for 2001-2005 Miata.

To celebrate the purchase of my 2001 SE, I ordered the Borla "Touring" cat-back from Moss Motors, taking advantage of their Miata 15% sale. Based on reports from other Miata.Net readers, I expected a mild increase in sound, a little more power and a good quality product. Generally, I was looking for a throaty sound with an almost Alfa Romeo-like rasp to it. The thought of a single exit with twin DTM tips had pictures of Ferrari Dinos dancing in my head, but this is a Japanese/English sports car, right? Obviously, the stock limosine muffler wasn't going to make it, so after much thought the Borla Touring was ordered. It arrived a couple of days later with excellent packing and no noticable scratches or dents. It's going to be under the car fro crying out loud, but I thought I'd inspect it anyway. I sprayed the two bolts which connect the original muffler to the midpipe with WD-40 the night before and in the morning, took them out with no fan fare. The 3 rubber insulators were disconnected in a few minutes and there I was holding the stock muffler in my hand. About 10 to 12 minutes work. The installation of the Borla Touring muffler took a bit more time as I had to cut the radius opening for the driver-side outlet. Borla supplied an excellent pattern and I used a scroll saw to make the cut. A little sand paper was gently used to debur along the cut on the plastic bumper cover. About 20 minutes to install as I cleaned a little while I was under the car. All together, the installation was a breeze.

The muffler sound eneded up being stately - not raspy. It's louder than stock which is good as a Miata shouldn't sound like a Honda Accord. The Alfa Romeo sound isn't there, but I'm happy. I didn't think I'd like the dual exhaust look, but it seems to be balanced; kinda nice. The power difference, as with most similar changes at 4,500' ASL is barely noticable. Maybe it's not, but I'll pretend there's a little there. It's mainly about the sound, anyway. Oh, and it's 4 pounds lighter than stock for you Colin Chapman fans. A good purchase.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla "Touring" Dual Outlet Muffler

[10/4/2006] Reviewed by: Bill Latsha - wjlatsha@ptd.net

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

I have an '02 Miata, and I just put a Borla "Touring" Dual outlet mufler on it. If you are thinking of putting one of these on becuse it is advertised as a "quiet" muffler, DO NOT! I had a Racing Beat Power Pulse Single tip muffler on my '02 miata, and it was not a loud muffler, but it had such a deep bass sound at lower RPM (like in the city driving), I eventually decided to go for a "Quieter Muffler".

Everywhere I read about the Borla "Touring" Dual outlet muffler, it is advertised as a quiet muffler, similar to the stock muffler. Well do not believe this. When I started my car last night after installing the muffler, it was so loud the neighbor got up from watching TV and came out to see if I was OK. At city driving RPM even my seat vibrates from the loudness of the muffler. At 3,500 RPM the sound starts to temper a bit, and above 4,000 RPM is it OK for me. This is FAR louder than the Racing Beat Muffler! FAR LOUDER! I believe Borla makes a quality product, but the purpose of this post is to help NB owners from getting into suckered into buying the Borla Dual "Touring" muffler, thinking it is a "quieter" muffler. It is NOT.

I am going to take it off this weekend if I can get a chance, and post it for sale.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla single tip cat-back exhaust

[12/7/2005] Reviewed by: Russ Bowlus - rcbowlus@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Borla single-tip stainless cat-back exhaust

Not complicated to install, just a pain to get the old cat converter bolts loose. Ended up having to take them into a shop and use airtools. Exhaust fit a little funny in the car, but that turned out to be the fault of a poorly installed weld-in cat. Since replacing the cat, the exhaust fits exactly in the center of the bumper cutout, with the tip flush with the opening.

Sounds a little buzzy for the first few minutes after starting the car. Once warmed up, it's a good sporty tone. Not too loud around town at normal rpm levels but really clears its throat at high rpm. It does resonate at 3k rpm, but my stock exhaust did too. *shrug* I love it.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Dual (Sport)

[4/11/2005] Reviewed by: Sylvain Baril - SMJBA@Shaw.ca

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Very well done catback. Flange needed a 30 second buffing with a Dremel to smothen the bolt holes. Template is usefull for the shape of the cut out only (mating the existing opening to find the alingmnet point at the butom of the bumper was sfer then using the template). Done within one hour with the help of my wife for 10 minutes for the cu out. Fit is 100%

I dwelled on a choice of a catback for about one year. Since I could not access a local club I listened at the clips sound available from this website to realized that they are useless you can get the exact set up of the car they are coming from ( Turbo/Header/mid pipe/ High flow air intake ect) and the sound expectation of the driver.. Other consideration are if any of those mod will take place later on. I have a AEM high flow air intake and short of the catback I will not do any other mod to the exhaust. Then choosing the loud over the quiet was not too risky. I am 46 and for my tasting a sports car must be heard as such. After the install i've got my wife to do the first drive and she blessed it. The sound coming form the Air intake is still not totally burried under the dual growl under WOT. Both combine will for sure get the attention of the psser by. The dual look is very sharp.

Tips...1- OK You've ordered a catback ..it will be there in 5 days...start putting WD40 while it come.2- Use soap on the gummet.3- Ask someboy to hold the muffler tip agaist the opening so you can eye ball before you cut the hole.. 4- Use a new gasket. 5- The torque for the nuts is between 34 to 42 PSI 6- l;astly but more importantly... Dont think over it for a year...life is too short and you are missing on what the stock Miata miss the most... a true sports car sound...This muffler will give you exactly that.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla stainless steel slanted tip muffler with connecting pipe

[12/24/2004] Reviewed by: Bobby - greasem0nkey86@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

stainless steel muffler without resonator connecting pipe with a "weep" hole.

as i've purchased the miata with the exhaust on, i have no experience on how difficult the install and removal was.

at idle, it is louder than stock, to a point where people will notice that this exhaust cannot be stock. when cold, the exhaust sounds pretty bad IMO, it rattles against something, i will check that out after i get another exhuast when warm on city streets, it sounds pretty loud, not to a point that its obnoxious on highway, some people might not notice it, but if you drive on the highway for at least 15min and listen to your surroundings, you can hear a drone from the muffler, even with the radio on, you can still hear the drone.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Dual Exhaust

[11/7/2004] Reviewed by: Ethan

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Borla Dual tip exhaust

EXTREMELY awesome exhaust! High quality and excellent fitment.

Awesoem. Just friggin' awesome. I was concerned with fitment and sound after reading some posts/reviews here. Wow, the ease with which the exhaust went on was awesome. great fit, great look, great sound. It has a wonderful low burble at idle and acceleration. not ricey what-so-ever. Very subtle, but enjoyable and the same time. Probably one of the coolest mods I've made yet. Only issue was with the cutout. Ended up using the original hole as a template and duplicating on driver's side. Used dremel to cut out piece. Excellent. easy. 3 hours total.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Dual Exhaust

[10/12/2004] Reviewed by: Peter

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Nice stainless steel cat-back exhaust system with dual outlet. Chrome round tips with Borla logo on top.

I think one of the best purchases yet for my '97 Miata. Would have been very easy to install myself, except that the cat bolts would not come loose. No matter how many times I soaked in WD-40 and brake clean spray. I finally had to go to the local Midas to get the bolts off. Well, they had to torch the bolts and install new ones as the old ones would not come loose, even with the air tools they had. Once they had the bolts off, the system went in in approx. 5 minutes. I had a hard time with the cut-out template. The directions do not tell you where to position it. So I eyeballed the general area and started to cut out the hole. Getting bigger each time I fit the exhaust outlet until it was where I wanted it. I think this makes for a smaller cut-out than the supplied template. After about a weeks worth of driving I can say that I love the sound it generates. A nice growl under acceleration and a quiet tone the rest of the time.

