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Oris Windstop

[11/13/2006] Reviewed by: Jerry King - jlking2@nc.rr.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97

Oris Windstop, an aluminum framed, mesh panel wind stop used to block "backflow" turbulence when the top is down. The wind stop folds up/down as needed. The product uses high-quality components and is a perfect fit for my Miata (1997 with factory top and plastic zip-down rear window).

This is a quality piece of equipment. The installation is very simple. It installs with a bracket on each side of the interior using two screws for each bracket. The screws go into two existing holes... no drilling or other modification. You will need a metric socket set and a torque wrench (recommended by Oris). The top goes up and down with the wind stop in place, just not quite as easily since you have to work around the wind stop. The device can be removed easily (the brackets stay in place) and stored in the trunk. It comes with a nice storage bag. Does it work? Yes, it is very effective. You will however, need the windows up at least part way for the wind stop to be effective. Very nice on cool days, easily removed when desired.

I definitely recommend this product. I purchased mine from Moss at $199 plus shipping.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Oris windstop

[5/30/2004] Reviewed by: mark speas

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Windblocker used to prevent turbulance inside cockpit.

This is a very effective product particularly with the windows raised. Installation is easy and does not permanently change the car in any fashion. However, you cannot raise the top with the product in place. The glass rear window catches the bottom of the blocker on the way up. the solution for me was to simply place windblocker into its mount backwards. Yes, reverse the blocker. The blocker legs fit down inside the mount exactly the same and it moves the blocker foward enough to allow the top to go up. Function remains unimpaired while the look is the same. Obviously, this modification is easy and reversable. It does make it impossible to snap the two center boot cover snaps to the rear shelf.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[6/15/2003] Reviewed by: Linda Montgomery - caruuzin@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Windscreen by Oris with installation using existing holes.

For a female (and blonde), installing the Oris Windstop was a breeze! (Okay, a little play on words....) Indeed, it is professional looking and easy to install. That large bolt, however, was difficult fitting into the pre-drilled hole, but I got my regular-needed workout in the process. Getting the window zipped back up with the Oris in place took a couple extra steps. I just held the top up with my head and pushed the window outward to ease the zipping. Looks great enclosed with the top up and provides headlight glare. For high speeds, tighten those bolts up! Mine fell back while on the freeway =0 But, a few tight adjustments, and it stood in it's place at 75mph. I suggest keeping your Oris installed with the top up instead of taking it off, due to more wear and tear. Thanks to Oris, my long hair has been saved from the tornado winds behind my Miata!

I purchased my Oris Windstop from Duetto Motors, who had the best price including the storage bag ($199), and E-X-C-E-L-L-E-N-T customer service! They made sure I had the product the next day! They have been more than helpful in answering many of my Miata questions. What ever happened to this type of service??? Maybe the industry is learning something about what the customer needs? I recommend Duetto Motors for all of your Miata purchases.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[4/2/2003] Reviewed by: Michael Plouffe - tylerdurden384@earthlink.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Black mesh folding windblocker - Same type & manufacturer as used on Mercedes SL convertibles.

Another vote for the Oris. Very effective, elegant factory-installed look, Mercedes OEM quality. Another over-looked point is that it folds up & down easily while driving - very handy to flip it up for noise & wind on the highway. Most other windblockers I've seen have durability (cracking & scratching), ergonomic (limited seat adjustment range or independence of adjustment), reflected sun and headlight glare or style issues. Since this accessory more than doubles the days (and nights ) that I can drive top-down, it's worth every penny. You only cry once when you buy quality.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[9/20/2002] Reviewed by: Joachim Feise - jfeise@acm.org

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Black mesh windblocker

As other reviews have indicated, it is very easy to install. I like it.

It has one downside in the M2: the top can't be raised with the windblocker in place. The window catches the lower bar of the windblocker. For the price I would have expected that they did a better job at that. In any case, I found a modification that makes it possible to raise the top: I drilled new holes into the downstays, making sure that they still pivot fully. Now the window barely touches the lower bar of the windblocker when I raise the top, and it doesn't harm the effectiveness when the top is down. The windblocker is closer to the seats, though. YMMV.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[6/20/2002] Reviewed by: Mark Brandt - mardan.brandt@gte.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

Black mesh windstop w/ black fabric storage bag.

Similar to other reviews, we love our Oris and can't consider Miata life without it. Test rides have sold others, as well. I've made straight mounting arms for ours that moves the windstop forward and just a bit higher than the standard mounts. This leaves plenty of room for a soft cooler or small storage bag behind the windstop but in front of the folded top, and gets the top of the frame out of your rearview vision. Please do not launder the storage bag! Our bag was looking a bit shabby after a couple of years, so I tossed it into the washing machine. Big mistake! The bag material unraveled all the way past the seams in quite a few places. The good folks at Serious have never heard of this, so perhaps no one else has ever thought to wash their storage bag. They also are sending a replacement, so once again their customer service and support is proven to be top notch.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[5/27/2002] Reviewed by: Icehawk - Icehawk@attbi.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Oris black mesh windblocker. Includes mounting hardware.

