Flyin' Miata

Voodoo II turbo kit, Sway bars w/ new bushings, "Happy Meal" clutch kit, etc.

[7/26/2011] Reviewed by: Sawn Smart -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Voodoo II turbo kit w/ intercooler, HD sway-bars front and rear w/ new bushings, "Happy Meal" clutch kit w/ lightwieght flywheel, aluminum race radiator, butterfly brace, Frog Arms, Cannon rear subframe brace, and HD racing brake pads.

I had our local speed shop install everything. The owner of the shop was skeptical about the alleged ease of installation promoted in the catalog because of previous problems with other manufacturers' turbo kits. After the build he told me how inpressed he was with the turbo kit. He said it was completely different than other turbos because of the ease of installation. It took the speed shop approximately eight days to install everything; much less than I had anticipated! The build went smoothely, with the exception of a faulty Voodoo II Box, which Flyin' Miata' replaced within a couple days. Superb handling of a small problem that could have been much bigger!

What used to be a mild-mannered, somewhat fun-to-drive car has been transformed into a "rocket" that handles very sharp corners with no problems at all. The car still gets 25 MPG, even with the turbo engaged 30% of the time. It handles corners at high speeds without budging an inch that before the build would have caused severe sway and skidding. It's very quick and capable of launching itself off the starting line up to ninety MPH. For about $14,000 I now have a race-ready sports car that makes my brother's C-6 Corvette look like a Prius!

Not an installed item

Flyin Miata Voodoo II Turbo System

[7/25/2011] Reviewed by: Chris Olson

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Complete Voodoo II turbo kit with intercooler using GT2554R, MSD ignition boost retard and AEM wideband controller

Owned the system now for over a year. Car is a '93 with 125K miles running all stock injectors, fuel pump, cat and exhaust. 91 octance, 8 lbs of boost and still 26 - 28 mpg on the road. With the smaller turbo, no lag. Acts like it could be factory made. With some suspension work, the car is a fast, fun street and track day machine. Even better, it passed Arizona emissions with room to spare. This wasn't just an idle test, its on the rollers accelerating from 1st to 2nd gear with varying speeds. Here's the numbers: (mine, allowable) Hydrocarbons (0.21,1.00). Carbon Monoxide (5.17,12.00). Oxides of Nitrogen (1.19,2.50). Your state may have different allowable values.

I've had zero issues with the system. Another reviewer had problems with the flex water lines, but they've been fine for me. From a performance standpoint my experience is its a well though out and engineered set of parts that act like OEM, puts another 65ish HP at your disposal and looks great when you lift the hood. Recommended.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Flyin' Miata (nee Cosworth) supercharger kit

[7/24/2011] Reviewed by: Richard Dekker

Applicable to: '06+

Flyin' Miata (Cosworth) supercharger / Dynotronics ecu reflash kit -- an intercooled cold-side supercharger kit for the 2.0L NC MX-5s.

Nine months of ownership since being installed at Flyin' Miata in November 2010. The kit, and car, ran flawlessly for my 2,200km drive home immediately after installation. Dyno results (with aftermarket header, mid-pipe, and muffler) were 257 horsepower and 215 lb-ft at the REAR WHEELS (very big improvement on the NC's whopping 143 horsepoer and 128 lb-ft at the rear wheels in stock form). I unfortunately was the recipient of one of the 20 or so bad theremostats that were supplied to Magnason (the company that builds the kit components) and have had to remove the supercharger unit to swap the theremostat (new one supplied along with mounting hardware and gasket by Flyin' Miata)...thereby resulting in a keen understanding of the kit, and had I had the time, the installation isn't really as daunting as the massive instruction manual would make it seem. The car is very driveable (the FM / Dynotronics ecu reflash is very cold start or hot start hiccoughs as some are want to do, even in a cold Canadian winter!) and truly, this much power is what the NC should have had from Mazda...or at least have been the oem Mazdaspeed model that was never produced. It's that good...seemless torque, smooth delivery, and plenty of grunt to pass anything. Mileage is still pretty good too, though that's entirely dependant upon the use of the right foot now.