Well worth the time and effort. great product from a reputable company. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Highly recommended.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Dual Exhaust(Touring)

[9/26/2004] Reviewed by: Michael

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Borla Dual Exhaust(Quiet)

I opted for the Borla Dual Exhaust from Moss Motors and had it professionally installed. I was glad I did. The mounting holes did not line up with the bracket and they had to drill new ones. Installation was relatively quick, lasting about 30 minutes. For an exhaust note that was advertised close to stock, this is anything but. Even with the touring(quiet), it is extremely loud, so much so that it is obnoxious. Moss Motors fails noticeably in product support after the sale.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Dual Exhaust - Sport Model

[8/20/2004] Reviewed by: Darren Hopkins - dhopkins@fuse.net

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Borla Part Number 52798 Muffler for '99-'03 Mazda Miata 1.8L AT/MT (Sport)

Unit arrived well packed with Spec Sheet, Trim Cutout pattern, Warranty Card and Small Borla Sticker. Appears to be of excellent quality but I do wish Borla would include the mating exhaust gasket. Much smaller and lighter than the stock muffler. Installation was only hindered by the flange holes being a bit off. (Nothing that a small Dremel couldn't take care of.) The sound is deeper at idle but not overpowering. At higher RPMs the pitch is a bit higher until cruise. This muffler seemed to really open up some breathing room for the engine.

Tools: 17mm Socket and Ratchet, WD-40, Dishwashing Liquid, Dremel Tool or file, Exact-O Knife. First, (a day before install) spray WD-40 on the bolts to assist in removal. The last thing you want is a broken stud! Just keep applying it every few hours. Squirt a little Dishwashing liquid on the rubber hangers. (3 total). (2 on the right rear, 1 on the left) This will aid in slipping them off. Loosen flange bolts before pulling the muffler from the hangers. When removing, remember that you'll need to pry the gasket from the unit. Don't just go at it haphazard, as you may need to REUSE it! Measure the bumper to 'mirror' the existing cutout. Use Exact-O to cut pattern and score the trim. I then followed the score with a Dremel tool. Also, when hanging the new muffler, hang up one of the right hangers first and then see if the flange holes are going to be OK. If you hang it all, you may have to pull it right back down! If the holes are off, elongate them wit! h a Dremel or small round file.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Dual Exhaust Touring (quiet)

[4/24/2004] Reviewed by: David Siders - dandtsiders@aol.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Borla Perfomance Industries touring (quiet version) stainless steel dual tip exhaust system

Borla's name, reputation, quality, and Million Mile Warranty sold me on this system. Bought on sale for $299 ($60 off regular price) through Moss Motors. Shipping and handling to Omaha was $21.35 via UPS Ground. The system includes a two-bolt flange, a 12" muffler, two 3.19" angle cut and rolled tips, and a driver-side tip cutout template.

Can be installed in under 2 hrs. Took 30 min to put WD-40 on the flange bolts, liquid soap on the rubber hangers, and remove the old system. Took 1 hr to properly place the left tip cutout template, mark the bumper, and make the cut. Remember, the factory tip cutout is not altered, and the left tip cutout must mirror the factory tip cutout. If necessary, you will fine tune the tips to fit the cutouts after you have hung the new system. Once you have marked the bumper, let the surgery begin. I used a hand held hacksaw blade. Once the cut is complete, you can smooth the edge with sandpaper. Took about 15 min to hang the new system. I am completely satisfied with the look and sound of the "touring" Borla. The tips fill the cutouts nicely. This system is louder than stock, but not too loud. The Miata is a true sports car, and the "touring" Borla truly enhances the sports car experience with the right amount of additional zoom-zoom.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Stainless Steel Exhaust

[4/17/2004] Reviewed by: André Risnes - andrelr@broadpark.no

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Borla downpipe and muffler.

Putting the Borla on the car is easy enough. Getting the old exhaust system off can be difficult, as other reviewers have noted. The car seems to rev more freely and produce some extra power with the Borla. If this is because the Borla breathes more freely than the stock system, or because my old system was plugged, I can't say. The Borla sounds great in most cases - louder than stock, with a nice rumble. It's too boomy for my taste when going uphill at about 3000-4000 rpm. It looks nice as well. For some reason one of the hangers is misplaced, so it will only attach to three of the four hangers under the car. At first, the downpipe vibrated against the differential housing at about 3300 rpm. I solved this by tightening up the rubber hangers with strips.

I've noticed that the trunk stays much cooler with the Borla than the original muffler (even though i took the heat shield under the trunk off).

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Catback Dual Exhaust (90-97)

[3/23/2004] Reviewed by: Scott Douglas - kayakingmiata@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Dual outlet catback exhaust. All stainless, beautiful.

It is beautiful to look at, but didn't fit my '95. It turns out that the bolts that connect two piece halfshafts hit the mid pipe everytime the axles rotate. Moss and Borla are supposed to be working on a fix, it turns out I am not the only one that has had problems with this. For now, Moss is only selling them for 96-96 cars.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Dual Exhaust

[2/28/2004] Reviewed by: Todd Robello

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

This was a 3 piece dual Exhaust. It consisted of a mid-pipe, the muffler with one tip attached, and a second seperate tip. It came with 2 clamps to attach the mid-pipe and second tip to the muffler.

I purchased the NA Borla Duals on the last day of Moss’s sale. I attempted to have them installed at Crazy Red Italian’s shop. First they went to cut the bumper. The provided template apeared to be for a NB miata, as it would have left us with a much different cut then the one that comes on the car. Dave ended up using the Racing Beat template that he had on file. He then attempted to install the exhaust. The fit was HORRIBLE. The bends were not right, and neither were the hanger points. Some of the hangers were pulling forward while others were pulling back. The mid-pipe actually rubbed against the axle. Dave and his brother pushed and pulled for 20 minutes to get it to clear the axle, leaving one tip sticking out 1 inch further than the other at a different pitch.

I was so disgusted with the Borla, I had them pull it off and install a Racing Beat dual that they had in stock.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Dual Exhaust (sport) - Moss Motors

[1/31/2004] Reviewed by: Doug Thomson

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

A stainless system with 2-1/4" intake pipe and dual 2" outlet pipes. The body of this muffler is much smaller and lighter than the OEM muffler (12" vs. 20"). Installs using original rubber hangers. Borla also provides a template for cutting the driver side opening in your rear bumper.

Easy install. The quality and finish of the unit is excellent, the welds are strong, and the flange is beefy. The exhaust tips are angle cut and are double walled … very nice. Installed mid-winter with temp -4 Celsius (about 25 deg. F). Total install took about 3 hours - most of that time was spent positioning the cutout. Several days of WD40 & my flange nuts practically undid themselves. Removed the old muffler in 25 min. Use a little liquid soap to lubricate the hanger rods. Temporarily and lightly bolt the muffler in place to check the cutout location – use a speedclamp to support the passenger side in its exact position relative to the hangers. Tape the cutout template to the bumper, check some reference points on the frame and body work, and then eyeball the whole thing several times more. Remove the muffler, cut the opening (jig saw with a hacksaw blade … mask the bumper to prevent scratches from the jigsaw), and sand the edges smooth. Reattaching! the new muffler took 15 minutes.

Borla has produced an excellent product that looks good and sounds great. Everything fits perfectly ... about the only criticism I have is the lack of a flange gasket for the unit. I reused the original gasket, and it doesn't seem to be leaking, but I will probably change it when I can get one from a dealer.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Dual Tip Performance Exhaust (Loud)

[1/11/2004] Reviewed by: Bob Rickel - BobRickel@aol.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Dual Tip Performance Exhaust system. It is really only a muffler, pipes and tips. Nicely made out of polished Stainless steel with Dual tips. Made as a "quiet" or a "loud" system, I chose the loud version of the system as I wanted a bit more bark out of my exhaust.

I purchased the Borla Exhaust on sale from Moss Motors for $299. I ordered on Monday and it was delivered on Friday here in Florida. It came well packed with expandable foam keeping it tight inside the packaging. I have a lift in my garage at my house so it was a 35 minute job to remove the old system and install the new system. The Exhaust is the muffler only and bolts to the stock muffler flange which mated perfectly with the Borla flange. It would have been nice if they had included a new flange gasket but the old one sealed up nicely. The new muffler used all of the stock rubber hangers so the install was super easy, just unbolt the old muffler slip it out and install the same way. The muffler came with a nice clear template to use to cut the rear bumper cover on the left side to match the cut out on the right for the dual tips. Marked it with a marker and cut it with a utility knife and sanded it smooth, looks like it was done at the factory.