Quick and easy install that barely requires directions.

I have a '97 and with the Oris it does require some more work to raise and lower the top safely as the window panel needs to be guided around the Oris's mount. The mount is also exposed metal with sharp edges that sits in close contact with the boot cover when that is installed. I plan on using a piece of bicycle inner tube as a condom to protect the boot cover from wear. Also the proximity of the top edge of the Oris to the zipper makes for some tricky zipping up. After a week or two though this becomes second nature and the benefits of the unit far outweight these negative factors. Lets face it this windblocker is worth the money, it looks good and works amazingly well. My wife is now willing to ride on the highway and I no longer feel brutalized after an hour or two at freeway speeds. Heck I can almost here my stereo now too! With the windows up and the Oris in place you can actually light a match it is so windless. By far the best thing I ha! ve bought for the Miata to date.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[3/24/2002] Reviewed by: Robert Gregory - rgregory@hot.rr.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Oris Windstop

Today I installed the Oris windstop. Installation is as easy as other reviews have indicated. Instructions are very concise. I think I will very happy with this purchase although it is rather pricy. Reading other reviews, I suspect I will be satified with this product.

Now for the down side: I was under the impression that as advertised, the windstop could remain in its upright position when raising the top. I have an M2 2001 with a glass rear window. The top could NOT be raise over windstop. The glass catches the lower bar of the windstop. The windstop can be stored on the back shelf with the top up so this is good to know if you get caught in a sudden rain pour. I feel there is a fix to this problem by modifying the down stays that fit into the mounting brackets. It would be nice if Oris would offer this modification. Also, since it is rather pricey, it would also be nice if they would supply us with the 6mm Allen wench needed for the install. I feel this is not asking too much for a product that I was willing to pay so much for. The Oris Windstop still rates in quality as the best on the market but, as stated, a certain amount of problem related issue free notations are expected when shelling out the Benjamins (! $200.) for the quality.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[10/19/2001] Reviewed by: Anonymous

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

ORIS Windstop to replace Factory Windblocker.

I installed the Oris Windstop on my 10AE 18 months ago. The factory unit was better than nothing but unsatisfactory for me. I'm 6' and drive the car top-down as long as it's not raining. The factory unit was replaced in about 20 minutes I recall, nothing special in the install required. It works best with the windows up, but I run with them at 1/3 up and feel very little other than a light draught on the very top of my head.

I like the look on my 10AE, it's very effective and to date has required no maintenance. Doesn't rattle - throw it on and forget it. I wouldn't want to pay more than the $219 I recall it cost, but neither is it an investment I've thought twice about. I'd consider it a must-have, along with the Knobmeister visor plugs.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[6/21/2001] Reviewed by: Jim Lansdowne - jplan@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Mesh screen windblocker which mounts using existing holes, no drilling required.

My 2000 is equipped with the factory windblocker which is only marginally effective but is still very handy because it includes a large pocket for maps, etc. and it prevents items stored on the parcel shelf from sliding forward. Unfortunately the Oris cannot be installed with out removing or making major modifications to this factory item. As a result I chose not to install the Oris.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[6/29/2001] Reviewed by: chris tran - cxc44@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 +

black mesh factory looking windstop that folds down as needed and also removable.

bought this as soon as i started receiving complaints about the wind tunneling in the car. installation was questionable b/c the bolts/screws needed the right amount of torque. but after visiting the forum this was resolved. also found out that the windblocker could be installed with the T-brackets upside down to alter the height of the windblocker. hard to unzip the window but i have the No-Zip Tube from TeamMiata so this is perfect. great OEM looking and receive many compliments while up or down. oh yeah, also helps the headlights glare from cars behind you. very high quality construction and durable.

now all the girls that ride in my Miata are happy!!!

Under 5 minutes to remove

[1/13/2000] Reviewed by Matt Belleghem - matt@computer-edge.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

A black mesh OEM-looking windblocker that sits behind the seats. Put it on and you get less turbulence in the cockpit!

In my opinion, anyone who owns a Miata should own this product. It should be required, like insurance or gasoline. It is fairly easy to install, and looks great. I got the model with the pocket, and the pocket is fantastic (gives you three pockets behind the seats, perfect for cellphones, wallet, etc.) and I also got the storage back.

I bought mine from Serious. *Great* guys, I had one of the guys there on my cordless phone for about 45 minutes before I bought, helping me measure with the stealthbox to make sure I could make it all fit. Without that support, I would never have bought the expensive Windstop. I am *so* glad I did.

