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Jackson Racing supercharger 8 PSI big boost kit

[7/19/2004] Reviewed by: Shawn Agee -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

This is a follow up to my review in June. The problem with my low boost level has been resolved. The rear supercharger mounting bolt has been slowly working itself loose during the past 3 years. This forced the front nose of the supercharger downward which didn't allow much tension in the belt. Additionally, I didn't have the belt tightened nearly enough to support the higher rpms that the big boost kit spins the blower. But now that it's corrected the difference is phenomenal. With everything correctly aligned and the belt at a tension I can barely move 1/4 of an inch, this car screams! I wasn't expecting this much of a difference in torque. The pull in first gear to 40 mph is awesome! It feels like it happens in an instant. I can believe it if 60 mph approaches in around 6 seconds. The supercharger even puts out a different sounding whine now because of the higher rpms. I am now extremely happy with this kit.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Jackson Racing supercharger 8 PSI big boost kit

[6/14/2004] Reviewed by: Shawn Agee -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

I ordered this kit through Moss Motors as the price was reduced last winter. I want to get the most out of my supercharger without having to cross the threshold into more cooling capability, larger injectors, etc. as a smaller nose pulley would require. So this kit was going to be the end of my forced induction installs. My supercharger has been installed on my car for about 3 years with 128,000 miles and runs perfectly! I was surprised to see that this kit only gives you the essentials and leaves many parts up to you to purchase. There was no vacuum line, no vacuum line connector to the ignition box, the bolt for the high pressure fuel pump's spacer block was the incorrect length, and yet there were plenty of spares of other parts that I never had to use(like electrical connectors) Very inconsistent.

The installation was rather straightforward with the most time consuming part being the replacement of the fuel pump. Not overly complicated, but time consuming. The ignition control box and bigger pulley install was a breeze. A big killer of time for me during the install was running back and forth to NAPA for the parts that were missing or not fitting. The larger pulley didn't seem to be that much larger than the stock pulley to my eyes. The kit claims "up to" 15-20% increase in horsepower. To tell you the truth, I can barely feel a difference! There may be a *small* increase in low-end torque but it is nowhere in the 15-20% range that I was expecting.

I keep thinking that something is out of whack. (like maybe not enough fuel pressure therefore the ignition control box is retarding the timing WAY back) So I had my local Mazda mechanic double-check everything I installed and he claims it looks correct. My car doesn't have any additional gauges so I cannot tell for sure the fuel pressure or boost level. Maybe with those gauges I will uncover something holding the boost level back. The initial supercharger install supposedly gives 40% increase in hp, which I believe. It really is a HUGE difference from stock! I love it. But this kit feels like it's given me an extra 5 hp. In my opinion, if you are expecting noticeable difference from this $300 kit I suggest you drive a car that has the 8 psi kit first before making your decision.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Jackson Racing/Sebring SC upgrade boost kit

Reviewed by: Charles Campbell -

Jaskson Racing Supercharger 8 psi upgrade kit

This 8 psi boost upgrade is for those who want to get the most out of their 1.8 sebring/JR superchargers.Assuming that you already have the basic 6 psi SC installed. The upgrade kit comes with a larger pulley insert,that fits over stock crankshaft.This insert is relatively envolves removing the current SC belt and the 4 10 mm bolts on the stock crankshaft pulley.Then replacing the new larger pulley over the existing pulley...and installing new longer 10 mm bolts supplied.Next is replacing the stock in tank fuel pump with a higher pressure unit supplied..This is also easy to do with simple instruction supplied.Last is the AFPR which mounts with brackets and supplied hoses to the rights side of the shock tower,it has sm baseline adjustments.Fuel pressure needs to be approx 50 psi in order to work properly. The J&S knock sensor or MSD is a manditory item with this kit...Instrustion are given with either unit chosen.

Ipthink this upgrade is considered as good as it gets with the Sebring unit...My car a 1997 Has The Sebring SC,8psi boost upgrade with the J&S knock sensor.Other upgrades include JR ceramic coated headers,JR high flow cat FM duels exhaust, TSI intakes,160 degree thermistat,timing at 16 degrees.Performace with these modifications are 0-60 in 6.02 sec,1/4 mile in 14.6 at 99 mph( could be faster with better tires and less wheel spin) top end about 130 mph.... total spent on engine performace about 4500....This car is really fun and very strong....but for the amt of money spent a turbo might provide more power...this is for those that have already invested in the I that wanted more power
Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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