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Twilights + DRLs from Moss

[1/20/2007] Reviewed by: Glenn M Gungel -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Twilight Kit from Moss, with Canadian DRL module

Purchased the DRL module and the Twilight Kit from Moss for my recently acquired '97. Installed DRL module first to gain more visibility in daytime. Easy directions from, and with the kit. Install time of less than 10 minutes with most of that spent getting my 6 foot frame (and my long arms) into a working position under the dash. DRL module uses the bright turn signal bulbs and makes the car more visible to oncoming drivers. I'm very happy with that result. Installed the Twilights Kit, hooking them to the turn signals and not the parking lights. My reasoning was that having the corner lights blink with turn signals would make the cars signals a little more visible from the side, even though the bulbs are a bit dim. Directions with kit were clear. I used an 11/16" spade hole bit and low rpms on the drill motor and cut most of the way through the plastic. Used a tiny flat file to cut the resulting circle into four sections, and a small needle nose pliers to carefully twist out the sections. Used a round file in short strokes (so as not to hit the inside of the lens) to clean up the hole until the socket from Moss just fit snuggly. I did not attempt to expand the hole so that the socket inserted all the way into the hole. I cleaned up the hole until the socket fit just up to the first circular ring. Electrical connections were easy to make. Since I chose to hook up the light to the turn signal wire, the T connectors wen! t on the Green and the Black wires. Wires from the socket matched up black to black, and brown (socket) to green (turn signal). Even though the bulb is dimmer than the turn signal, it is noticeable in daylight from the side of the car when it is blinking with the turn signal. And, it looks good with the DRLs, filling out the corners. Time will tell if I need to enlarge holes to insert Twilights further into lens in order to prevent water leaks.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

[3/31/2000] Reviewed by Don Miller -

Applicable to '90 - '97

4 watt bulbs and sockets added to the outboard corners of your turn signals.

1. The instructions advise cutting a 5/8ths hole, and the supplied sockets will not fit into a 5/8ths hole.

2. Once you enlarge the holes far enough for the sockets to fit, you CAN NOT replace them with a more suitable socket. (There are more suitable sockets for this purpose sold in most auto parts stores for $2 to $3 each.)

3. The sockets supplied have ribs around them to make them seal in a thicker mounting medium than the Miata turn signal assemblies.

4. When you enlargen the holes big enough for these sockets to fit, the sealing ribs will pass completely through the back of the turn signal assemblies.

5. When used as advertised, these sockets will allow lots of water into your turn signal assemblies if you drive in the rain.

6. The socket assembly is so long, the bulb is placed too far from the reflector to make them appear as bright as they should be.

7. When you complain to Moss Motors about the unsuitability of this product, your colpaints will fall on deaf ears.

If you have already destroyed your turn signal assemblies by installing these lights, (as I did) I have a solution for you. I cut myself two pieces of 3/4 inch PVC tubing, each 5/8ths long and epoxied them to the back of the turn signal assemblies, surrounding the big hole. The Moss Motors supplied sockets will fit into, and more importantly, SEAL inside the PVC tubing, and the bulb will be moved back to the near proximity of the reflector, and the bulb will be much brighter. E-mail me, and I'll send you a photo of my modified turn signal assembly.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

[8/31/99] Reviewed by: Eric S. Mashburn -

Additional bulb assembly to fill void at corners of parking light assemblies on US spec Miatas.

The only additional comments I would add regarding installation are: (1) Use a Dremel tool to shape and size the opening. Anything else is making the job much harder that it has to be. (2) Be careful what you use to clean the plastic shavings from the inside of the lens after you're finished crafting the hole. I made the mistake of using alcohol, somehow confusing it with Windex. Silly me! I was reminded the hard way that alcohol is a solvent as it proceeded to dissolve the reflective coating on the back of the lens. Needless to say I had to purchase another lens assembly ($44 from Roebuck Mazda). I think actual Windex or water are the better choices. I used a hair dryer on low to dry out the inside of the lens before re-installing.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[8/20/99] Reviewed by: Adrian Boyko -

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

After carving a 5/8" hole, as per the instructions, it was obvious that something was wrong. There's no way the rubber socket will fit into a 5/8" hole. I can't tell if expanding the hole will ruin the reflector. Confused, I put the work aside and left for

Note that the socket Moss ships doesn't look like the one in the illustrated instructions that come with the kit. This, combined with the fact that it would never fit a 5/8" hole, leave me wondering if Moss changed the socket they ship without updating the installation instructions.

I'll probably follow Jesse Lee's advise, and buy different sockets.

Disappointed with a poorly executed product, but pleased that has plenty of suggestions for working around the product's problems.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Reviewed by: Brandon McComber -

A set of lights that fill the blank to the outside of the parking lights.

The product is well designed and thought out, as are the instructions. The only thing that I know to say that hasnt been said is DONT USE A DRILL!

I have to say, a dremil tool will save ALOT of worry, and in my case, the price of 2 replacement assemblies for my poor baby.

