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Moss Stainless Steel Header

[9/23/2004] Reviewed by: Greg MacDonald -

Applicable to: 1.6 liter

Moss Stainless Steel header (Disc.)

Good product

I picked up this header 6 months ago from Moss on sale for $100. I had no trouble with the install, only needed to buy a header gasket from the local auto part store for around $20. The install took around one hour, I modified the stock heat shield by cutting off 3" from the bottom and bending the heat shield at the bottom to prevent any seperation on the heat shield.Every thing else went fine, all the bolt holes lined up, as did the collector. The header opened up my usable torque, meaning from 3000-5000 rpm the engine pulled a bit stronger. Do not expect a miracle gain in HP by using a header, I would have to guess that this only gave a boost of a few HP, and I already had a RB cat back on the car. I did end up with a little rattle in the exahust system, no big deal though, just the price of using a header. I would not spent $400-$500 on a header, but if the price is right go for it.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Moss Motors stainless steel header

Reviewed by: Aaron Leighton -

This is the non-stainless steel header sold by Moss Motorsports

After receiving the Moss catalog, I choose to purchase this header as the price is quite reasonable compared with many other Miata headers. I figured the black paint shown in the pictures would at least keep rust to a minimum. The header arrived at my friend's shop about a week later. Upon inspection I was dissappointed as the paint was badly chipped in many places and the quality (welds, pock marks) was lower than expected. Installation at the shop was relatively simple aside from two broken bolts at the catalytic converter (no fault of the header). A quick trip to Midas fixed that. Aside from this, installation was about 1 1/2 hours. Upon starting the car, smoke filled the engine compartment, and soon the whole garage. Assumming it must be the labels and/or oil on the header surface, I decided to drive home. After a few miles the smoking stopped, so I decided to see how much the power had been increased. Definately more grunt, especially after 4000 rpm. Nothing huge, but definately noticable, and the exhaust growl was a little meaner.

Once I got home, I decided to inspect under the hood and much to my dismay, the paint had completely burned off. A call to Moss Motorsport from my mechanic, and later myself, amounted to nothing. He said the header is made to increase power only, not for enhancing looks. I mentioned that I understood I wasn't expecting Jackson Racing quality, but felt that the paint burning off should constitute a materials defect. He said they used to warranty this, but could no longer do so because they loose money (?). I even offered to upgrade to the Jackson Racing header and pay for the shipping of the old header. He still would not budge. After more lengthy conversation his only offer was that he would warranty it if I purchased the Sebring Supercharger kit.

I am extremely dissappointed with Moss Motorsport's customer service and follow-through on their seemingly excellent warranty policy. I've learned to be more careful when purchasing inexpensive parts for my Miata. Too bad I can only get Jackson Racing parts through Moss. If they had any other distributers I would surely steer clear of Moss.

Reviewed by: Josh Gallup -

Set of afetermarker headers used to replace the existing headers or the exhaust manifold.

I ordered these headers to make an upgrade in the efficiency of my exhaust. I had already installed a K&N filtercharger on the intake side, but now it was time to do something for the exhaust side. When I received them in the mail I inspected the general construction. The welds were a little sloppy, but they were adequate to seal away any leaks.

I then took the headers into a nearby shop that specializes in metal coatings. I had them put a heat barrier coat on the headers which would prevent the heat from causing undesirable damage to nearby hoses and the air filter. This procedure was inexpensive as well as effective. I am satisfied with the finish

Reviewed by: Shane Landau -

Economy Stainless Steel headers form Moss Motors
$249.95 + shipping

Unlike the other review on this product, I had absolutely no problems putting this header on.I did not do the work myself, I had the header put on by my mechanic. I paid $50.00 for the installation (a real value!) and was told that there mere absolutly no problems encountered. The headers seem well built, all the welds were substantial and the mounting bracket was thick and flat. Although the construction of the headers is not up to the same quality as the Jackson headers, neither is the price! And they look fantastic! You can tell, even under the stock heat shield, which did need a little "ajusting" to fit, that this is no stock system. As far as percieved performance, bear in mind that I also, at the same time, replaced my exhaust system,(my mechanic built it for me - 2" tubing with a "cherry bomb" glasspack muffler - a bit loud but fits the car's charactor!) and my airbox with a HKS super powerflow system. The differance is like day and night. No loss of top end but my 1990 Miata (with 85,000 miles but in excellent condition) has some real "grunt" in the midrange - feels like it pulls much stronger from 2000 RPM up. My total cost on my upgrades, with installation, was $650.00, and I feel that I have really gotten my money's worth. I would highly recomed this product, and Moss Motors service was excellent.

Reviewed by: Alan Dahl -

Stainless steel exhaust header for the 1.6l Miata. Price: $250

When I first installed the header it immediately had a large leak from between the two inner exhuast ports. I had used a new gasket so I was pretty sure that it was not the problem so I loostened and re-torqued it. The exhaust continued to leak so I removed it. On examination I discovered that the flange area was warped.

Moss was quite nice and sent me a replacement quickly. Examination of the replacement header showed that this one too was warped in the flange area by as much as .1" (one tenth). I returned the header and purchased one from Jackson Racing instead.

The quality of the unit both in the flange machining and the welding is just not there. Unfortunate because value-wise this header is a great value.

Moss was quite nice about the problem once I convinced them it was their fault and sent a replacement quickly. However since the replacement was bad too I would not order one from them until their quality control problems are solved. My mechanic said that they could have machined the flange flat for $50 or so but I decided not to because the replacement header had a good sized ding in it, presumeably as a result of shipping between England and New Jersey (it was packed well on it's trip from there to me however).

Summary: Will be a good value when they get their quality-control problems straightend out but for now I'd buy from Racing Beat, Brainstorm or Jackson instead.

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