The fit and finish were excellent. I was expecting it to be louder though. I had already replaced the stock muffler with a Flomaster and it sounded nice on acceleration but not quite loud enough and sounded stock at idle. The new Borla is quiter than the Flomaster was even at acceleration and I bought the "louder" version of the system. I have removed the presilencer and will weld in a replacement pipe tomorrow and expect it to sound more the way I want it to sound. It looks great from the rear with the 3 inch dual tips.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage


[1/3/2004] Reviewed by: Ryan Shillington - lord_zex@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Borla Catback System, including Muffler

Great! Getting the old one off was tough - I had to cut off one of the bolts with a hack saw. I soaked it with Penetrating Lubricant, but the nut just wore off with my pneumatic wrench. I'm writing because I noticed that others found this product to be extremely loud. Boy was it ever, until I figured out why: - On some Miatas (my Haynes book doesn't say which ones, but mine's a 1990), there isn't an oxygen intake sensor behind the catalytic converter (there's only one in front). Hence, there's a big gapping hole 6 inches behind the catalytic converter that doesn't get filled by anything. At Home Depot, I picked up a 1/2" plug for a gas pipe, and screwed it in. Now it works the same as those who have later model cars. Yay!

I also found that the Borla wasn't perfectly fit for my car - it rubbed against part of the drive axle and made a clicking sound. I replaced my catalyitic converter at the same time, so that may be it, or a combo of the two. At any rate, I wedged a piece of metal in and got everything to live in harmony. We'll see if it works long term. Works great so far :)

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla Dual Exhaust Touring (quiet)

[12/21/2003] Reviewed by: roger emigh

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Stainless dual exhaust, touring (quiet) version

Product came well packed from Moss and included the templete for adding the second cut-out. Muffler fit the flange and hangers on first try, excellent fit. Used a utility knife and dremel to create the second bumper cut-out, not difficult. About 5 pounds lighter and much smaller than stock.

Very pleased with the look and sound, the application is a 99 with JRSC, BRP 8psi kit and intercooler. This muffler has a neighbor hood friendly sound but gives a definite sports car note. Idle sound is better than stock, slightly more low end, cruise is quiet but just enough so you hear the exhaust, definitely louder than stock under acceleration but not to loud.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Borla muffler

[5/31/2003] Reviewed by: Glenn Mire - glennmire@cox.net

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

'Performance muffler' looks great and sounds good. Installation went smoothly.

I used a mechanic service to install the Jackson headers and the Borla muffler. It went very smoothly and looks very clean installed.

The sound of the muffler is very nice. It has a deep, rich tone that sounds great. With the top down, the noise feedback is pretty minimal at low or high speed. With the top up, highway speeds have a reasonance that isn't unpleasant, just noticeable. Be aware that performance gains are insignificant on the 2002. Mazda did too good a job:) Adding a K&N filter, Jackson headers and the Borla muffler gave me 2.5rwh over complete stock the week prior.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Cat Back Exhaust

[4/22/2003] Reviewed by: Brian

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Borla cat back stainless steel exhaust system with slant cut tip.

The hardest part, as others have noted, is taking the stock exhaust off. Make sure you soak the nuts in WD-40. Also, I have a '97, which required the removal of the rear suspension brace (only 6 bolts, which takes about 5 minutes). Without removing this brace, which is a stock brace, it is impossible to remove the exhaust. Installation is easy once the old exhasut is removed. The sound, however, is an entirely subjective matter. In 2nd and 3rd gear, under spirited acceleration, a pleasant bass note, perhaps even a nice low boom is heard. Once on the highway, the sound mellows considerably. I do not have a problem with the sound; I think it sounds wonderful. However, I can see, or hear, how others might. It is certainly louder than stock, but not at all obnoxious. Performance gains are tangible. The throttle response is increased, especially the higher one ventures in the RPM's.

The quality of the exhaust is excellent. Performance gains are tangible. It carries a million mile warranty. It looks great, particularly the tip. I am completely satisfied with this system. However shop around as prices can vary considerably.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Cat-Back

[4/21/2003] Reviewed by: Alistair Rogers

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Borla Cat-Back

Installation: Meineke Power: No noticeable increase at the high end, slight loss at launch, ameliorated by increasing rpm. Noise: Make no mistake, the exhaust sounds fan-tastic.

I planned to wait until the 'new toy' factor had worn off before submitting this review. It hasn’t worn off yet and it’s been over a year since I had the Borla fitted. The smile to dollar ratio is sky high. My main concerns when replacing the stock exhaust were that an aftermarket piece would look out of place on the car and that the exhaust would be too noisy or too ‘Honda-boy’. The angle cut, round tip suits the miata, and the sound is great. It’s not too loud but is definitely noticeable. If you spend several hours a day commuting on expressways with the top up then stick with the stock. My girlfriend couldn’t understand why I was spending money on a new exhaust when the old one wasn’t broken; my repeated attempts at explanation were met with derision. During the first drive with the Borla fitted, she looked sheepishly across at me a said “ I hate to admit it, but it sounds so much better”. If you want a great sounding, great looking exhaust! , you will not be disappointed.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla exhaust with carbon fiber tip

[4/16/2003] Reviewed by: Petteri Porri

Applicable to: '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Round stainless rear back box with carbon fiber tip.For NA model there is oval large volume exhaust that every ad shows not this round one.

Just a bit of friendly advice of someone thinking of Borla back box on NB model. I ordered one and i´m very suprised that Borla as manufacturer can produce low quality item.Very loud booming inside the car with the to up,really no need to listen radio, or carry on coversation.Quite interesting, sound is quite nice low burble when you listen it outside car or drive-by.It gets a bit quiter ~3400 rpm/120kph.I had choise of :Borla,Jackson racing,Roadster sport, I.L.Motorsport,exhaust and of cource picked wrong one.By the way,leaking weld on exhaust flange, missing hanger (added myself),wrong bolt spacing didn´t help either.I´m planning to cut casing off and manufacture new oval casing with added volume and silencing material instead of very low volume/round Borla original.I hope this helps someone of searching aftermarket exhaust.

If someone really likes his/hers car sound like exhaust has broken under the seat this is just fine otherwise keep searching.Quite interesting, very nice sound outside car but booming/resonance is unbeareble inside,i could have live with manufacturing flaws because i have tools to mend them but booming is main issue.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla muffler with carbon fiber tip

[12/17/2002] Reviewed by: J. R. Mills - miata96@aol.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Borla muffler with carbon fiber tip.

Easy installation. Some initial fitment problems cured with slight bending of exhaust hangers. Nice sound but with some booming/resonance with top up between 3350-4200 rpm. This has gone away after 5k miles with system on car. Don't know why.

Easy to install, sounds great, provides some (minimal) additional power. Only other mod on engine is K&N filter.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Borla exhaust

[11/5/2002] Reviewed by: Anonymous

Applicable to: '99 +

Borla Exhaust

I decided on this product for its reputation and the quality of sound I was looking for.

The 1/2 inch bolt holes did not match exactly with the exhaust pipe. I needed to drill them out to 9/16ths. The installation was a piece of cake. The roadster purr, is not overwhelming as you maintain an even speed. It does increase as acceleration occurs. But you can still hear your tunes. Loud and clear.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

99 and up Borla Exhaust

[6/28/2002] Reviewed by: Frank White - fwwinpa@aol.com

Applicable to: '99 +

Borla Flange back Muffler with Carbon Fiber Tip

I was worried about all the tales of problems fitting the muffler with a 2000 flange. Either I was lucky or the new Borla has been has been changed. It took about 15 min. to do the job. Perfect fit. The only other thing I've done is a K&N drop in filter, together they seem to help the performance some, chirped thru 3 gears.

