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Turn Signal Induction Kit

There are a few manufacturer's providing TSI kits under many different names. Since we don't really know who makes which ones, we'll leave it to the reviewers to provide the pertinent info. Unfortunately, a number of reviewers fail to provide that info.

Moss Motors Tun Signal Intakes

[12/4/2007] Reviewed by: Kevin Troidl - MiniT427@aol.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Set of turn signal intakes for NA miata. Replaces ugly large clear lens turn signals with crisp clean black(paintable) intakes with integrated turn signals.

I read other reviews about which screw to take out first and prying out the signal with the other and such but that was not the case on my NA. I simply unscrewed the two phillips screws that hold each signal in and they just came out. No fuss. It took me about 15 minutes to completely remove and install.

They make the NA miata much more aggressive looking and cleaned up. The large front turn signals look like the headlights but these change all that. Underhood temperatures should decrease a little bit, I've heard about 10 degrees. I'm very satisfied with the product and the quality. I paid only $89 (on sale, reg. $109) before tax and shipping from Moss Motors.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Turn Signal Induction - From Moss Motors

[8/15/2006] Reviewed by: Steve Cefalo - steve.cefalo@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Black injection molded resin turn signal replacements.

I thought that my 1.8 swap was sucking too much hot air, even though the intake has been re-routed right behind the left headlight. So I ran a indoor/outdoor thermometer sensor and attached it right behind the air filter. Intake temps before installing a Track Dog header shield were between 97 and 105 degrees. The TD shield brought them down to between 85 and 96. Then I installed the TSI kit. The temps dropped to a much more reasonable 75-80 degrees when the ambient temp outside was 70-75. Super improvement in my mind. As cool air makes more HP and a happier car, I'm sold on the product's performance

As others have mentioned, the units do require some prep work. Nothing too labor intensive, but I do believe that the manufacturer could have done a little better in that department. I do recommend the product.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Turn signal induction

[9/21/2004] Reviewed by: steve crawford - crawfsj@comcast.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Turn signal intake.

Purchased thru Moss. Fit was quite good and did not require too much filling and sanding prior to painting. Two small pinholes and a small nic at one screw recess. Semi-gloss black spray paint works great, looks great, is easy to apply and cheap. White or silver sprayed in the lamp section will increase brightness somewhat.

I fitted a temperature guage with a cockpit and remote sensor located under the hood to check underhood temps. At idle my underhood temps climbed to about 105 F. Driving a couple miles brings the underhood temp down to match the interior ambient air temp (approx 70 - 75 F). The intakes do work and the temperature difference will provide more power assuming your air intake is under the hood. The difference may not be noticable but cooler air will make more power. Definately worthwhile both in appearance and function.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely


[3/30/2004] Reviewed by: Dave Caird - idcaird@aol.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Turn Signal Intake

Easy to order. Easy to install...I have two left hands. Can't dance and will not sing.

The order was easy. The product arrived as expected. The instructions were clear. What was not so clear was the condition of the BSP TSI intakes upon arrival. To say the least they were rough. When I took them to my auto body shop they thought they were "cracked" because of the many lines and indentations on the TSI's ( I had less acne as a kid ). I called BSP to inquire and was told that that was the product. So, OK, I liked how they looked and I liked the intended benefit ( I already had a Racing Beat high flow intake and am looking at their header/exhaust set-up) but, based on input they needed work. The answer. 400 grit wet/dry paper and a couple hours work at the sink ( I have a very loving and forgiveful wife :):):).

Under 5 minutes to remove


[7/13/2002] Reviewed by: Looi Boon Hwee - bh_looi@mac.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Wasn't quite sure which review category this product is supposed to be... intake, lighting, body, other performance??? So since this is all of the above I guess I can't go wrong with Misc. Anyway this replaces the stock indicator lamp. It's a stainless steel mini-grille that lets air through to the engine compartment while a hidden indicator/position lamp sits behind the grille.

