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Team Miata License Plate Bracket

Team Miata Front Licence Bracket

[1/9/2007] Reviewed by: Drew Collier - ChesapeakeSails@gmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 '06+ 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

This licence bracket is designed to lower your plate below the bumper to prevent damage in parking lot bumping. It puts the plate in front of the radiator, but lets the plate to swing out of the way at speed to allow proper airflow.

I installed this product in about 15 minutes in the dark in my driveway. In daylight it would have been much quicker. I used a ratchet to tighten the bolt while I reached inside the lower lip with a closed wrench to hold the locknut in place. To keep the plate bracket flush while I tightened, I used my forehead. :-) It was a very easy installation resulting in a securely attached bracket when tightened properly.

I have not experienced the problems with bending or rattling as reported by other reviewers. Team Miata must have improved the product since then, because the metal seems substantial and the bracket is well constructed. I have been up to 70 mph and heard no noise whatsoever. The plate does indeed swing up at as low as 30-35 mph, and I know because I will sometimes see it in my reflection off a car in front of me. (Not because I can hear it, I can't) It looks very cool when it swings, too. The only downside I have experienced has been that moving the plate revealed all the damage done by the stock bracket, and now I'll have to fix that.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[5/8/2002] Reviewed by: Ken Pacera - kpacera@ixpres.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Team Miata License Plate Bracket

I received the Team Miata License Plate Bracket from PBC about 2 weeks ago and installed it that evening. It installs very quickly and looks great. To date I have had no problems at all, it stays on straight and works as advertised. It is far superior to the standard front mounting bracket that the dealer installed on my 94m to allow the car to pass NJ state inspection. Recommended!!!

Under 5 minutes to remove

[1/3/2001] Reviewed by: Claude H. Vachon - agrgalop@travel-net.com

Applicable to: '99 +

The licence plate folds into the front bumper mouth when you drive, thus increasing air flow to the radiator and preventing damage to your bumper in parking lots.

The product is a piece of junk. It does not do what Team Miata claims it should do. It damaged my new 10AE.It was always crooked and looked awfull. The whole sad piece was sent back with a letter begging them not to sell anymore.

I was promised a full refund but never got one penny back. Buyer beware of Team Miata.

Not an installed item

[9/5/2000] Reviewed by Josh Simpson - MrMiata1991@aol.com

Applicable to '90 - '97

A swinging license plate bracket that is supposed to swing into the air dam so as not to reduce air flow.

I installed the product and the next day I was driving about 80 MPH and I heard a rattling sound. It only happens arounf 80MPH. I know that the bracket does not swing up properly (in fact it bends down) because as I was driving there was something in the road thathit the bracket and bent it really bad. Had it been up it would have been safe. I bought it so my plate wouldn't be in the way, but it really gets in the way more now.

It certainly was not worth the 30 dollars. I am going to try building my own like the one in the Miata.net garage.

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

[5/24/2000] Reviewed by Thomas Di Salvio - tooxlent@aol.com

Applicable to '90 - '97

Front license plate bracket (holder) to prevent damage to car with very minor bumps to front bumper and that won't block precious air from getting to your radiator at speed.

This product as it is ... is a JOKE !!

I give the inventors an "A" for idea. (This was a great idea.) I give the inventors an "F" for implementation. (They did a pathetic job.)

I first saw the license plate holder on miata.net's "HOT" list. This was such a great idea, I had to try it out. It was simple enough to install. Two minutes tops. It's hard to explain how the license plate is suppose to "swing" into the mouth of the car at speed, and that it doesn't but I'll try. 1). The designers did not use thick enough metal in the bracket. You need a durable material to survive being blasted by 75 mph winds (highway speed).

2). The designers did not balance the bracket so it would swing like it is suppose to when the air hits it. (Does it even swing at all???) It doesn't swing. The air stiking the license plate causes the entire bracket to bend downward.Maybe I'll add a page to my web site illustrating what the bracket really does

The result of the designers failure is noted at speeds as slow as 35 mph. Instead of swinging into the Miata's mouth, the bracket bends opposite of how it is suppose to, and because the metal is bent, it doesn't return to normal, and your license plate looks like a sad, droopy step child that didn't get to go to the ball.

To top it off, for fear of a ticket, I had left the bracket on my car for 6 months (even as pathetic as it looked). When I fineally decided I would rather get a ticket than abuse my precious Miata another day, I removed the bracket and the area of the bracket around the license plate had RUSTED and the black paint was peeling off !! But wait, there's more !! There is now an imprint in my bumper of where the bracket had been. (Granted no one can see this imprint, I know it is there, and that's enough for me)!

Only buy this product if you have $30.00 to waste, and then give it to a your buddy that bought a Z3 !!

Difficult to remove without leaving damage

[4/10/2000] Reviewed by John Sothern - miata_man92@hotmail.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

It is a replacement for the OEM license plate bracket. It look better and keeps the license plate out of the area where most cars bump into the bumper.

Several people in the club I belong to have it and love it so after I got a ticket for not having my license plate on, I decided to give it a try. Very easy to install. A great improvement over the OEM plate holder.

The plate uses a single existing hole in the lower lip of the intake. (A second hole would be better - but then you'd have to drill it and I wasn't about to drill a hole in my Miata) It is lightweight and folds back at speed, making it almost invisable from the front while you are driving around. GREAT PRODUCT!

Under 5 minutes to remove

[1/22/2000] Reviewed by Don Dougherty - psych1@flash.net

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Designed to help prevent those little dings in your front when someone backs up into you, pressing the stock license plate into your front bumper.

Super idea .... BUT ... not carried out well. It works and actually improves the look of the miata by lowering the plate and you can see more of the body (nose) unobstructed.

The REASON this is a bad product is that this was not made of stiff enough metal. As a result you it starts to sag repeatedly, and you have to bend it back to get the plate back up. Too bad, great idea but wouldnt recommend it.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[11/12/99] Reviewed by: Lowell P. Mc Murray - lowkyl@prodigy.net

Applicable to: '99 +

This product was designed to lower the front license plate, and prevent bumper damage from the mounting bolts hitting the bumper. The license plate then swings backward into the grill when under speed, "allowing greater air flow".

I installed the mounting bracket easily. It seemed sturdy and would accomplish the design goals. The license plate would swing freely, so much so that it looked goofy. I removed the bracket the same day I installed it.

I found a better way to relocate the license plate. Simply invert the stock mounting bracket and this drops the license plate below the bumper. It is sturdy in this position, looks better than stock, prevents damage to bumper & I have not noticed any change in operating temperature. I would recommend inverting the stock mount as I did, spend your money on gasoline.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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