Moss Clutch Lines

Moss Motors flexible stainless steel clutch line

[6/3/2008] Reviewed by: Michael Chiappetta

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Moss Motors flexible stainless steel clutch line. Part 907-090. $20.

Having read Miata.net reviews that a similar flexible stainless steel clutch line from Flyin Miata is not a perfect fit, I decided to try Moss Motor's offering. Moss's part has the same size fittings (17 mm outer dimension) as the stock part. However, I was unable to replace the retaining clip on the lower fitting. Not sure if the Moss fitting is slightly different than stock, or if I was just struggling to replace the clip on the lower fitting in the tight space behind the engine. The retaining clip on the upper fitting went on fine. I see no problem with the lower fitting "unclipped", since it is still tight in the bracket. A cable tie could be added for additional peace of mind.

I changed this part because very occasionally, on a hot say in stop-and-go traffic, pressing the clutch pedal would not completely disengage the clutch. As the problem is intermittent, I theorized the problem may be "swelling" of the flexible clutch line that connects the solid line at the clutch slave cylinder to the solid line on the firewall. I am now waiting for a hot day to test the theory. Make sure to spend the money for "flare" wrenches, as they will help you loosen/tighten the soft metal fittings without damaging them. My car had 10mm and 17mm fittings.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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7 June, 2008

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