Reach brand stock radiator replacement from 1-800-radiator

[9/21/2007] Reviewed by: Garth Libre - biankita@comcast.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

My 1993 radiator started leaking at the plastic core seam, right at the top. I started calling around looking for a replacement. I don't need any better cooling than stock because the car always runs a little cool anyway. I decided on a OEM spec replacement available at radiator.com or by calling 1-800-radiator anywhere in the country. The price? ... $138 with FREE DELIVERY TO MY HOUSE THE SAME DAY I ORDERED. UNBELIEVABLE.!

The radiator they sent looks exactly like the original except they sent the one for an automatic. No problem... you just don't hook up the tranny lines (leave them uncapped because you don't want to the caps to pop off when the air inside the unused tubes heats up.) Installation was easy because all the bolt holes line up perfectly. I removed the entire unit, switched the fans, switched the bottom rubber clips that hold the thing up. Two hours and you're in business. The hardest thing is getting at the two clips that stabilize the AC lines, and getting the bottom cover on and off. The car now runs a touch below center on the temp gauge, just like before. For 146 bucks with tax and free delivery to your house the same day ...you can't beat it.

Certain things on a stock Miata don't need improvement. One thing that runs fine right out of the factory is the cooling system. If you don't turbo or supercharge or run a cam why mess with a good thing. In the past I replaced the water pump, the hoses, the thermostat, the timing belt, the tensioner and the all the accesory belts ... all Mazda original parts. If you want seamless performance, you should do the same. My car even has the original freon in the lines. I have replaced the sway bars and adjustable shocks for performance units. The original car needed it.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

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30 September, 2007

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