A near-oem looking kit (it's missed by many when looking at the engine), a good design, a neat install, and the power that the car should have been offered with. I'm very happy with the outcome of this installation, and it will never come out (okay, perhaps if I win a lottery and can swing the LS3 V8 swap it may!). Highly recommended, and two thumbs up!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

FM MP62 Supercharger System w/ Re-flash for NC MX-5

[7/24/2011] Reviewed by: John Lyons -

Applicable to: '06+ 1.8 liter

FlyinMiata's supercharger kit for the Miata NC with computer re-flash. The kit is complete with charger, belts, bolts, fuel rail, injectors, fuel line, hoses, clamps, cooling coil, pump, wiring harnesses, gaskets, tubing, electrical, ducting and detailes color step-by-step instructions.

My "best" bought me this one for Christmas (Yes, it is the "good life" here) and I fell in love when it arrived. The smell of fresh cardboard boxes and high expansion foam complemented the new-part scent is the first indicator that FLyinMiata's product pride is evident in the fantastic shipping and packing. I opened the kit and was amazed. All the parts were laid out in sealed bags, labeled and is perfect order. The unit was well protected with about 6-8 inches of firm dense foam. Laying out the kit is a breeze because FM has already done it for you. Breaking down my machine was easy with the instructions, I completed the whole process with a screw driver, three sockets, a pail of pliers, a box end wrench and a crescent wrench. Installing the new unit was easy as pie adding only a torque wrench, a utility knife, a forth socket and a pair of nips(for the wire ties). This unit couldn't have been easier; and, Bill was so understanding. He ALWAYS answered the phone at FM for questions (like, I guess he has nothing else to do but hold my home-mecahnic hand, right? Well that is how he and his staff made me feel. I loved every minute of it.) I made a couple of impatient mistakes, not paying attention, which made me have to retrace my steps. But short of that, it was a breeze! I can pul that thing and reinstall it in less than an hour now! We did have a slight issue getting the ECU programmed and returned the week of Christmas/New Year, because of the holiday in the US and Italy; but, that was ironed out soon enough. My unit has been installed since December with no issue to report. I just love this kit because it turned my hum-drum Miata into a sleeper-cell of horsepower and all at 25 MPG in an AUTOMATIC! I can't recommend this kit enough.

FM Technical support=awesome! Kit Directions=easy to moderate. Parts Organization= excellent. Value= perfect. Improvements= refine instructions (I understand it has already been done), add a new manifold gasket (I would have paid extra) Lingering questions= If I have to remove it (if I buy a new car), can FM re-flash my computer back to original?

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Flyin Miata Turbo

[7/23/2011] Reviewed by: Dave Butler -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Flyin Miata's Voodoo 2 Turbo System

I knew there would be a substantial increase in power, but I didn't expect what I got. You will need something stronger than the stock clutch. I got FM's happy meal lightened flywheel and clutch. Likes: 1. The kit is complete. Aside from some wire ties and touch-up paint everything's there, even a drill bit and ruler you'll need. You'll reuse some parts that are already on your car. 2. The fit and finish are excellent. 3. The quality of the parts is well above average, the same parts they use on their high end kits. 4. Fuel management is easy to set up and works well. 5. Feels like a V6 under the hood. My 91' finally feels the way I always thought a real sports car should. 6. When you call FM you'll actually get to talk to someone, someone who knows the answer, someone who's probably done it before or maybe even helped design it. Great people to deal with. Dislikes: 1. Overall the instructions were well written, however I was a little confused about trimming the splash shield. It took some head scratching but I eventually figured it out. 2. Maybe I just didn't have the right tool but the exhaust manifold was difficult for me to install, some of the nuts are tough to get a wrench or socket on. I had to grind down a 14mm open end wrench to get a grip on a couple of them. 3. I had to make a couple of calls to FM for answers, not necessarily a bad thing. 4. You will need to trim the plastic under-tray for the inter-cooler and make a small cutout on the turbo side of the engine bay. This scared me a little but it turned out fine. I don't believe it weakened anything. 5. The intercooler hoses fit well and are high quality, but can be a bit fiddly to get where they need to go(my car has A/C and there's lot of stuff down there). Overall: No complaints. I highly recommend it. Note: Unless you have experience working on cars and with tools, feel comfortable under the hood and car, have a reasonable set of tools (including jack-stands or other safe/secure means of supporting the car)and a clean secure place to work, I recommend professional installation.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Fly'in Miata Voodoo II Turbo Charger Kit

