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Cobalt Remote Oil Filter Mount

Cobalt Remote Oil Filter Mount Kit.

[7/10/2008] Reviewed by: Bill Latsha - wjlatsha@ptd.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 1.8 liter

Cobalt Remote Oil filter relocation kit sold by by Moss Motors & Raven Wing Performance.

I had this installed for about 8 months, and got tired of it leaking at the firewall filter mount, and at the spin on block adapter both. They sent to me a replacement remote filter mount, but it was of poor quality too, so I never tried it. After trying 3 different oil filters, and 2 o-rings in the block adapter, I finally took it all off and sent it all back for a refund under warranty.

** Spin on Block Adapter:

I found 2 problems related to the adapter which spins on the block. I found these when I took it off. The reason I had problems with it leaking is that the center hole was threaded crooked. The threads are not tapped perfectly straight in. When I spun it onto the threaded pipe, one side hit about 1/16" before the other side, This means the O-ring is squeezed tight on one side, and barely snug on the other. This is probably why it seeped oil. I screwed this onto both of the filter mounts I have as a test. The same part of the block adapter touched the remote filter mount surfaces, but at different parts of the 2 remote mounts. I feel sure the spin on adapter was the fault.

This other problem is what caused the firewall oil filter mount to seep. I used a dial calipers and measured from the outside edge of the mounting face of the block adapter, to the bottom of the center threaded hole. This is what spins onto the pipe on the block, and also where the oil is returned to the engine. The hole measures approx. 1.1" deep. Note this "return" hole is not centered on the fitting where the oil comes back from the return rubber hose. It is offset about the width of the hole in the fitting. I could not get my dial calipers in alongside of the engine, so I had to measure the threaded center pipe itself which comes out of the block on my engine. This threaded center pipe sticks out almost 1" past the outside (oil cooler) ring where the filter tightens to. Using a metal scale, it looked like about 1" to me. This means the oil is restricted flowing back into the engine from the oil filter, causing excess pressure in the filter. Thus causing the remote mount to seep oil around the filter.

Remote Filter Mount:

After removing the remote filter mount, I see what might still be a few pin holes, or pits on the face. Perhaps these contributed to the seeping too?? Looking at the replacement I was sent, I am not too excited about that one either. The center pipe is threaded into the center of the remote mount, and then the metal around the pipe is "staked" into the ridges around the center pipe to keep it from unscrewing. On the mount I was using, you don't see any of the center ridges. On the replacement I was sent, about 1/8" of these ridges are sticking out. I fear the center pipe is not staked in right, and might unscrew at a later filter change.


Bottom line is I was not impressed with the quality of what I had, and did not want to put it back on my car. And from seeing the replacement filter mount I was sent, I really did not want a replacement block adapter either. So I sent it all back for a refund. Thank goodness for companies that are good to deal with!

If you do buy one, as others have had better luck than me. Spin the block adapter (without the o-ring in it) onto the remote mount as a test, and make sure it sits flush against the face where the filter sits. Then look very closely at the face of the remote filter mount to be sure it does not have any pits, nicks, or scratches on it. Good Luck!

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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10 August, 2008

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