I had an MGB for many years with a stock exhaust, this sounds very much like it. I love it, sounds good when yo get on it but sounds nice when cruising, 2000 to 3000 sounds great. It make me enjoy driving it so much more, a sports car should sound like this.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla stainless CatBack

[6/21/2002] Reviewed by: Tony Variale - avariale@aol.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Borla stainless steel CATback

Love this exhaust system. Car seems a little 'qicker', especially at mid RPM range. Very easy to install. As others have indicated, the worst part is getting the old flange nuts off. A little WD40 and a pipe around the box rench did the trick. Re-used old nuts for intall. Exceeltn fit, sounds grat and the chrome pipe extention looks really cool. I'm happy I got this system. I needed a new exhaust and the favorable comments on this web site led me to choose this product.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Cat-Back

[3/30/2002] Reviewed by: Adam Wilcox - adamiataebay@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Stainless Steel Borla cat-back exhaust system.

In the 6 hours since I've installed this exhaust I've been quite pleased. My only complaint thus far is that the tip is about an inch off-center. I honestly don't know where people are coming from when they say this exhaust is too loud or has a drone between 3,000 and 4,000 RPM. I cruised for almost 100 miles with it on today and I noticed no such drone whatsoever. And I was looking for it/expecting it too. It does have a bit of a booming tone to it, but I'm not bothered by it. One thing I particulary get a kick out of is the way it burbles a little bit when you let the engine slow down. It sounds much deeper than stock and a little louder, but the volume difference seems to diminish the closer you get to red-line. My parents even agree that its not obtrusively loud. Then again, I'm not sure whether the exhaust I took off was factory or aftermarket, it was too rusted to tell much.

I drove it for 25 miles on the highway and the sound was not obtrusive during normal cruising, as others have claimed to experience. I've even removed some of my sound insulation behind the seats during my roll-bar installation, it seems to hold moisture. Then again, FWIW, I'm 20 year old college student and I feel a little less irritated by loud exhausts, hard suspension and the like than some of the more geriatric...uhh...I mean "senior" members of Miatadom. The engine does seem to breathe a little better, it feels smoother and is more free-revving. And while its not exactly forced induction, it does seem to pull noticeably stronger than it did previously, particularly during passing on the highway. All in all, an excellent product. Its inexpensive, will probably outlast the car, sounds more agressive and looks better. I would do the whole operation again in a second. Reccomended.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla exhaust

[3/3/2002] Reviewed by: Dan Halcomb - danhalcomb@earthlink.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Bought this product after reading reviews posted here. Should have read them more closely. One reviewer complained of an obnoxious drone at 3000 to 400 rpm. He's right. It's terrible. Another wrote that he'd overcome the drone by installing sound insulating material in the trunk. Using the exact material he recommended, I got zero sound-dampening while adding unneeded weight to the rear. On the positive side, the exhaust does make for a freer revving engine and a modest increase in performance. And teens LOVE the sound. I'm replacing it with a RB power pulse set-up with the mellower mid-pipe. Another good note is that Brian Goodwin of Goodwin Racing, who has sold me both systems has made the transfer relatively painless, while always providing prompt and on-target advice. He's a great guy to deal with, and wouldn't hesitate to ask him for honest advice about any upgrade.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Exhaust

[2/24/2002] Reviewed by: Jeff Glasgow - glasgow@primus.ca

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Very well made. All the hangers are welded in the proper locations. Has a OEM fit with a nice polished exhaust tip (not ricey at all). The hardest part of the whole installation is taking off the stock exhaust....make sure to soak the bolts with WD-40 or liquid wrench a couple of hours before you start. A squirt bottle filled with some soap and water (helps lube the rubber bushings to pull off the stock exhaust). Very simple after that.

I've had the exhaust for about 2 years now. Very very happy with it. It's very mellow at idle, and growls for attention at WOT. No "raspy" sounds or typical 4 cyl. "clangingness" at all. It really sounds good with a JR CAI. With the top down you get sort of a 3D sound effect- coming from you exaust (rear) and from you CAI (front).

This unit has a lifetime warrenty, weighs 10 lbs less than stock (I did a weigh in), and has a great price. NA cars can't go wrong with this unit.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Catback

[10/22/2001] Reviewed by: Paul Bojesen - bojesenp@msu.edu

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Borla cat-back fits 90-97 Miata

I installed this on a 96' Miata that has been driven in the winter every year. Taking off the two nuts that hold the stock cat-back in place was not too bad and to my surprise I was able to reuse both the nuts and the bolts. A breaker bar is strongly recommended. Other than that the install is quite simple and takes about 1.5 to 2 hours. The exhaust fits perfectly without any adjustments. The sound is fabulous! A nice low growl at low rpm. After about 4000 rpm it sounds like kinda like a sport bike. Very fun! At cruising and idle it is very refined and sounds almost stock. Supposedly it adds 4-5 horses, but I really have no idea. If I were to say that I could feel the difference it would most likely be due to the fact that it "sounds" twice as fast! I highly recommend this product based on it's great price, lifetime warranty, and excellent sound.

Very nice exhaust. No 4+ inch tip, only 2.5. Who wants a coffee can for a muffler anyway??? Shop around for the best price. I bought mine from Nopi.com for only $243 during what was supposed to be an overstock sale. They e-mailed me and told me it was on backorder. Strange... They ordered it and honored the price, but quickly changed the price on their website. Other than this, the cheapest I saw was $299. Still a steal for what you get.

Not an installed item

Borla Catback Exhause for M1 1991 w/Cannon

[10/16/2001] Reviewed by: Frank Peng - fpeng@earthlink.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Catback system for Miata. Comes in two pieces with all installation hardware except bolts to cat which you can reuse.

The mechanic had difficulty removing the stock exhaust since I have a cannon brace on. The heat shield had to be sawed off and the whole exhaust had to be rotated to get it through the opening. Installation of the Borla was much easier. The only complaint I have is that the exhaust tip barely extends away from the rear bumper. Since its slant cut, it almost disappears. You will definitely hear it though.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[9/13/2001] Reviewed by: Simon Beatty - mx5monster@blueyonder.co.uk

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Smart looking tailpipe with Carbon Fibre Insert and polished steel centre. Smaller than stock backbox. No mod to rear bumper to fit.

Removing stock exhaust was easy. As with other reviews found the new bolt holes do not match. I believe that Mazda changed the spacing of these after a certain model number (unknown). Easily drilled out to fit new spacing. Replacing hangers was a bit tricky but managed eventually. Sound is a bit louder than anticipated but sounds great with hood down on a country road. A bit boomy around 3000 rpm with hood up. Very good quality after 12 months looks like new. Some improvement to BHP but improved driveability from lower revs.

I would recommend this exhaust to someone who doesn't mind a little extra noise. Easy enough to fit without any previous experience (I did it!)

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[6/18/2001] Reviewed by: Michael Merckel - mykl001@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Borla cat-back exhaust system (single angled tailpipe).

After enquiring about the cat-back Remus system I was a little hesitant, do I really need to spend $1,000 (Australian) dollars on metal pipes, most of which probably covers Remus' exorbitant marketing budget! However, I wanted a quality system that not only sounded good but also provided a bit of extra poke. A guy at the MX-5 system told me about the Borla and after checking the web-site for further feedback I was sold.