[7/22/2011] Reviewed by: Kenneth DeYoung -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Fly'in Miata Voodoo II Turbo Charger Kit

First off I installed the kit myself with the supplied instructions and it went in without a hitch. I had some programming questions about the Voodoo box and was given first class customer support on the phone by the good folks at FM. I turned my NA into a dedicated track car for the most part and have done five track events with the turbo system. Let me tell you how much fun it is to see the faces of other drivers as my little Miata passes them on the straightaways! I do wish FM would not sell the kit with the flex lines and only offer the hard line cooling kit with the setup. The flex lines cannot take the heat and develope leaks often. I never could stop the coolant leak until installing the hard line kit. Other than that I can highly recommend the kit. I only run the base 6 lbs. of boost and really feel no need to bump it up at this point(2 yrs in). I can omly imagine what the system is capable of with a good aftermarket ECU and AFM elliminated.

I get another in a heartbeat!!!!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Flyin' Miata FMII turbo with stroker motor and goodies

[7/22/2011] Reviewed by: Steven Searle

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 1.8 liter

"Big Daddy" built 2.0 litre motor with FMII turbo, GT3071R turbo and water-injection

My original idea was to buy the oft-expected Mazdaspeed NC when it was released. When it became apparent that Mazda wasn't interested in pandering to the likes of me, I took a good look at my options. My then-current 1.6 with a modified Greddy made about 200 rwhp and was entertaining, but I wanted more low-end torque and a "touch" more on top. I've always had a great experience with Flyin' Miata and so I procured a copy of their latest catalogue and started shopping in order to roll my own 'Mazdaspeed Alternative'. The install list (to complement the already installed Goodwin BBK and FM Buttefly Brace) included: * "Big Daddy" 2.0 litre with H-beam rods * FM II/Hydra turbo system with GT3071R turbo and 750 cc/min injectors * Hydramist water injection * Big Spark Kit (LSx coils) * 3.5" exhaust * Quaife gearbox * AFCO suspension * Oil cooler, new stock bushings; NB front subframe/steering rack * Air conditioning (not a common option for Canadian cars of that vintage) I drove the car down to FM's shop and flew home. Five weeks later I reversed the process and drove my (essentially) new car over 1,300 miles home. The verdict? The car is a monster! I dynoed at over 400 rwhp and about 350 lb-ft of torque. Full spool (20 psi+), even with the big turbo, occurs at about 3,900 rpm. The torque is amazing! Even off-boost, the car pulls effortlessly in any gear. Strike that - if the throttle is open more than a crack, there is always boost. You know how some cars have great throttle tip-in? Motoring away from a stop light is so effortless, with even the lightest touch on the throttle, that you're almost afraid to floor it lest you peel the tire carcass right off the wheels. Only, when you put the pedal to the metal it nets you only marginally better acceleration and a whole lotta noise This engine, I'm pleased to say, lives up to the promise of that first inch of throttle travel. Floor it and all hell breaks loose I've had a couple of teething pains, none of them the fault of FM's gear or their fantastic installation work. The first was a boost-related ignition misfire, which we first thought was a dwell issue. It turns out that the standard "turbo" NGKs are only good to about 18 psi and the problem was fixed by using the "racing" NGK plug that FM now carries. The second was an intermittent loss of fuel pressure, which was finally traced to the installed high-pressure TRE fuel pump. Replacement with a Walbro fixed that problem immediately. Other than that, the motor and turbo kit have been bullet-proof and I'm more than willing to drive across the continent at a moment's notice. Highly recommended!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Performance upgrades from Flyin Miata

[7/22/2011] Reviewed by: Tay Voye -

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

Full FMII kit with 3071R Turbo with External Wastegate, built engine, 1000cc injectors. 3in Exhaust. Hydra Engine management. E85 compatible fuel system. Cross flow radiator. Big Fans. Level II clutch. Various FM suspension upgrades

What I love about Flyin Miata is the quality of all their products and the time they take to make sure it all works and the patience of their techs answering questions. My installation was not easy but I did it alone with very few if any problems. Once finished what I have is frankly a street monster in the guise of a run of the mill 2005 MX5 Mazdaspeed.

