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Flyin Miata Larger Clutch Master Cylinder

Flyin Miata Larger Clutch Master Cylinder

[11/16/2008] Reviewed by: Tony Comer -

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

Flyin Miata's V-8 conversion clutch master cylinder kit based on a Wilwood M/C. 3/4" bore versus OEM 5/8" bore. Designed and intended for larger v-8 clutch slave cylinders. FM supplied me with a kit specifically for a NB with standard 1.8 Engine and 5-speed transmission.

Excellent support from FM when replacing incorrect fitting for adapting new SS braided line to slave cylinder hard line. Installation was straightforward and only slightly more difficult than standard OEM M/C replacement.

I did this conversion to reduce pedal travel and lower pedal (Now approx. 1" lower when released). Combined with a Mazdaspeed SSK, ACT Pro-Lite 9# flywheel, and Spec-2 clutch, shifting is faster and smoother than ever! I am 6' tall with long legs and found it difficult to get smooth clutch action because of the relatively long pedal throw. Now the clutch action is quicker and I am able to operate by pivoting at the ankle only. Although pedal effort is increased slightly, it is not particularly heavy. I was already accustomed to an increase with the Spec clutch. The car is even more responsive and fun to drive.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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22 November, 2008

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