NAPA Belden MAX, Premium (2 wire) spark plug wire set # 700452 for 2001-05 Miata

[8/8/2008] Reviewed by: Jay Erwin -

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

This is an OEM-like, after market replacement spark plug wire set (exact replacement) for the 01-05 Miata. It is available at NAPA parts stores. I paid $60 including tax over the counter. Note, the 01-05 Miata uses the dual coil-on-plug setup. The coils are on top of two plugs with two short spark plug wires, one from each coil, to the other two plugs. According to the advertising on the box, the NAPA set has superior protection (patented jacket formulation bonded to silicone compound) and performance (OE core type enhanced to be more conductive) compared to OE and other competative brands. My observation is that the dark blue wires are high quality and inspire my confidence even in their small OEM diameter. They are the same diameter as OEM (5 mm I think). I surmise NAPA chose near-exact size of OE wire rather than large, macho 7mm 8mm or 10mm diameter wire and risk fitment complainants. The plug boots and coil connectors are near clones of OEM for equivilent water-tight seal on plug wells and coils. Wires include the spiral protective wrap as with OEM and each is just slightly longer (perhaps 1/2 inch)than OEM. A small package of dielectric was included in the box. This wire set comes with replacement warranty in the box to original purchaser for the life of the original engine on which it is installed.

This product was installed as preventive maintenance along with new NGK Iridium IX plugs. The install went fine with no fitment issues. Test drive went well with engine running smooth as expected from new plugs and well-maintained ignition system. I expect to go 50K plus miles without further attention specifically to either plugs or wires. Timing belt change should come up at 140K miles prior to plugs or wires needing further service.

This is my third wire set in 106K miles. I had limited faith in the longevity of the OEM wires and used them about 40K miles. I used Racing Beat Ultra wires for about 66K miles. However, I did not like the fit of the Ultra plug boots. The grasp of the plugs was OK, but I could not get the boots to seal the plug wells correctly. Since I wash my engine every 5K miles, a tight fit on the plug wells is important to me. This product equals OEM at sealing the plug wells. I did online research on the limited number of replacement options. They all seemed to be costly. NAPA ordered this product in without obligation to purchase so that I could see it and decide if I wanted it. I have two old wire sets on the shelf. I can reverse in the time it takes for simple swap. Probably five minutes for some folks, but 20 minutes for me.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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10 August, 2008

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