You have to drive this car or have this level modifications to understand how incredibly strong this car is. I run a conservative 15 psi boost at this time on pump gas with absolutely no problems. I can pull away from almost any car on the road. I cannot estimate HP or torque but I will have those numbers in early August. I have owned and driven a lot of fast cars. This little Miata is INCREDIBLE!!! I would only buy performance products from Flyin Miata. PERIOD!!!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

FM Voodoo II

[6/16/2011] Reviewed by: Doug Adkins -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

FM Voodoo II kit with options: Ceramic coatings, hard-lines, HD downpipe hanger, MSD Boost Controller, GSB Turbo Fuse, AEM Wide-band O2 meter, dual gauge pod, and FM Level 1 clutch kit.

Instructions were very good. For me it was a long installation becaue I wanted a "factory look". The two most difficult parts of the install were: inter-fitting the turbo and radiator hoses (very tight spaccing) and connecting the cat-back without "stressing" the downpipe. Boost pressure is set to 5-6PSI from FM, I bumped it up to 8PSI and tuned the VOODO box accordingly. I already had a "big" Koyo radiator so cooling has not been an issue. Painted the front of the intercooler with flat-black ceramic for stealth. Clutch exposed my weak master cylinder so I had to replace it. Replaced slave while I was at it.

The car got substantially quieter (I was already running JR CAT and Bosal 2.25 exhaust). The extra power is amazing (estimate about 185 RWHP). The nose is a bit heavier (about 22 lbs) so had to adjust Koni's accordingly (about 1/4 turn more stiff). Handling is still great but the added power will catch you out if your not careful. Of course you'll get used to it and want more. Best to buy a temp gauge as the de-sensitized factory guage will leave you guessing. Bill, Teri, Tammy, Brandon, Keith and Jeremy are great to work with. They recognize the substantial "investment" you are making and share knowledge and offer support without hesitation. I recomend this rather expensive kit, over one that you might cobble together, becasue FM has developed all of the "bugs" out of everything. To be successful at this intallation, I only need to be an installer and a mild fabricator, not an automotive development engineer. Formula Doug ('94 M Edition)

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Flyin Miata fm2 for mazda speed miata

[12/13/2010] Reviewed by: ian mcleod -

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

fm2 turbo kit for mazda speed miata

crap crap crqap i was dealing with bill at flying miata who i ordered the kit from was thrilled when it came to the house but whn i went to install it it did'nt have any of the right parts to install it or washers or gaskets like it should have. bill convinced me to get the hard lines and that was a head ach because the mazda speed motor already has a oil return line opening ing the hard lines reaquire you to drill and tap the hole in the pan leaving you with two holes in the the motor for oil reaturn so if i knew that i would not have gone that rout at all then they put the wrong oil supply kit for me so that was great and its been about almost a mouth just to get my order right and when talking to there assosiates they told me to go to an auto part store to get what i need while i'm wondering why didn't you just put it in the box why am i paying you all this money and not getting what i payed for in return and why am i being told by them to get more things t! o make there kit work when i ordered the right kit it's like they want me to ghetto rig there product on my car cause they don't care to puut everything in the box

this is not how a greatly reasepted company should treat there customers cause it feels like they're just doing a half ass job and takeing peoples money and if you buy a kit for your car you would expect every thing to be there add no haft to call all the time and ask them why you don't have something you should and if there is a problem they should compensate the customer to make them happy

Not an installed item

Flyin' Miata FM I turbocharger system

[6/9/2006] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Entry-level turbocharger system for 1.6. Also purchased optional larger intercooler, replaced stock radiator, catalytic converter, and clutch. All professionally installed by Brainstorm in LA.

Product purchased and installed about one year ago. Cat just now. Car already had Brainstorm dual exhausts and K&N filtercharger, making about 105 HP on Brainstorm dyno.

Went with this system because I wanted reasonable power increase, but had to deal with California emissions, and didn't want the hassle to having to "circumvent." If I want big power, I'll drive my 78 930. FM I is the only aftermarket 1.6 Miata turbocharger system I know of that is legal in California.

The good news: car is transformed. Step on the gas, and the little motor swells into a medium-sized one. Immensely more fun than it was, and it was plenty fun already. Little change in fuel economy (but who cares).

