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Maremont Cherry Bomb

[7/31/2006] Reviewed by: Jim Weaver -

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Maremont Cherry Bomb Stainless Steel Exhaust with down pipe

I just installed this morning and it went smoothly. Fit and finish seem to me as good as any high dollar catback. Took her out for maiden voyage and I love the sound. It's easy on the ears with top up or down with no real drone except when runnung 60mph in fifth and slight acceleration. This is remidied by down shifting to that sweet deep rich growling sound. Nice burble when you back off and fun under high RPMs.

I will update this after I have put some miles on it. Only thing I don't like is the can of a tip which looks to be bigger than the Jackson Racing tip. But I WON this in a raffle this weekend at The Gap so no complaints here. I also don't know what the price of this item is but you can check for more info.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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