Reviewed by: Jesse Lee -

I must digress from the generally positive tone of the other reviewers here. The kit was brilliantly conceived, but poorly executed. If you are expecting some sort of OEM plug-&-play, as the ad copies seem to imply, you'll be sorely disappointed. To wit:

  1. The instructions called for drilling a 5/8" hole- Not even close! I used a 11/16" and it's still a struggle.
  2. The most important part, the rubber lamp socket is off of a 89-95 Chrysler ($3.17 ea from PEPBOYS if you need to ask :-). I had to do a lot of whittling w/ an exacto knife to make it fit.
  3. I tossed the piggyback clamp-on connectors included in the kit- you'd get a C+ if you used these in a high school electronics class. Your Mia deserves better- get a wire crimping kit from radio shack and do a professional job!
  4. The 5 watt '194' bulb is way too dim for any decent purposes. In the daytime, it's entirely useless as a turn signal, as I was using my kit for.
  5. The socket places the lamp too far forward, such that the bulb is no longer in the sweet-spot of the parabolic reflectors. Also, If you try to put in the longer 12 watt (8 watt?) '198' bulb, you'll risk MELTING the front lens.
  6. I ended up using another rubber lamp socket ($3 a pop at PEPBOYS) I believe it was 96-99(?) Chrysler, together with '198' bulbs. This socket is even worse fitting, but at least it doesn't place the bulb so far forward. I haven't melt the lens yet, and it's barely passable as a turn signal now. Oh yeah, I ended up using absolutely NOTHING from the Moss Twilight kit except the idea- like I said, brilliantly conceived...

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Reviewed by: Ryan Scott -

Moss Twilight Kit adds clear 5 watt bulb to the corner of the front signal lense.

Installation took about an hour. I am not very experienced with wiring but the kit came with excellent instructions. Just be careful not to drill right through the lense of the signal. I came very close.

Overall the kit wasy simple to install and looks great! My next Miata will definitely have these soon after it arrives. How else can you make a statement like this for only $20. Stock Miata's look naked without this kit. I live in Toronto and have yet to see a Miata with this simple modification. Stand out from the others. Especially at night!

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

Reviewed by: Edward Trahan -

Good product. As packaged adds light to a void. One nice improvement,if you sail a boat. Paint the left (port) bulb green/ right (starboard) bulb red. Use a Testors hobby paint in small bottles, diluting paint with clear thinner. This is a novel method of making a statement which indicates the driver/captain know which is the best way to sail, both on road and bay. I have had these on my 97 STO and have no problems with inspections, because the 5 watt lights are rather dim. Only a true sailor knows what the colors mean.

Reviewed by: Christopher H. Robertson -

Twilight Kit (Clear/Amber Lens) add-on to factory parking light assemblies. Kit comes with (2) light assemblies and wiring.

Excellent instructions and precise diagrams. Took me approximately (1) hour to complete the installation, which included finding all my tools. Tools you will need include a medium-sized Phillips head screw-driver (1pt. tip), a pair of standard pliers (not needle-nose), a drill with a 1/8" bit, and a small circular-file (3/16" works great). Hardest part of the installation is cutting a 11/16" hole to insert the bulb into. Hole goes into a pre-molded area designed to house a bulb-assembly in the European-spec MX-5. Be careful, you only get one chance to do this! Do yourself a favor, buy spare bulbs before you start. I broke the bulb that came with the kit, and (2) more I bought at the auto-parts store. I was trying to force the bulb into too small of a hole. Rest of the installation process is very simple. Great MOSS product, adds a distinctive flair to the Miata, and all for $19.95 from PBC (great company, superb service).

You would think Mazda would cut the hole in all the parking light assemblies. Would make for a much easier installation. Standardization is the key!!!

Reviewed by: Dave Dawson -

Extra bulb that wires into the empty socket in the front turn signal assembly in US model Miatas. European Miatas already have this light.

Good product, easy to install, adds just enough extra light out the front/side when just the parking lights are on. Adds a nice touch and also makes the car more visible when just the parking lights are on.

Kit requires opening up a pre-formed blank in the light assembly to allow the light to be inserted. Easy job, just use a Dremel or similar rotary grinder rather than a drill bit so you dont punch t hrough the front lens when you penetrate the blank. You can guess how I figured that one out. You would think that after 35 years or so of doing most of my own mechanical work I would have learned.

Reviewed by: C.Y. Lee -

Euro and Japan-spec Miatas have 5 watt white bulbs that go in the far corners of the turn signals. Moss' TwiLights product lets you add this feature to your US Miata by providing you with a kit containing 5 watt bulbs, bulb mounts, and taps that clip into the existing wiring for the turn signal lights.

The install:

Without a proper 13/16" drill bit, it took some patience to with an 1/8" bit and an Olfa knife to incrementally cut the right-sized hole into each turn signal housing (almost cut one hole too big by accident!). Removing and reinstalling the housing itself was candy. Wish there was a cleaner way to hook into the wiring than with the T-type taps, but they look like they'll hold over time.

Using 'em:

I like the way they accent the orange light put out by the parking lights. Improves your visibility to other drivers, though not by a lot. Wish they were brighter (e.g. at least as bright as the turn signal lamps).


There really isn't much to this kit in terms of Moss' cost-of-goods, but overall the enhancement is worth the $18.95 USD, especially if you habitually drive with your parking lights on during dawn or dusk hours.

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4 February, 2007

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