The bad news: Initially couldn't get the car to run more than 6 PSI without detonation. Multiple calls by me and Brainstorm to FM, but no success. Also, heat shield would not fit with original FM downpipe design--largely cosmetic, so, oh, well.

Lots of theories out there as to why we couldn't get the as advertised 8 PSI. Addressed most of them. Re-checked installation specs and timing. Seaform to clean out the carbon. FM cat to drop the back pressure. Already had Brainstorm dual exhaust. Can't do anything about California 91 octane gas. In the end, car makes 147 HP at the engine on Brainstorm's dyno. And just passed smog by the skin of it's teeth. With a new FM cat. To top it off, FM sent me a new re-engineered downpipe that supposedly would accommodate the heat shield. After four hours of labor to swap it out, it didn't. So, what do we learn from this? FM I turbo does make more power. Car is a lot faster. Turbo doesn't make as much power as FM says. Surprise, surprise. Hassle is more than expected. Surprise, surprise. Bigger intercooler, radiator, and clutch were probably superfluous (unless I go to replacement ECU and hassle with California smog--more $$$ and hassle).

Still, if I had to do it all over again, I would. With lower expectations. Even 42 horsepower makes the car completely different, and worth the substantial $$$ I've spent. Just wish FM were a bit more realistic as to what their system would do for cars in California.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

'97 miata FMII at 14psi

[11/13/2005] Reviewed by: dan geary -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

i just got my fm2 miata all set up running 14 psi...

this is a must for any miata....the 2003 mazdaspeed turbo doesnt compare to this...sounds amazing when is spools up, almost no lag....whooosh...blow off valve sounds so nice. 0-60 about 5 secs flat...maybe a lil' less...1/4 mi. in 13.1-13.7... will beat: 03' mustang GT any Z car RSX typeS NSX...many more to come...and go amazing power and torque. def. worth the 5k + for turbo!!!!! dont make any other upgrades til' you get a turbo!!!

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Flyin' Miata FMII turbo kit with Full Link ECU

[11/3/2004] Reviewed by: Driftwood MX-5

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Garrett GT-28 turbo kit with intercooler and engine managment.

Performance and driving: The car is much faster now. Probably low 5-sec 0-60. Boost comes on about 3000, and hits full boost by about 3700. When it spools up it sounds cool as s***. I can now pass very easily in 5th gear. Installation: Pretty straight forward to install. The instructions had some errors in them, but nothing that wasn't cleared up easily with a call to Ken. The heat shield required modification to fit the car. Link ECU required an adapter kit from FM and some time sifting through schematics to wire up. Link also required a pre-99 alt, and a CAS both of which I purchased off of ebay. I just pulled the engine b/c I had to install a clutch anyway. Had to notch the frame to keep the turbo from hitting when the engine rocked. Car started on the first try. Fit and Finish: Turbo, IC, IC piping, and manifold all looked and fit well. Heat shield did not fit at all. I was a little surprised and dissapointed to learn that FM knew about this. A-pillar gauge pod looks tacky. Guage does not match the other 99 gauges. Link pad looks a little on the cheap side, button silk screen is not centered, generic ribbon cable looks cheap and proto-ish. Service: Ken and Teri were a pleasure to deal with. I learned quickly to forward questions directly to Ken, for he is patient and his knowledge is pretty extensive. The kit arrived on time, however some of the parts were missing. FM did clear this up promptly though.

Bottom line: I love the added power. The engine bay looks good, and the car sounds good. I would recommend it to anyone who is not afraid to put a little care into their car and drop the 5 grand.

Not an installed item

Flyin' Miata Turbo Kit

[5/12/2003] Reviewed by: Chris Eberle -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Complete turbo kit for 99 & 00 Miatas. Includes intercooler, Link piggyback ECU and everything you need for a safe, reliable way to double your horsepower

Installation took about 30 hours working alone. No special tools were needed. It's not especially difficult, there's just a lot to do. I was very careful about every step, checking and re-checking my work. Instructions were excellent when paired with advice from the forum.

