Moss Miata

HKS super Mega Flow Intake

[4/22/2003] Reviewed by: Brian

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Filter is green and has a honeycomb shape, which looks nice under the hood. The transition hose is purple with white "HKS" lettering on it.

Overall I am very pleased with the product. Installation was easy and straightfoward. The directions were clear, with somewhat useful pictures. However, others have expressed difficulty when unplugging the MAF plug (mass air flow) from the MAF meter itself, which I did not encounter. As long as you are careful, take your time, and use the appropriate tool (i.e. don't pull by the wires!), this step should not present any problems. As far as performance, I did notice increased throttle response, however modest, as well as a nice growl eminating from the engine under acceleration. My only concern is the location of the intake itself. Because it is situated next to the exhaust manifold heat shield, I wonder if the air being sucked into the engine is hot, and thus not as beneficial as cooler air.

Overall this is a quality piece at an affordable price. When combined with a quality high-flow cat back exhaust, this intake will yield it's greatest benefits.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

HKS PowerFlow Intake

[4/6/2003] Reviewed by: Nathan Fry -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

HKS PowerFlow Intake with Free Flowing Air Filter

On the whole, it was good. The difference is definitely noticeable, with a quicker 0-60 and more of an exhaust growl. Just be sure not to mess up your MAF... Don't even get me started...

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

HKS SuperFlow air intake

Reviewed by: Percy M. Chow -

The (nicer) alternative to the K & N filter.

Really Easy to install...about an hour....Instructions hazy (aren't they all?) But great growl under full throttle acceleration.

Looked at both K&N and HKS. HKS...more horsepower..cleaner look...air filter doesn't dirty as fast. Doesn't need replacing...just a rise through soap and warm water.

HKS Superflow-follow up

HKS Intake

So far so good, thorough cleaning in mild soap, zippy again.

Read in the 96 TECH about some poor guy who installed an HKS intake system and yanked and wound up replacing the mass air sensor unit. He didn't have to. I did the same thing, as in install the unit and accidentally pulled the wires going into it. The key here if you're car won't start (whether you install an HKS unit or not) is to pull off the little black cover on the mass air sensor unit. Chances are the solder was torn form the wiring. Easy fix with a soldering gun. Otherwise, the mass air unit's is gonna cost SEVERAL hundred bucks. You know when you messed up the sensor when you car won't start.

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