For me the Borla system looks quite slick with the angled tip and it certainly doesn't look like one of those drainpipe sized hooligan exhausts. - And it doesn't sound like one either, initially quiet from idle once the system heats up you will experience a hearty growl which when pushed above 4000 rpm progresses to higher and more urgent tone "awesome!" I think the Borla demonstrates the right balance btw being louder but not annoyingly so, and there's little if no "droning" on the freeway. Although I can't say exactly how much, the Borla has definitely released more horses as "Shinji" (my Eunos Roadster V Spec Jap import) runs towards the redline with renewed verve and seems to be working much more efficiently, the feeling that the engine is running out of breath and giving up after 5500-6000 rpms has been banished. On the whole a great value system that makes the MX-5 Miata even more fun drive with it's old skool rorty sound and lively feel. - I like it a lot!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[5/29/2001] Reviewed by: adalberto amador - lilpoindexter@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

A cat back Exhaust

I bought this Borla exhaust, because it was cheap compared to some other Borla exhaust systems i had seen, and people always remarked about the good quality. The hard part was just being patient with the removal of the cat bolts. I alternated bathing the bolts with wd 40 and starting the car up to the point where the pipes were hot. A 2 foot breaker bar did the trick. The pipes fit very, very well, I wasn't even checking the alignment as i tightened up everything underneath, but the pipe came out smack dab in the center of the opening.

The sound of the car at first seemed too Honda boyish for my taste, but when the car is under load, (E.G. going up hill) the sound of the muffler is very bassy and nice. I like it overall, I sit in my car in the drive way sometimes, revving the engine just for the sound!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

[11/10/2000] Reviewed by Anonymous

Applicable to '99 + 1.8 liter

Borla muffler for M2

Installation was fairly easy. It seems that I have one of the early M2's because I didn't have any bolt alignment problems with the muffler. Definitely sounds rumbly and deep at low rpm's (3000 rpm and below). At 3000-3900 rpm (60-68 mph) there is a slight drone when cruising on the highway but at higher rpm's 4000 rpm and above (70 mph - ??) the drone disappears. Solution Drive Faster !!!! The muffler seems to be quieter than stock at 4000 rpm's and above.

The Borla makes a nice deep burbling sound when decelerating and downshifting. I've read the other reviews concerning the Borla and it's definitely not too loud or raspy.

SOTP, the car seems to accelerate and rev better with the Borla. I also have the Racing Beat Intake which I thought was fairly loud compared to the stock intake. Now I don't even hear the intake because the Borla is definitely deeper and louder.

Highly recommended.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[10/28/2000] Reviewed by Ira Schwartz - ischwart@laplaza.org

Applicable to '99 +

Stainless steel muffler with carbon fiber tip

Great deep sound under acceleration, particularly with top down. With the top up there are several annoying periods of droning under deceleration and light pedal pressure at high and low speeds. I do not recommend this muffler if you do long distance driving.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[11/14/2000] Reviewed by Adam Bauer - justusracing@earthlink.net

I am associated with a company that sells or manufactures this product.

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

This system replaces the stock exhaust from the cat to the muffler.

I love the sound of it when the top is down! It can be a little too loud when the top is up unless you install some sound-deadening material on the underside of the trunk lid. I think that it makes the car sound like a sport bike in a way.

I would and have recommended this exhaust to anyone. It went on easy and made a performance improvement by letting the engine breath!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[7/24/2000] Reviewed by Michael Cox - mx5_racer@yahoo.com

Applicable to '99 + 1.8 liter

An exhaust system that replaces the stock muffler, adding a small amount of horsepower and a deep, more aggressive sound.

I knew when I bought this exhaust it would not turn the miata into a street rocket. I wanted it for the sound and the very attractive 3 inch carbon fiber tip. It adds a very nice aesthetic touch to the car, making it look and sound more aggressive. The power difference is maybe 2-3 hp over stock. There may be a slight increase in high rpm acceleration, but it's hard to tell.

Borla claims that this system can be installed as a simple bolt-on. Not so. Getting the stock exhaust off is no problem, bu you'll soon find out that the flange on the Borla does not line up with the bolts on your car! This is very disappointing, because if you're like me, you want to get the thing on and DRIVE, without having to pay some overcharging muffler shop to do the work for you. Notwithstanding, I had to do just that. I got a guy at a local muffler shop to "enlarge" the holes on the flange. Unfortunately, it seems to be the only way unless you have access to those sort of metal grinding tools. Note to Borla Do your homework next time! Also, this is NOT a catback system; the reason being that Mazda only used one flange on the cat, and that flange being on the engine side!?!? Note to Mazda Find some new engineers!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[7/18/2000] Reviewed by Ken Vermeulen - sunluverrr@hotmail.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Borla cat back exhaust system

Had the old one out and new one installed in about 1-1/2hrs total. Every thing fit perfectly had pre soaked the cat bolts for a few days prior and used an extension on the wrench, cracked them loose and it was clear sailing after that. I used fluid film on the rubber hangers and they came off and on real easily. I removed the cross brace (took 1 bolt out and loosened the othe) then swung it out of the way, removing brace makes hole job a lot easier.

Unit looks good, sounds good and installed perfectly(everything fit as if stock) even came with the muffler clamp and gasket. I really like the sound, around town it is quite throaty and you can control the loudness with your foot ( i would not want to be at a red light stopped beside a policeman and put my foot on it when pulling away, it can be pretty loud). Just the same I like it around town, it is music to my ears. On the highway in cruise mode, it is not louder than stock, in mild acceleration on highway you can hear it nicely and it sounds great not boomy at all. I would say most of the loudness is noticeable around town from 0 to 4000 rpm under fairly heavy acceleration. If you want less sound, accelerate less.. The tip is cut back at a slant, nice bright finish, looks good.

The tip fit perfectly in its factory spot, evenly

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

[6/8/2000] Reviewed by Mike Shepherd - Shepherd25@aol.com

Applicable to '90 - '97

Read the various reviews on this product and thought I would throw in a word of caution. A Borla was installed on my 91 a couple years ago. At that time my car was normally aspirated with the OEM header and CAT. I really liked the Borla and it made a nice growl over 4,000 RPM.

Recently, I installed a Jackson Header, High-Flow Cat & JR supercharger. Wow is it LOUD over 4,000 rpm now!!! You certainly know I'm coming several blocks away.

I do think it is a high quality product, and I would recommend it as long as you know what you are getting into. I have a couple friends with similar setups (JR headers & high-flow cats, etc) on their Miatas, but different exhaust setups that are much more 'mellow'. I am considering installing something else in the near future. Depends on how much 'growl' you want as to whether you will like this product when you combo it with other upgrades.

[5/28/2000] Reviewed by Anthony Church - achurch@btitelecom.net

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

This is a quality stainless steel exhaust system from Borla, designed to snap directly onto the catalytic converter.

I bought this item brand new from eBay for $290. Upon initial inspection, I was impressed with the quality of the construction, and I was eager to put it on. I didn't want to do the work myself so I took it over to the local Midas shop, and I was very glad to have done so. Nothing seemed to remove the original cat bolts so they had to cut them off with a blowtorch. Installation was not that difficult overall (as I sat with them during the entire process). However, the piping came a little too close to the rear differential, I really didn't like it being so close, as it could possibly bump during a bad shake or bump in the road. To fix this I had them superheat part of the piping and bend it slightly to the left to give it more than 3/4" clearance from the differential. After that, $70 and an hour later, I had my car back and I was impressed with its performance. This change seems to make the car a little peppier, and definitely changes the sound of the car.

At idle, the car is very quiet, much like stock, but the tune immediately changes upon acceleration. It makes acceleration slightly quicker and much smoother, and it honestly sounds like a performance motorcycle is following you mph for mph. It is a very nice experience, if you can handle a little more noise. It is not an ugly noise, but definitely noticeable.

Other than a slightly questionable installation process (possibly difficult by oneself) this is a high quality product, and a must for a Miata-lover.

[5/22/2000] Reviewed by Anonymous

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Stainless Steel Cat-Back Exhaust.

The system arrived in good shape. Fit and finish was very good. It was much lighter than stock. It installed very easily, and fit w/o major problems. My only install problem was one of the mounting brackets interfered with the right side catalytic converter bolt removal, so I ground the bracket down with a Dremel tool. It fit perfectly otherwise. In around-town driving, on short trips, the Borla was fun. It was much louder than stock, but pleasant-- for short blasts. It was fun going up and down the gears and listening to the engine's song. However, on highway trips longer than 1/2 hour, it got painful. The booming at 3000-4500 RPM resonated throughout the car. It made conversation difficult, and unless I cranked the stereo, it drowned out my headrest speakers. On long highway trips, the booming was merciless unless I drove above 4500 rpm, or wore earplugs. 15-20 minutes of the booming would produce a headache. After a month with this system, I removed & sold it.