I ordered this direct from KG Works. You can't actually order online - you just fill in an order form online, print it out and fax it. Product arrived via DHL six days after I ordered. Small piece of instructions in Japanese but you don't need it, really. The s/steel grilles are highly polished and the bracket for the indicator lamp is black. Quality stuff, as you would expect from Japan. Fitting is straightforward, just unplug the stock bulb wires and plug in the new one. For easier access to the plug, pop up the lights. I had a problem with the grille in that my 11-year old miata has gone thru 3 paintjobs so it's probably a few millimeters thicker. This meant that I had scratches on the bumper while pushing the grille in - so precise is the fitting.

The grille itself wasn't really easy to fit because it's more curved than the indicator hole. The trick, I found out after some time, was to tighten one screw three-quarter way in first, then with one hand gently push in the middle while screwing in the other side. Somehow they popped into place. Overall it looks great. My car is silver so from a distance you can't really tell the difference. I wish they came with a new set of screws because mine's all dark with age and algae. When the small lights are on the whole 'cave' is lighted so make sure you keep the wires within tucked away neatly. Since Singapore's lighting system is based on the European standards (with twilights) this orange position light cum indicator is not legal, but what the heck. When it comes to my inspection I'll just put the old one back. Overall it took me about 20 minutes for one side and about 5 minutes for the other once I got the hang of it.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely


[6/21/2002] Reviewed by: J Joseph - yastro@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Two black plastic pieces that replace the original left and right turn signal 'bubbles.'

Very easy to install- so easy that I've read comments on miata.net about problems with thieves swiping them. May be painted because they are sold with a slightly rough surface, but I popped them right in.

I bought these to feed some cooler air to my Racing Beat 'elbow' intake. I was considering the ducted headlamp lid originally, but it comes un-painted in primer white and Rashan (sp?) at Brainstorm really swore by the TSIs as being more effective. Have I noticed a difference in power? Not really. Do I like the look? Yes. So, for $138 I feel like it was a decent purchase. Who knows...it might actually be making a huge difference and I haven't noticed (?!)

Under 5 minutes to remove


[12/27/2000] Reviewed by: Jesse Lee - jesseclee@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Turn Signal Intakes made by BSP and IL

First I got the BSP units: these have a rough finish, full of small dimples and surface imperfections. When fitted to bumper they tend to tilt upwards such that the top edge recedes into the bumper and bottom edge leaves an unsightly gap. Further they needed to be baked before painting. Then I returned these and got the 'new & improved' IL TSI's. These are no longer made of foam(?), but made of a grayish plaster like material. The finish is very smooth, & the fit somewhat better. However, these weigh a ton! and seem very brittle. Mine were shipped to me cracked.

Both are disappointing. I decided to stay with the stock units.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[10/7/2000] Reviewed by shawn denman - graymulligan@yahoo.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

kit that replaces your turn signals(thos annoying biiiig white things on the front) with cool little scoops that may or may not have performance benefits

OOOH...hopping mad at finish line !! ordered the kit from them, cause it was 20 bucks cheaper(and thats almost a tank and a half of gas ya know), and they came in a big box, with absolutely no instructions, or the catalog I asked for! Now, these arent exactly rocket science, but still, a little note telling me that they were for external use only, I could be an idiot ya know!...any hoo, love em, they look great, they were a cinch to install(3 minutes each, tops...fit was great unlike some reviews I have read, maybe they are getting better) I may not paint em, with my black 97, the grey looks kinda cool...have to figure that out...highly recomend em for all, they look great!! (just don't order em from the folks I did, very unimpressed!)

oh...they didn't even pack an invoice in the box...had to check to make sure they charged the right amouhnt to my card!

Under 5 minutes to remove

[8/29/2000] Reviewed by john siggson - jtsiggy@juno.com

I am associated with a company that sells or manufactures this product.

