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Turbo Performance Stage 1 Turbo Kit

[12/31/2005] Reviewed by: Tom Yoder - thomas.yoder@sbcglobal.net

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An affordable turbo charging kit, minus fuel management for 99+ miatas. I purchased a Voodoo box from FM.

I purchased the kit from Turbo Performance Directly at "http://www.turbo-performance.com" for a great price of $1600. I also ordered a blow off valve upgrade. I was told it would take a week to get together. two months later, I finally received the kit. It was missing the blow off valve, and the downpipe was not even half way fabricated. I contacted Bob at Turbo-P and he said "just have my exhaust guy do finish the DP for you" and that he'd send the forgotten BOV right away. I took the car apart and began to install the exhaust manifold. It would not fit, nor did it have a bung for my EGR valve tube. It appeared that the holes for the mani we drilled improperly. 3 hours of labor with file corrected this however. The semi finished DP was completely unworkable, and would not fit without serious reworking of heater lines. The crossover tube was nothing like what was picktured, and was obviously the wrong type. I attempted for several months to correct these issues with Bob, ! and was never offerd a solution, nor have I received any refund. I am still waiting for my BOV.

Possibly the most frustrating experience I've ever had working on my Miata. 6 months into this project and the only useable parts gained were a t28 turbo and a voodoo box. For all I know the turbo could be worthless too, since I have no way of trying it, and am afraid to buy anything else. I can think of no reason that anyone should EVER consider dealing with Turbo-Performance, unless you like just getting ripped off. I could not possible be more dissatisfied, and because they took so long to do anything, and I was very patient, I can't even get my money back from my Credit Card. I'm still paying for something I can't even use.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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