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Ractive intake

[7/13/2005] Reviewed by: Sam Cudney -

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Metal flower pot heat shield surrounding a cone oiled gauze filter.

Comes with bracket to support the MAF, and a grommetted hole for the temperature sensor, a nice touch.

Unfortunately, the open end of the flower pot is right up against the windshield washer reservoir on ABS-equipped cars, which effectively blocks the intake and negates any performance gains. Probably be fine on non-ABS cars.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Ractive Heat Shield Intake System

[11/20/2001] Reviewed by: Jerry Everetts -

Applicable to: '90 - '97

This Product is a cone type air filter enclosed in a case to shield it from heat

I put this product on along with a generic ($25.00) adapter in about 45 minutes. I didn't expect much in terms of a performance gain, so I was pleasantly surprised to notice a difference. Under 4k there seems to be no difference in performance, from 4K to the rev limiter, it seems to wind up a bit more easily, the biggest difference was at high speed highway driving, at 85mph or above, it seems much quicker. 5th gear passing seems to be greatly improved. I heard a lot about how loud these types of intakes are, but the sound was not at all what I expected, I was hoping for something that would sound a bit like a pro rally offroad car, but it isn't quite like that at all, it is a very deep pulsating type of tone, a pitch that seems to deafen all other sounds out. My Miata is VERY loud, I have a MagnaFlow muffler, which is essentially straight through, at 7K the intake drowns out the muffler.

This item smells ever so slightly of a cheepo. The performance gains were better than expected. One big plus is that you can attach plumbing to the intake side and plumb it to cold air!!! (future project?)

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[6/8/2000] Reviewed by Brad Tompkins -

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

cone style air intake filter, with a plastic heat shield surrounding the filter element and a aluminum intake cone to smooth out intake air flow

I installed the item myself in approximately 20 minutes. In order to mate the Ractive filter to the stock MAS(mass air sensor) you must fit an aluminum adaptor($25) plate which allows the fitment of the tubular filter element. Also you must come up with a way to support the filter and the MAS since the old airbox supported these items. i used a piece of metal which I bent to wrap around the bracket that holds on the filter and attaches to one of the stock mounting bolts on the inner fender well. Althought this may seem to be a difficult install the words are decieving, I am hardly an experienced mechanic and I accomplished the task in a small amount of time (25-30 min). Anyway, the install was well worth it. The car now has a mean sounding whoosh that comes on as the air is sucked into the intake. It gave the car a new feeling during acceleration. My car is quite highly modified due to it's previous owners racing endeavors and the intake still made a large difference.

Overall I am very happy with my purchase. The filter lookes great under the hood and I love the new sound. For about 100 dollars I think it is a good deal and well worth the time

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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