X-tune '95-'97 header 4:2:1

[3/4/2006] Reviewed by: Justin Alcus - Moptop411@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

X-tune '95-'97 header 4:2:1 stainless steel "tri y" header for 1.8l. It is the least expensive header I have found on the market. I bought it on ebay for about $130 with shipping, even less than OBX, with almost identicle look.

In general I like my new header. Although it was not as drop in easy as so many people seem to find other headers to be. My method was to remove the engine mount bolts on the header side and jacked that side up from under the oil pan with a foot long 2x4, about 2 inches and i was able to drop it in... and then I lowered it again to get it to bolt up. It deffinately opened up the exhuast and added acceleration and especially top end power. Now combined with Magnaflow cat and OBX cat back it screams, but the sound does resemble a hopped up VW bus, but this is what a miata sounds like with free flowing exhaust. Now on a downside, the header is a tight fit and it taps on the frame and trans. when at a low idle.

Over all I would certainly buy this product again. For a buget header it does the job. and it looks great! even now after the heat has turned it a gold color and a violet blue around the welds! it look so cool!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Xtune Header

[12/19/2005] Reviewed by: Michael Elkin - m_elkin@msn.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

A Jackson Racing 4 into 2 into 1 polished stainless steel exhaust clone with a few exceptions.

shipped quickly, no damage. It did drop right in (after removing the valve cover) without hitting the body or chassis.I was concerned about the extended O2 wires so I wrapped the last half of the header in "Exaust wrap" (cloth type, held on woth hose clamps)and covered the wires with heat proof wire wrap as well. turned out to be overkill, but it still looks cool! first test drive turned up a exaust hanger bumping into the hangar on the body, A quick tweak corrected that. the 4/2/1 designed provided a notable difference in the mid to high end acceleration (mildly quicker but much, much smoother)exaust note was unchanged (stock exaust behind header). for the 140.00 expense, I'm very satisfied.

First exception (From JR Header); the O2 sensor is past the collectors so adding extentions to the O2 wires is required. Second, it does use a few more welds to piece it together. Third, the welds lack a uniform look (I.E. different welders for different joints) but all weld are secure. the polished finish is great but the finish on the manifold is less than professional looking. Overall, for the extreme discounted price, and the fact of I'm not building a show piece but a daily driver... I would not hesitate, over all a solid chunk of steel. Again, not for the show car crowd but for us budget minded streeters, a great buy.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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