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Flyin' Miata FM II Hydra

Flyin' Miata FM II Hydra 2.7 with GT2554R

[12/13/2011] Reviewed by: Chris Finley -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05

I installed the FM II Hydra kit on my '94 R Package with BP-Z3 swap. To complement it I also installed the FM "happy meal" clutch kit with a 10-pound flywheel, and Mazda Competition engine mounts and differential bushings. The parts themselves are very high-quality. All the way through I was impressed with the use of much sturdier materials then were perhaps needed. This car and everything on it will last through the apocalypse, no lie. However, FM also prides themselves on customer service (which was excellent) and product support.

I blew the stock BP-ZE in November 2010. To replace it with a BP-Z3 I found, I needed an ECU, and the Hydra would work. And so I found myself that June with a pile of turbo parts and two engines (and a very light wallet). The installation was VERY smooth (kit was for a '94 chassis), although it encountered minor fitment issues that seemed to do with some different dimensions on the '02 engine. FM's technical support helped someone (me) who previously thought swapping brake pads was a big deal replace my blown engine with one that had no business being in my car (not their problem, but nothing but help from them) and then turbocharge THAT. It took me a while because of my job, but now that it's all put together, I'm highly impressed. I used to be a BMW dealership valet, and my little M5 joyriding sessions pale in comparison to the speed this car possesses- it's just a rocket ship. I couldn't be happier.

People will tell you that FM parts are very expensive, and it's true. I once knew a guy who put down almost as much power as I am now in a $1000 Frankenstein Miata. But he was completely on his own, and I had some of the best experts the Miata community has to offer just a phone call away. And his car self-destructed last year, whereas I have complete confidence in mine.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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13 August, 2012

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