I'm now running Jackson Racing headers and cat-back. The JR improves the sound of the car. It's slightly louder than stock, w/o the booming. It's heavier & better finished than the Borla, and it includes a resonnator between the cat and muffler to quiet the boom.

On the downside, the Jackson is a lot more expensive than the Borla.

[6/20/2000] Reviewed by Jim Escaja - Escaja@MSN.COM

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Borla Cat Back

Installation should take approximately 30 minutes with a standard socket wrench. Just back your Miata up onto a pair of car ramps, spray some liquid wrench on the two cat stud bolts and remove, squirt some liquid soap on the rubber hanger mounts, work it into the hanger mounting flanges with a screw driver and just slide them off. Finally, the stock cat back pulls right out. Installation of the Borla system is a snap. Construction quality is excellent with no rattles or squeeks and is much lighter than stock. First impressions are that you will experience a noticable H.P. increase. The engine pulls harder above 3K R.P.M. and runs a lot stronger up to 7K.

The Borla is quite a bit louder than stock, but that's what sports cars should sound like! If you drive your Miata as a daily commuter car with the top up, then, keep your stock exhaust. If your Miata is a garage queen driven mainly with the top down on nice sunny days, the Borla is the ticket.

[5/19/2000] Reviewed by Kent Smith - arsenal29@aol.com

Applicable to '99 + 1.8 liter

Borla Exhaust for M2 with red toned carbon fiber tip.

I read the postings about the difficulty people had installing this product, so I was ready for a difficult installation. I ordered the exhaust because I wanted the louder "growl" sound that only seems to come with the Borla. The exhaust looks great and is very light. The entire install was very easy. I used a drill to enlarge the holes on the exhaust flange. This was easy and took about 5 minutes. With a little soapy water on the hangers, the old was off and the new was on. It hangs where it should and it sounds great.

I wanted to put in this comment because some of the things I had read worried me a little. If you want the Borla, and you can use a drill, don't be scared. This is a great exhaust for those of us who like things a little louder, but don't want to sound like "rice boy racers".

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[4/1/2000] Reviewed by Nick L - landlab@worldnet.att.net

Applicable to '99 + 1.8 liter

Borla Muffler for the 99+ M2, which is available from a variety of sources.

Muffler arrived well packaged and in perfect condition. There were no instructions, but installation was very intuitive (two bolts and two rubber hangers). Concerned about possible fit problems (on my late '99), I went to Monro. It took them about 30 minutes to install the muffler, and cost $45 (seems steep for the short time involved). They had some minor fitting difficulties, with the holes in the muffler not lining up exactly with the bolts on the mid-pipe flange. This they easily solved by heating the flange to bend it ever so slightly, and the bolts popped right into place (the commented that they do this all the time with both stock and aftermarket mufflers).

The Borla is much smaller than the stock muffler, about half the size and weight, and tucks completely out of sight under the car. The tip is tasteful - a bit larger than stock, with a nice chrome and carbon fiber finish.

 The sound is great - it is exactly what I had been hoping for. I think the stock Miata exhaust sounds too much like a run-of-the-mill Honda or Toyota - I wanted a sound more like a traditional sports car (like an old MGB). The Borla accomplishes exactly this. It has a nice, low growl at idle, and sounds very "smooth" on acceleration. The volume is loud enough to sound fun, but not so loud that it is obnoxious. For my personal tastes (raised on old British sports cars), the sound is just right, and I'm very pleased with the choice.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[4/3/2000] Reviewed by Don Udel - donudel@avana.net

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Borla Cat back performance exhaust system

Excellent fit and finish. Easy to install. Sounds great.

Based on comment on this list, I bought the Borla cat back system. Dreaded cat studs were not a problem. Fit was excellent. Oval shape fits in back better than the original round muffler. Don't think it's too loud. Engine seems a little freer at high rpms, but sounds great throughout the range. Best bang for the buck. Construction quality is terrific.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[3/2/2000] Reviewed by Sonu - manmeetanand@netscape.net

Applicable to '99 + 1.8 liter

Back box for MK2 Miata.

A quality product that makes the Miata sound like a TVR.

This product is loud, so only buy it if you can handle booming sounds. I like it because it makes the Miata macho. It also produces lovely pops when accelerating. If you're a petrol head buy one.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[2/18/2000] Reviewed by bryan wall - bryanwall@consultant.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Borla Performance Muffler

Bought one and had it installed based on what I had read in this newsgoup

Excellent in every respect, quiet when appropriate, great sound under acceleration, only $150 installed (I live just north of the Washington border in BC, I was in and out of the store with my new exhaust in less than 30 minutes.)

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[12/27/99] Reviewed by Sean Marmion - smarmion@aol.com

Applicable to '90 - '97

Direct replacement final exhaust from the catalytic converter back.

Wonderful! I love the sound, it's exactly what I was looking for. So little change in the sound at idle that my wife didn't know I had messed with her car, but at over 4,000rpm the sound is MUCH nicer. It's a deeper and mellow sound, not "raspy" like some of the boy-racer exhausts out there.

Buy one, if only for the sound. I bought mine used on Miata Net and installed it in about twenty minutes (with un-asked for assistance from my 1 and 3 year olds...yes a lot of babysitting takes place in my driveway)

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[11/18/99] Reviewed by Jeff Dunayer - jdunayer@primary.net

Applicable to '90 - '97

Stainless steel cat-back exhaust system, stock looking resonated tip (doesn't look RiCEY at all)

Tried to do the install my self, actually, I had no problem removing the old one after I snapped the catalytic converter studs ) Took it over to Meineke to get the studs replaced - $20 for them to just replace the studs, or $30 to do the studs and install - so I let them install it. I love the sound! Makes those runs up to redline alot more fun! Would I reccomend this? Yes, especially since other catbacks I've seen were running about $400-$500 USD. Even the Meineke guy was surprised, since, at $290+$30 install, it was only $100 more then Meineke's "stock" catback. He assumed I plunked down the $4-500 others were. Ordered it from Performance Buyers Club (which I have been very satisfied dealing with, and have already ordered more toys from) for $290 plus S&H. Took a week to get it. As mentioned in other reviews, also had a tiny ding in the chrome tip, which only I notice, but to anyone else, it looks great. HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!

Buy it, you'll like it! ;P

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[10/19/99] Reviewed by: Bob Kitz - jerrnine@snet.net

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Borla Muffler with carbon fiber tip

Here is case where finish was fine, but fit was another matter. The flange holes didn't lineup with the stock mounting studs on the exhaust pipe by about 1/16 of an inch on the short side. So what should have been a 30 min. job, took another hour of hand grinding and reinstalling until it fit. The stock muffler has three hanger, the Borla only two, which cause the final fit to be only fair when it could have been excellent. Also for the $320 price no gasket was included. 

The exhaust sounds great and there is a performance increase to be sure. It's to bad that what is basically a great product falls a little short on fit. I love my 99 Miata. But come on Mazda louder horn in front with louder exhaust in back!!!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Kyle Bishop - KDBCSP@aol.com

Borla cat back exhaust made from aircraft quality T-304 Stainless Steel. Lighter than other grades of stainless and Three times the tensile strength of T-409 used by many competitors.

The system bolts in and uses the stock hanger locations. Installation can be done with ramps and simple hand tools. The hardest part of the installation is the removal of the stock system.

Actual pipe diameter is 50mm or 1 and 15/16ths inches. The collector is 2 inches with a 2 and 1/2 inch Tip and pipe thickness is .050 of an inch. The sound is wonderful at WOT and tame at a cruise. For the money It's the best performance available for the Miata. Compared to the Jackson racing system it produces similar power at less weight and half the price. I would recommend this system to anyone with a naturally aspirated Miata.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Paul Orland - paulorland@rmi.com

Complete cat-back replacement for stock exhaust, included new gasket. Was tapped for 02 sensor but also included plug for non 02 sensor cars.