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

was disappointed with quality and fit considering they are 120.00 a pair!!!

after reading other reviews i was prepared for major grinding to make them fit. but i soon discovered that if you raise the outside hole about 1/8 to a 1/4 inch it fits very well. you will still have to place spacers for a proper fit.

after driving with the tsi inplace i removed them to paint and i could not believe the change that they made until they were removed.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Jerad Tierney - jptplayer@aol.com

Comes black and fits where old turn signal is. Very sharpe look to the miata

I read about the turn signal intake kit and read positive and negative reviews about it,but I didn't let it bother me.But when I got them I was impressed on how they looked and when I drove my car I noticed a little more air going into my raced out Miata. So I was very impressed with them to anyone that asked me if they should get them.

It is a great look to your Miata,so go out and buy them now.

Reviewed by: Tyra Pierce - tpierce@lib.drury.edu

Molded intakes to replace the stock turn-signals to allow more air flow.

Before ordering the TSI's, I carefully read the reviews that other readers had submitted on this product. I even went so far as e-mailing Mike Bolton to get further input.

I really don't want to repeat what the other reviewers stated, but I did want to add some info that wasn't mentioned in the other reviews.

One thing that I noticed in the other reviews was there was no mention of increased performance. I feel that this is because after the intakes are installed, most people don't remove them, replace the stock turn signals, then compare. I did this...but not just to test the performance. When I received the TSI's, I was planning on leaving them the black color because I thought that they'd look good on my white '92 that has black mud guards. After installing them and driving for about a month and a half, I didn't really like the way they looked, and I didn't appreciate the comments from friends that they looked like two "handles" on the front of the car. So, last night I removed them and sent them to the autobody shop for painting. After driving tonight with the stock turn signals back in, I noticed a slight reduction in power and acceleration. I also noticed that my Crazy Red's Intake wasn't growling as much as it did with the TSI's in.

Also, Mike was extremely helpful in informing me that he had noticed that the engine compartment seemed to get more dirty with the TSI's in. I haven't noticed this yet, but hey, it's only been a month and a half.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Performance Buyer's Club TSI

Reviewed by: Robert Allen - rja@sun.com

Molded plastic air intakes with integral turn signals, which replace you front turn signal assemblies.

Excellent. The TSI IIs are available from numerous vendors, but I picked PBC because they offer a package deal on the parts and a paintjob to match the color of your Miata ($200 + shipping).  If you want the painting you should have the color code from your Miata door sticker handy.

The parts arrrived in good shape. This was a lucky thing since, IMHO, they should have been wrapped in something rather than shipped loose in styro peanuts. I had to hunt through the peanuts looking for the turnsignal lenses. A phillips screwdriver is required for assembly, but installation should only take about 10 minutes (if you go slow). On my car the fit was essentially perfect. I may go back later and do some minor shimming to prevent the TSIs from rubbing against one edge of the hole they fit into,to protect the paint longterm, but that's probably not required as the paintjob seems very tough. The new TSIs supposedly both fit better and have a larger turn signal lens than the older ones. The turn signal is definately not as noticeable as the stock one, because the stock unit has both a bitter lens and a plated reflector, which the TSI unit has a black part which holds the turn signal bulb. I think visibility could be improved by gluing some mirrored mylar into the bulb mount, but since I don't rely on others seeing *me* for driving safety, I probably won't worry about this.

In terms of performance, who knows. The car seems slightly happier with cooler air under the hood (I've removed the intake tube to my stock airbox), but it could just be the placebo effect. The engine compartment does seem to stay cooler.

Performance Buyers Club - Turn Signal Induction

Reviewed by: J.S. Balog - john.balog@dynetics.com

I, like the most recent reviewer, am very happy with the material the TSI's are made from. Since reading the negative comments, I was very leery and mentioned the problems illuminated by early reviews to all of the aftermarket sources I contacted. They didn't know there were any complaints! (I should think that they would monitor the Miata Net!) When I mentioned quality, fit, and type of material, complaints to the rep. at Performance Buyers Club, he knew exactly what I was referring to and assured me that these were a totally new redesign using a hard plastic material. Since they guarantee 100% satisfaction, I thought, ok maybe, we will see, and opted to order a pair. Also, since my body shop quoted $50 - $125 to paint them (they have done the old type which required alot of prep and apparently still fell out!), I had Performance paint them at a total price of $199.99. Total installation took less than 5 minutes. They fit Perfectly (no shims) and look GREAT! Really do change the front end appearance. Don't
know about functionally, since I also have a louvered headlight cover which gives me lots of air into a Racing Beat System. However, a cool engine is a happier engine and the extra air flow can't hurt the BHP. If you think your Miata could use a breath of fresh air and want a killer look - go with these!

