GReddy exhaust

Greddy Ti-c Muffler

[4/26/2011] Reviewed by: Nathan - whynathan@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

This is the only muffler that Greddy makes for a NB and is not an cat back like the NA car. All stainless steel comstruction, big 4 inch tip and 2.5 inch piping.

When it came in it was in a huge box that was mostly empty. The box was bigger than the hood and only had the muffler, bolt kit and some stickers and a plate frame. The muffler part is polished like a mirror. The pipe is not polished, but well turn gold after a day or 2 of hard driving. I had one hell of a time trying to undo the bolt holding the old muffler. In the end i cut and re-drill for the new bolt kit that the muffler came with. The muffler dosen't really fit the stock mid-pipe, so there is some leaks (used muffer cement to fill the gap for now). The new muffler tip fills in the stock cut out completle so you have to cut the bumper a bit on the inside to stop it bumping. Dose the muffler add power? I don't really think so. the engine revs a little easyer but that it. It fells faster but I think its just the noise that makes it seem faster. Its LOUD! very loud, but its ok to like with, cuz your flooring it when its that loud. Under 3000 rpm and light thorttle its there but not over bearing. On cool start in the morning its a little raspy under boost, untill warm. If you take out the silencer with is only 3 bolts it solves the raspy part, but be-warned. I try running it with out the silencer once. It was so loud my ears felt like they where bleeding(for real). I do run a supercharge as well which dosen't help the noise. I think this muffler would be better for a turbo car with has the turbo to help muffle the noise a bit. Its tested to be under 94 db with the silencer, so with out you will likey hit 120+ db.

If you want one, you will have to get it used. The vender I talked to called greddy and got the last on in north america for me, and Greddy Ti-c will be discontinued for the time being.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

greddy turbo kit

[2/23/2005] Reviewed by: alex pancheri - apancher@purdue.edu

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

greddy turbo kit,includes cast manifold, tdo4h, fuel pressure reg., piping, etc.

after a long time on backorder, it finally arrived. it cost 1250 incl. shipping, and took around 15 hours to install, due to me and my dad's lack of experience. took the advice and made the manifold relief cuts.

during the break in period, the car felt normal, but this was below 4000 rpm. the third day of break in, the car got hit in the front end by a toyota highlander, while i was at a stopsign. the girl was 15, with no license. they tried to total my baby out, but we made it clear that wouldnt happen. once we got the car back, the turbo ran ( and still runs almost 2 years later) flawlessly. the difference is noticeable at about 3500 rpm, and it screams right to the rev limiter. best 1250 bucks ever spent

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

greddy power extreme cat-back exhaust system

[7/25/2001] Reviewed by: andy schmidt - andy.schmidt@hydrodelta.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

The system comes in a huge 5' by 2' by 1'box. Once opened, the exhaust is revealed wrapped in plastic and foam. The product itself is pretty. All polished in the muffler section, the rest isn't polished. This was ok by me because once you drive it a bit ,the rest turns this neat gold hue. It comes in two flanged sections. An intermediate pipe which has a center resonator and is flanged at both ends and a muffler and tail pipe section which is flanged as well and looks as though it will work well with a r.b or other chassis brace. Finally the tip, it is about 4" round and polished with an nicely angled shape.

The whole job of installation took me just under 30 minutes. The hardest part of the job was removing the bolts which secure the stock exhaust to the cat. Let the stock system cool for at least half an hour. Tap the bolts on the cat with a flat nose drive. Spray thoroughly with penetrating oil. Wait 5 minutes. Remove the stock system. Easy. Now the fun part. Hang the intermediate on its hangers, slip an the supplied gasket check for fitment and tighten. Next hang the muffler section on it hangers and secure it to the intermediate pipe. check for fit, tighten and you are finished!

The system is louder than stock and has a low steady tone at cruise. it is not in the least tinny or hollow sounding. It s also not one of the loudest that ive heard but it does sound very nice. If h.p. is increased it has been above 4 thousand r.p.m. and is slight. If you are looking for a classy sounding system with a rich smooth tone this is it. One problem though, You will need to expand a couple of the stock exhaust hangers to achieve the best fit on the 89-94. The c.v. is barely an 1/8" above the pipe. If not done they knock against each other.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Greddy Power Extreme Exhaust

[6/21/2000] Reviewed by Robert Gonzalo - booba@cheerful.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Power Extreme Cat Back System

This system is really great! Under normal driving conditions, the system is not loud. Cruising speeds I barely notice it. To me it is only noticeable during WOT. I picked is over the JS system mainly because of the 115 degree bend that allows the exhaust to travel more in a straight path. I got installed by my local shop for $525. As for acceleration, it is much better than stock.