My car is now capable of ferocious acceleration! The power is simply astounding. With the defaults loaded into the Link, I was up and running immediately. Tuning was easy with a little help from FM. I got a thorough explanation of boost control from Ken Hill. If you want a no-hassle FI solution, look no further. There may be kits with more power out there, but none can match the refinement and completeness of the FM2.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

FM II.5 Turbo

[8/28/2000] Reviewed by Charles Campbell -

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

This is the Dealer Alt FM II with the BB turbo,new shorter intercooler piping,boost controller,knock sensor,and FM III cold air induction.This kit also includes the FM Link ECU with RC 550 cc injectors.

The kit takes about 9-12wks for delivery.mine came in in 11 weeks.. Upon receipt of the kit I inspected all packages.nothing was missing except one fitting for the Oil galley. Installation was not hard.I had read Corkys book" Maximum Boost"down loaded pictures of BEGI turbo install from the internet,and read installation instruction several times,during the 11 week wait for the kit to arrive. The Installation of the FM Link for my application (97 OBDII) envolves removing approx 35 wires from the 3 existing harness and placing them in 2 new wiring harness that will fit the new ecu..After the ECU install ,the car fired up,did'nt run smoothly but with a little coarse tuning eventually would run better. The turbos install went as planned with an occassional difficult nut or bolt.. Install took me about 2.5 days taking my time.

Performace is what this kit is about.I previously had a Sebring SC at 8psi with all the enhancements,performace was good but nothing like this.The FM is much stronger,even at the same boost levels.the turbo feels stronger.Boost builds very fast.I can hit the preset 12 psi boost level by 3200 rpm,The torque pushes you back in your seat. It will easily pull the red line in 5th gear.By then your over 140 mph! Using the G Tech Pro meter I have ran mutiple 0-60 mph under 5 sec.4.77 is the best @ this time(15 psi) with the 1/4 mile @ 13.1/109 mph. I have ran this car hard and never had a problem with over heating or pinging. The link is user friendly.and works well The more you drive the better the car runs .My gas milage is better than when SC. Overall Id do it again in a heartbeat.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

FM Turbo II

Reviewed by: Nicholas Giovanni -

This is the Flying Miata Turbo System with the Garret Turbo and Link ECU.

I took over a year to make a decision as to what forced induction system I wanted. My decision was based mainly on power. I wanted the most powerful system I could find but also wanted reliability. I choose the Dealer Alternative FM Turbo II because of the quality of the system as well as the excellent level of service I have received in the past.

The system was installed at Dealer Alternative, NJ in West Orange along with a complete port and polish, FM Turbo exhaust, aluminum racing radiator, and other various goodies.

Performance? Thats what your really reading to find out about right? Well, lets just say that Miata smile only gets Bigger, a LOT BIGGER! At 14 psi almost any stock car out there is history! Those kids next to me at street lights with their Hondas with all the badges and chrome exhaust tips, aren't even a challenge anymore. Heck, I don't even need first gear!  Mustang GTs which a couple of my friends own, you'd think had 4 cylinders in them they way I pull away from them, 3 car lengths by third gear! The power comes on fast and plants you in the seat. If you think the Miata feels fast stock, wait until you strap a turbo on that puppy!  When the tubo winds up it sounds like a jet engine. Expect a lot of stunned looks from pedestrians as you come down the road with the turbo winding up. Lag? Whats that! If its there I don't notice it.

The link ECU is Great! I am by no means a mechanic but after a few minutes of Seth explaining it to me and reading the stuff on dlralts web page it is a blast to play with!  From fuel curves to timing its all adjustable with the link and easily adjustable. Also, as Espen Tandberg pointed out to me, the link can be used as a security measure. Just set your rev-limit to 100 and store it before you leave your Miata for the night. The car will start but won't idle and a thief will not figure it out. The only way they will get your car is if they tow it! Thanks Espen!

Downsides? The wait, expect at least 3 months from the time of order until you get your turbo system. The cost, it's not cheap, especially when you weigh in the cost of a clutch and other items you should get to do this properly and safe. (brakes, suspension, etc..)

All in all would I do it again? YES, YES and YES! I can drive her like a stock Miata to about 4000 rpms, or I can lay into the boost! It has increased the fun factor for me 1000X and the suprised looks on Mustang, BMW, etc.. owners is classic.

Bill and Teri are a pleasure to deal with, and Seth is by far one of the best mechanics I have seen. If you could see how clean the install on my system is, you would agree with me.  I HIGHLY recommend the system, and Dealer Alternative, both Colorado and NJ.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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