RAS TSI System

Reviewed by: Richard A. Carter - mdcolnago@aol.com

Turn signal induction kit purchased from RAS through MRoadster Performance mail order.

Unlike the other review, I have had good luck with the RAS tsi system. I knew ahead of time that they were the same material as the bumpers that come on the Miata (eurethane), and had MAACO paint them for $100.00. That seemed a bit pricey, but it is worth it for a professional job.

Installation took all of five minutes, with both bulb assemblies going in well. My main concern was with the visibility of the signals when flashing. That turned out not to be a big deal. Only real complaint was that they are not perfectly flush on both sides, but like the other review said, a couple of shims will help. As far as performance goes, I have had so much work done so far that it is tough to judge any substantial benefit. But a cooler air charge is a happy engine, so it couldn't hurt. And it gives the car a very distinct look

RAS Engineering, Ltd. TSI

Reviewed by: Jerry Kessler - jk@maine.rr.com

Replacement for turn signal assembly to allow air intake into engine compartment

I decided to trial fit my newly received TSI (Turn Indicator Scoop (sic)) from RAS Engineering, Ltd. Man, am I glad I did this before taking them to the local body shop for painting! To start with, when I first opened the box, I unconsciously said, "oh boy" as I realized this was going to be more work than I thought. I had fantasized that I would receive a high quality piece of art that was ready to paint. My reality side told me to expect high quality but something that required "a little" priming to get ready to paint. What I really got were rough, chalky ceramic pieces that were going to require a good amount of work to get ready to paint AND a large amount of work just to get them to fit properly in the turn signal recesses. Tools you will need to install these are a phillips screwdriver and a sander to sand the TSI's to the proper shape to fit. The first thing to be noticed during the trial fitting was that the turn signal light bulb assembly would not rotate and lock in the tubes provided by RAS. The tube end walls were too thick so that you could not rotate the assembly in place. A little sanding on the end of the tube will solve this (no problem). Taking the rubber gasket off the light bulb assembly does not work as then the tube walls are then too thin and it will not be snug in the tube. Using a different thickness gasket would work but it would just be easier to sand the ends of the tubes to the right thickness. The next thing after installing the TSI's was that one of them fit a little too far in the recess (no problem, use shims in the back) while the other stuck too far out (this is a problem). After taking the TSI's out and comparing them I could see that they were dramatically different in size. Apparently the molds on these things vary a great amount. On the one that stuck out, its thickness would not allow it to be pushed in any further. Get out the sander and start whittling away to get the right thickness. My thoughts were why couldn't RAS just get this right from the beginning.

MM Marketing TSI Turn Signal Kit

Reviewed by: Mike Bolton - bolton@sprintmail.net

Replaces stock turn signals with air vents and still has the bulb in the design.

As with another reviewer I was concerned about the type of material used to make the items. It is more like a plaster type of plastic than a mold injected plastic which I am familer. The units require some specific preparation. Not wanting to mess up $150.00 worth of materials, Itook them to Mazda for painting. Cost $75.00 to have painted, but worth every penny. They came out great! Color match was perfect. Removed old turn signals. Getting the bulb holders to fit into the new units took some doing, the thickness of the cast bosses on the new units were a little bit larger than the stock turn signals. After a cool beverage I got them in. Found that drivers side unit didn't sit back as far as the passenger side. Inspection revealed that a small leaf stem had worked it's way into the back of the nose housing of the car holding it out. This didn't effect the stock units as ther was more clearance around the back. Units fit in tight so be aware.