One thing I noticed about my unit, was that I was getting a rattling sound underneath the car. It turned out that one of the rubber hangers broke. I replaced it and after 7 months, it broke again. It turns out, that the rubber hanger was getting pinched between the sway bar and the hangar on the muffler. It seems like the system was designed with the stock sway bars in place. When you go with a bigger diameter sway bar, i.e. Jackson Racing, the clearance is not there. Or it might be just that my hanger on the muffler may not have been welded properly.

Overall, I am happy with it.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Greg Thore - gregthore@mailexcite.com

Aftermarket exhaust

The Greddy power extreme exhaust system has 115 degree bends (stock and most aftermarket systems have 90 degree bends) the change in the bends allows the exhaust travel in a more straight path which increases horsepower!!!! This system is louder than stock under wot, but does not drone while cruising on the freeway. I saw about 10 more horses with this exhaust. This system sells for about $550.00 installed, but its well worth it. If your considering the Jackson for about the same price, this system produces more power.

This exhaust system is the best on the market in my opinion. it rocks

Reviewed by: David M Levin - dml143@aol.com

2 1/1" Greddy Power Extreme Exhaust put on a 94 M-edition. The performance is a greatly appreciated increase. The sound also is highly superior to the sdtock exhaust. It has a very mellow sound while idiling, when gotten into......it sounds like a V8 w/ guts. I would highly recommend this product to anyone that wants more power, and to also be noticed. This system also comes w/ a 4" tip, for that get out of my way look.

This system combined w/ a hi-flow hi-perf. cat from Random Tech. is the perfect system for every miata.
Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Rick Carter - MDColnago@aol.com

Higher model cat-back exhaust for the 1.6 and 1.8 L engines (up to '97)

I already had the Greddy normal cat-back system, but damaged it when I ran over a small log in the middle of the night. Because insurance paid for it, I upgraded to the Power Extreme model (about $550.00 vs $400.00 for the other). The difference is a freer flowing muffler, and a larger diameter tube leaving the muffler with a huge, but thinner-metaled, tip. Actually did feel a little better in the real high end power range than the old Greddy.

I have had a problem with the exhaust rattling a lot, and the pipe that curves under and around the rear-end has gotten dinged in a little. Not a great thing to have happen. It could be because the car is lowered, but I can't tell. In all I am happy with it since I rigged another wire to keep the exhaust from rattling a lot. Only had a small problem with the big tip on the earlier exhaust, not so on this one as much.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Greddy BL

Reviewed by: Raj Gandhi - ragandhi@hotmail.com

Greddy BL with 102mm stainless steel tip. Approximately 4 inches. Direct bolt-on.

The BL/SP catback exhaust system by Greddy has turned out to be an excellent $400 investment. Quiet, yet throaty in the high rpm's, it is a great horsepower upgrade.  Taking off the stock exhaust in about the hardest part of the entire process. The rubber hangers can be helped off with a lot of WD-40. The three bolts holding it to the cat can also be greased up to help loosen. Once that is off, two people can do the swith within 30 minutes.

Overall: great upgrade.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Reid Torosian - reid@tidalwave.net

Large round stainless muffler with 3.5 inch polished tip and ceramic coated piping.

I took off my old Borla exhaust and installed the new one in under 2 hours. It took awhile to get the rubber bushings off of the hangers, but they were easy to put back on. The exhaust has 2 pieces like the Borla, except they connect with flanges whereas the Borla's pieces slide together. Since I recently replaced my cat those bolts came off really easy. Fit nicely through the RB rear brace. Tip looks really nice, but not as cool as the Banzai tip I had welded to the Borla.

The biggest thing I noticed was how much quieter the Greddy is when compared to the Borla. I could not hear the exhaust on the highway with my windows up. With windows down and with no music the exhaust can be heard, but it is not loud. Sounds much different than the Borla too, more hollow and metallic, but not as deep. A good sound, but the Borla sounded good too. Power seems about the same overall, with the Borla giving slightly better low-end and the Greddy slightly better high-end. The Greddy BL is a good exhaust but I don't think it is better than the $100 cheaper Borla unless you highly value quietness.

Reviewed by: Mark V. Mellinger - GeckoPsych@gnn.com

Stainless muffler and tip with Ceramic coated steel pipe

I had this exhaust installed on my '95 R Pkg by the dealer(Turbo People; Hastings-onHudson NY). A good looking unit with large opening and nicely rounded edge. The sound is a bit louder and deeper than stock.

I can kid myself into believing the performance is better with the exhaust installed and it may be. I haven't measured.

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10 April, 2005

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