After a WD-40 soaking and a 15 minute wait, catalytic converter bolts removed with little effort. I would make sure you use a high quality 6-point socket, however, to avoid potentially rounding off the cat bolts. The dish-soap trick discussed below helped get the old exhaust out of the rubber mounts with a little effort, and the new one slipped into place effortlessly. Make sure to use anti-seize on the cat bolts in case you ever want to remove the exhaust again!

Purchased from Performance Buyers for $290. Also ordered a K&N panel filter, and both were delivered promptly, although Borla is still using blown-in foam for shipping, which does a marginal job of protecting the tip of the exhaust.

Sounds great! I find myself searching out mountain roads with rock side walls just so I can hear the music! Much throatier than stock, but certainly not abrasively loud. Quiet with the top up (which happens rarely...). Seemingly improved mid-range torque. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by: Rob Wong - subdriver97@hotmail.com

Constructed of 2 1/4 inch T-304 stainless steel piping. Comes in two pieces to be connected by a supplied U-clamp. Much lighter than the stock exhaust. Comes with an unimpressive 3? inch exhaust tip. Also comes with a new gasket for the cat to intermediate pipe connection. Excellent construction overall.

I installed the Borla in about 40 minutes with the use of a full hydraulic lift. I sprayed some liquid wrench on the bolts and let it sit for about 5 minutes and had no problems getting the bolts off. I forgot to bring dishwashing liquid with me, but had no problems just pushing the stock exhaust off the hangers with my fingers. I have a '95 that has spent most of it's time in the south where there is really no winter weather and salt to deal with. The Borla went on pretty easy. I would say this kit is truly bolt-on and the simplest thing that I've done on my car.

I had intended on listening and driving other people's Miata's with many different cat-back exhaust prior to buying, but on the advice of several Mass Miata club members I went for the Borla. I can truly say that I wonder why I didn't do this earlier. I would say the exhaust is loud...but I like loud. It's hard to gauge what people like. If you know you don't like loud I would go for Greddy or Jackson Racing...I've heard both and they quiet and not what I was looking for. I would say that the Borla hums at freeway crusin' speeds, but it's not a drone. I love that it is relatively quite with no throttle applied or at crusin', but it gets really loud when you floor it...the characteristics I was looking for...so you can attract attention when you want it. and not when you don't. Be certain that this exhaust is definitely loud enough if attention and head turning is what you want. Oh, btw - tunnels now have a whole new meaning to me. I was afraid that I would lose low-end with a cat-back as was the case with my [remainder cut off.]

Reviewed by: H. N. - love0496@aol.com

Main muffler unit with 3" carbon fiber tip for 1999 Miata

I tried to install it myself at first but realized i needed a "special tool" to remove the existing one from the 3 rubber hangers (may be i didn't try hard enough). So i took it to the shop. I was glad i did not do it myself because as it turned out, the flange on the Borla unit was too big and did not fit with the existing pipe. The shop had to cut the flange from the old muffler and weld it on the Borla unit. ( They had to cut and threw out the flange on the Borla). It cost me extra money (total of $70.00). Once it was installed, the first thing i noticed was the bulky, corny and trendy tip that did not go with the artistic form of the 99 Miata. The sound is a kind of loud even at low rpm. At around 80 mph, it is quieter than stock. Power seemed to gain a little at high rpm. I guessed i just wanted to improved the performance of the car, not the already good look of it. About the sound, a litte deeper sound is ok, but this one is too loud.

Based on the flange problem, I don't think Borla did their homework when they hurrily put this unit out on the market (this is the first, as i understand, on the market for 99 Miata).

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Reviewed by: Brian Dwyer - bdwyer@sprintmail.com

cat-back high-flow exhaust system for 91 Miata

The system arrived from Moss in a very unusual packaging resembling foam Turkish taffy. It protected the unit well, though. The Moss people told me I had to buy a gasket separately for 8.95. Don't do it as the kit comes with everything you need to install. I read the reviews in Miata.net and decided to buy on these recommendations. I had much more trouble installing than the reviewers. I tried the muriatic acid, I tried liquid wrench, and still could not get the bolts off the cat converter. Finally I took it to Midas who put it in in 30 minutes, including replacing the studs in the converter. In terms of the product, it is everything I hoped it would be. It definitely feels like the engine is breathing better ( I only have a K&N panel on the intake side so far.) The exhaust note is absolutely perfect. Not loud like a Flowmaster or Supertrap, but a great tone. I highly recommend this unit. Great sound, nice end pipe which is not so big that I look like a middle aged teenager, and a great value at around $300. Thanks again to Miata.net for the great reviews which influenced my decision.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Cat-Back 90-97 (has O2 sensor mount)

Reviewed by: pascal young - pascal_young@hotmail.com

Cat back exhaust

The system is shipped in a box that is filled with spray-in foam which leads to a mess while removing. The tip was slightly dented (as others have said), but you can't see the dent once installed. The thing that got to me is the nice sized threaded hole in the top of the front most pipe (right where it connects to the catalytic converter didn't come with a cap for cars that don't have an 02 sensor there (pre 96). Tommy at performance Buyers Club offered to send me a cap as soon as they got some into stock since the problem had just been discovered.

The install is simple, a couple rubber hangers and 2 bolts. Although i initially opted to do it myself, I ended up taking it to Cole muffler partly because it was 10 degrees outside. they charged me $10 to remove the old exhaust (which involved cutting the pipe so they could remove it from the car) and to install the Borla with a _cap_ for the O2 sensor (again, which Borla left out).

The system sounds great, at first it didn't seem like that big of a difference, but after a couple days of driving it started sounding better (could just be in my head...) I drove it with the top down for the first time today and I was hoping for red lights so I could gun it of the 'starting line'...wow, what a wonderful sound.

With the top up you can definitely hear its there, but it isn't loud enough to be disturbing...hell, if nobody is in the car with you just turn up the volume!

$289 from Performance Buyers Club

Reviewed by: Matt Nicholson - MNicholson@litespec.com

Stainless cat-back exhaust

Installed on a '95 R.

This is a flawlessly made system that fits like a glove. I think it may fit better than the stock system. So far I have noticed no rattles or squeaks. A noticeable hp increase came with a better exhaust note. For $280, I consider this a fantastic deal. After I soaked the studs for a while, the stock system was very easy to remove. A brace under the car had to come off to remove the old system, but that was not a big deal at all. I will never understand why some people will spend twice as much, if not more, for a Greddy or other similar system.

Reviewed by: Steve Dollar - stevedollar@home.com

A cat back exhaust system consisting of stainless steel exhaust pipe and muffler.

I won't repeat the positive statements of other reviewers except to say that you will drive with  your foot in it all the time just to hear the beautiful music.  A couple of installation tips: (1) mount the rubber donuts onto the new pipe before installation (2)  for 1994 and later Miatas, remove the rear suspension brace before trying to drop the old pipe. I wasted 30 minutes trying to snake the pipe around before giving up and taking about 2 minutes to remove the brace. Doh! There are only six bolts and they are easily removed.

It took me a few days to get used to the  louder exhaust (I kept expecting startled by passers to look at me) but I like it after making one critical alteration. The exhaust sounds great above 3,000 RPM, but like some other systems (based on reviews), you get a low bass boom at 2,000 to 3,000 RPM. The problem: the trunk   acts like a super sub-woofer, making the sound resonate right behind you. The solution: buy 2 rolls of Super Dynamat, a sound deadening adhesive mat, and line the bottom of your trunk with it (after removing the trunk liner, of course). The result: the sub woofer booming is gone  and you can enjoy the sound coming from the pipe outlet. Make sure to get Super Dynamat,  not Original Dynamat, as the original is tar based and will make your trunk smell like tar paper. I got mine at Pep Boys, but any auto stereo store should have it.

