DMI Distributing Inc catalytic converter

[4/23/2004] Reviewed by: Wing Loo

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

An inexpensive catalytic converter from

I wasted $90 on labor trying to get it installed. Apparently it does not even come close to fitting my 94 Miata. The part number which they confirmed is correct for my car model, is 16034. The converter costs $118.31, $4.47 for gaskets and $15.95 shipping to my location. I can only hope I am getting credit back for the converter and gaskets. I ate shipping both ways.

Sometimes trying to save money ends up costing more. Let this be a cheaper lesson for someone else. I will be going with OEM next time or at least with manufacturers/distributers that deal specifically with Miata hardware.

The online purchase page will not allow you to order if you enter a California address. I ordered by phone after explaining to them I have a 94 model and did not have an OBD II system.

Not an installed item

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