Units look great. Very subtile change to the front of the car. Other Miata owners will notice them right away and want them. Turn signal area is greatly reduced (to about the size of quarter) but visibility is still good. I will probably wire in the side markers to the turn signals if I can figure out how to do so just to give some added security from the side. Don't know if they reduce the engine compartment temp or not, but they sure look cool! I think they add about 5 mph to the car when it's sitting still, and rate about a 8 on the gee whiz meter!

Brain Storm's Turn Signal-Air intake kit

Reviewed by: Enrico Massagli - emassagli@aol.com

Two cast resin parts that replace the existing turn signals on the front of your Miata. They provide an alternate pair of air intakes into the engine compartment without the usual NACA duct, or louvers.

I remember the first time I replaced a front turn signal bulb. As soon as I removed the lens housing I could see what was the perfect location for an air scoop. At the time, the only product that utilized the holes was a pair of tear drop shaped chrome grilles that resembled headlight stone guards. The turn signal bulb lived stuck somewhere behind the grille. They ran about $250 and really did not add to the looks of the car. When I saw the add for the Brain Storm product in the Spring issue of the National Magazine I thought the price of $150 was reasonable and from the pictures they looked great. I ordered them immediately and due to production problems did not receive them until the first week of November. Once they are painted and installed, they really do add a new character to the car, and the twin blast of outside air really helps bring down the interior temerature of the engine compartment. We all know what cooler air means, more horsepower !

When I first opened the shipping container, I expected to find two injection molded parts. What I found were two cast resin parts that almost appear to be carved out of solid material. For those of you not familure with cast resin plastic, it is the step-child of the injection molded plastic parts we expect from factory parts, and bears a closer resemblence to hard chalk than plastic. Resin Plastic takes special preparation for painting which includes a sealer since the plastic is kind of porus. I am also skeptical about the itty bitty hole (more like a tunnel) where the turn signal lives. Ventilation for the bulb is non-existant, and not knowing the melting temperature of resin plastic will be keeping a sharp eye out for heat deformation these long winter nights. The size of the turn signal lens is another consideration. At about an inch and a half, you are losing a lot of surface area to be seen by oncomming traffic. Maybe it's an issue, maybe it's not. One last warning is to not snug the screws that hold the intake in place too tight. (they are the screws that held the original turn signal in place), as resin plastic is not nearly as ductile as injection molded plastic, and does not tolerate warping. If you ever do need to make repairs to resin plastic, thick crazy glue not only mends, but acts as a filler to be sanded down as well.

In summary: They do look sharp, and do provide needed engine compatment ventilation, but resin molded plastic leaves a lot to be desired.

Enrico Massagli SAMOA member.

Follow up by: Enrico Massagli - emassagli@aol.com

After 10 months, my TSI's have developed a right nasty problem. I got home from work friday and as I entered the house from the garage, I noticed my Miata looked like a shark with one eye gouged out. The TSI on the passengers side had fallen out. Gone, absent, deserted, away with out leave. Inspection showed me that the two holes in the aluminum sub panel that provided the sheetmetal screws a place to screw into, had become egg shaped and were now larger than the screw which allowed the TSI to vibrate loose and become some more flotsam on a California freeway. I obtained a pair of body clips and replacement sheetmetal screws from my local auto store, and returned the original stock turn signals. (Thank gawd I did not throw them away)

The attachment for the turn signal bulb socket to the back of the TSI was never really a good one. Sufficient to keep the bulb in place, it failed when it became the lifeline to the TSI as it dangled in front of my car.

No doubt about it, the extra weight of the solid cast resin TSI (verses the injection molded, hollow stock turn signal housing) put sufficient load on the two 1/8 inch sheetmetal screws to have them wallow out the aluminum that they were screwed into. I would strongly suggest that anyone else that currently has TSI's on their MIata unscrew them and check the holes in the aluminum body for distortion.

Now, does anybody know where I can get a replacement passenger side TSI ?

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