Reviewed by: Curt Parker - curtparker@cdmnet.com

After reading reviews from other Miata owners I purchased the Borla Cat-Back system. i haven't worked on any cars for the last five years. i've taken them to the dealers, I wasn't very satified with the sound of my Miata, to me it sounded more like a vacuum cleaner than a sports car. Years ago I had an Abarth system on my MG and loved to hear the sound. The Borla system was so easy to install, i told my wife it tool longer for me to jack up the car than to change the system. Total time about 30 minutes. to make it easier I put liquid joy detergent into a pump oil can and used it for the hangers. i pulled them off without any help Really easy (tip don't use any water)

The sound is from the past. It just is perfect not too loud or to quiet.

Borla Cat Back System

Reviewed by: Armaan Menon - armaan@hotmail.com

All Stainless Steel High Performance Exhaust System made from T304 stainless steel (same standard is used in the aircraft industry). This is one exhaust system that not only sounds great, but at the same time, adds extra horsepower to your Miata.

I bought the Borla Cat back system from Moss Motors (very dependable). This particular exhaust system comes complete with 2.25 inch pipes that run from the catalytic converter to the muffler. The exhaust comes with a angled cut tip approx 3 inches wide and has a venturi system. The venturi system helps to pull out the hot exhaust fumes from your headers directly out. I have had this exhaust for about 6 months now, and have no complaints about it. It not only sounds great, but at the same time, you can feel the extra punch from the horsepower gains delivered from installing this system. I would rate this exhaust with 5 stars *****!! It's awesome, if you are in the market for a performance exhaust system, don't compromise, get the best...BORLA

An Awesome system, and a must get item for individuals like myself who are seeking to muscle up their Miatas and burn away mustangs and Camaros.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Mark Reitman - mreitman@kusd.edu

Borla Cat Back Exhaust

Easy installation, excellent fit. 7 hp gain. Quicker 0-60 by .4.

I wanted an aftermarket exhaust for my 97 Miata and didn't want to spend $500. Borla makes a cat back exhaust system for 90-95 Miatas. Unfortunately there is no application for 96/97 cars which require a fitment for an 02 sensor. The good people at Performance Buyers Club will have the exhaust pipe for the Borla tapped for an 02 sensor for the cost of $25, allowing the unit to be used on 96/97 cars. Total cost: $289 for the exhaust kit and $25 for the sensor fitment or $313 complete. The muffler arrived in 3 working days as promised. Removal of the old system was a snap since the car had only 3,000 miles and nothing was rusted. Install was just as easy.

Prior to the muffler installation, I wanted to see exactly what type of performance gain the Borla would provide. Using a new G-Meter I conducted 2 performance tests before installing the Borla and 2 performance tests after installing the muffler. Here are the results with the stock Miata exhaust system: 0-60 in 8.2, rear wheel hp at 91. With the Borla installed: 0-60 in 7.8, rear wheel hp at 98. An honest 7 hp gain and quicker from 0-60 by .4. The sound is great. Not offensive. No drone. No 3500rpm buzzing with or without the hardtop. All for $313!

Borla Muffler for 99 Miata

Reviewed by: Tim Evans - miataracing@geocities.com

Borla Muffler for 99 Miata with carbon fiber wrapped exhaust tip.

Sounds good but not as good as the 94-97 Borla catback exhaust. One piece - easy installation (except for taking off the rubber pieces on the stock muffler). Took about 30 minutes all together. Need 17MM wrench and long screwdriver.

Definite HP increase but muffler seems overpriced to me at $300. Sounds better at lower RPM's and now I can hear myself under an overpass. Tip looks good on 99 Miata.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla Catback exhaust system

Reviewed by: Doug Castro - doug_castro@i2.com

Borla Catback exhaust system for 1995 1.8

Having installed numerous exhaust systems in the past ie: ANSA's on Triumph platforms I was looking forward to installing this system on my sons car. I believe that the packing could have been better. I found pieces of foam inside my muffler and the tip on the chrome section was bent just a little bit. Knowing what kind of problem the catalytic nuts could be I found a neat trick a few years ago and would like to pass it on. Go to any hardware store, Wal Mart or pool supply store and buy some Muratic Acid. Place in a spray bottle and spray the nuts and bolts. After about 4 minutes spray down the nuts and bolts with water and you will find almost brand new hardware without any rust. Then spray on liquid wrench and wait about 15 minutes. Then spray on soapy water onto the rubber muffler holders on the car. By doing these two steps you will be able to easily wrench off the nuts and very easily pull the hangers out of the rubber holders. The whole job took me around 40 minutes including cleanup. The system fit very well and overall I was very pleased.

I could not believe what a nice difference this system made to the car. If anyone is going to spend anything on their Miata, they ought to spend it on this system or one like it. There is a deeper tone but not gaudy. There is no question, when this is installed you feel that you have a more powerful car.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Borla muffler (muffler only)

Reviewed by: Mike Bolton - bolton@sprintmail.com

Replacement performance muffler

Since installing a Sebring supercharger I needed to flow more than stock unit. Talked to Percy at MRoadster and what he said made sense to me. Looking at the stock system piping the largest restriction was the muffler. After doing some mechanical calculations I could see no significant gain in a cat back system over the stock piping. Ordered the muffler (only) from MRoadster. Had a local Midas shop put it on for $75.00. This included all welding and fabrication of new end pipe from the new muffler out the back and the installation of a new Banzi tip also from MRoadster. Sound is greatly enhanced over stock exhaust. Deeper tone. Be prepared to experience the resonate tone of the stock system at about 60 MPH except at an amplified level. Sounds really great when going under a bridge or overpass. You can even get a slight burble out of it on occasion. Before installing supercharger I did notice a slight increase in engine power. It could have been the sound but it seemed to be there to me. I'm sure it will open up the breathing on any car and the price is right compared to the complete cat back system. MRoadster again delivered great advice and a quality product.

Sounds great! With a enlarged tip it looks great. Good value for the money if you need to replace your stock muffler and don't need to spring for a complete exhaust system.

Borla cat-back exhaust system

Reviewed by: Richard Dekker - dekker@connect.ab.ca

Two piece stainless steel cat-back exhaust system.

I installed it myself, running into little trouble removing my original cat-back exhaust. The jam-nuts used on the catalytic converter is the only real tricky bit, as they tend to rust on rather tightly. I had the benefit of having received a new catalytic converter under a recall and got the nuts off no problem. Undoing the stock exhaust out of the seven hangers requires a rather long, skinny flat head screw driver to pry the hanger through the rubber bushing, as the stock system's hanger have a stopper on the end to prevent them from coming undone. The rear brace on the 1992-1996 and any aftermarket rear braces on the 1990-91 Miatas must come off in order to remove and aid in the installation of the exhaust. The Borla system fitted well together, using a stainless steel u-bolt as a clamp between the pipe and muffler. A rattle developed between the Technosports track-bar that I had and the u-bolt, which resulted in the removal of the diagonal piece. Shortly thereafter, I switched out the track-bar for the Racing Beat brace. A small resonance still remains, which I am planning on fixing by having the two pieces welded together, thereby getting rid of the u-bolt.

What remains, is a very pleasant, throaty exhaust note, which quiets down when cruising speed is reached or you back off the throttle. A nice burbling can be heard during shifting between gears when there is little or no throttle applied. As for fit and finish, the system looks good under the car, with a smaller, flatter muffler which isn't visible from behind the car. The exhaust tip is very beautiful and functional in design, with an insulating outer tip which prevents it from turning blue. The outer tip has cooling inlets in it which insulate it from the hotter inner tip. I wish that I didn't have the aggravation with the u-bolt interfering with either of the two rear braces, however I have heard of other Borlas working just fine. Regardless, I would still highly recommend the exhaust for anyone looking for a good sounding/looking aftermarket system for their Miata. It comes with a 1,000,000 mile guarantee.

Joe Guerrero has compiled a set of Borla Exhaust Sound Files to get an idea of what you're in for.

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