Installing the Windstop has probably increased my top-down to top-up ratio by 20% or more, because it helps keep heat in the cockpit, esp at night. Perfect for highway driving with non-convertible-loving passengers (ie long-haired GFs)!

I have the JL Audio Stealthbox in my 91 BRG. Installing the windstop with the stealthbox is *NOT* easy. I also had to install the 94+ OEM chassis brace for the stealthbox, so I did the box, brace and windstop all at once. My mount is totally custom, so I have no idea what a normal installation is like, but it sure looks easy. With the windstop on and the windows up there is very little turbulence. If you would like info on getting the Stealthbox and Windstop to coexist, email me! I can provide photos and advice.

Under 5 minutes to remove

[1/7/2000] Reviewed by LeGerald V. Normand - legerald@excite.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

High quality, easily-installed, porous fabric windblock.

The product arrived with accompanying instructions, bolts, washers and brackets in an "interesting" little canvas bag. The instruction sheet was very clear and made sense to even me, who can make the simplest directions like reading a Toni Morrisson novel. It took about 15 minutes and that's only because I had minor trouble with getting the 13mm bolts to screw in correctly.

Once the product was installed, of course it started to rain. The next day, cold by California standards, I dropped the top, installed the boot, and went whizzing around the streets of San Francisco. To my complete surprise, it was as comfortable in the cockpit as a soft breeze, kinda like driving about 3-10 miles per hour. I couldn't get the smile off my face. It was nice to drive with the top down and not step out of the car with frozen ears and a runny nose!

In sum, I can't help but recommend this product. Really, the only drawback is zipping and unzipping the rear window. But that gets easier after the first couple of tries. Rear vision is barely impeded...I actually find the comment in an earlier review likening it to having a tinted rear window, dead on. With the top up, it actually looks like the rear window is tinted. The fact that it folds flat against the boot when the top is down was the ultimate selling point for me.

Grab one...you'll be SOOOOOOOOOOOO pleased! The price...well, aren't you worth it? Never skimp on your own personal comfort!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[9/22/99] Reviewed by Pete Durkee - pdurkee@bigfoot.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

I purchased the Oris Windblocker from Duetto Motors. Talk about customer service is Fantastic there! Oris has recently reduced their pricing so It was a pleasure to purchase from Duetto. The instructions were straight forward and took me about 15 minutes since I am very new to the car. The windblocker does a great job. I won't go much into the workings because thats in other reviews. The unit does clip on and off and must be pressed forward if you want to lift the top over it. That is kind of a hassle.

The Oris can also be bent down behind the seats if you want to pull them all the way forward, bend the oris down and then bring the seats back up. The seats then should remain a little forward and backs up right so they don't rub the Oris.

Then it happend I drove off with what I though my top latched in. Teach me to try and close the top at 11pm and get up at 6 to go to work... The wind blew the top I am replacing back and broke one side of the Oris Top plastic bracket. I was immediately saddened to think I had three weeks of use of my $200 dollars. I called Duetto who spend some real time understanding where the break was and was going to try and contact Oris to see if a replacement part was available. The hard plastic parts are pressed into the frame so really trying to fix it with a part was probably out of the question. I give Oris, a German company very poor grades for there response to Duetto.

They should have some thing in place for windblockers that break and they should learn what customer service is. Lucky enough after a few phone calls to Duetto, we decided to try a platic weld. I went to an ACE Hardware store and purchased a epoxy dual tube set of the Hard Plastic Weld especially for Hard Plastic. The key was hard plastic. I mixed the two tubes and liberally applied, left over night. The next day the repaired Oris passed the 80 mile wind test. It has been almost a week and it seems as good as new. A black magic marker will take care of the egg color glue or I will sand it a little.

One may ask why buy a windblocker? The answer is obvious when you purchase your miata toy and you want to make your best friend (wife) as comfortable as possible. (so you can get more toys)!

Oris Windblocker - Excellent

Oris Windblocker - Customer Supoort/Service Stinks

Duetto Motors - Excellent Customer Support/Service

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Bob Sharkey - sharkeyr@sunchem.com   [8/10/99]

A fairly expensive ($224) product but one that looks good. I like it but I have several gripes about the thing.

Installation of the mounting brackets is pretty straightforward but there was one problem: My 150 ft-lb torque wrench couldn't get down to the low torque setting listed in the instructions.

The instructions looked like a bad photocopy with pretty small print. The installation requires a 5mm allen wrench. For $224, they should have included one as this may not be in every tool box. You have to tighten the bolts A LOT to keep the screen from moving at highway speeds. So much so, the screen won't fold back when desired. That means carrying a 13mm wrench and 5mm allen key around with you. Also, the mounting pins on the screen frame don't quite line up with mounting brackets on the car. That means twisting the pins a bit each time you install the screen. I plan to take the thing apart and install some spacers for better alignment. Finally, if you're used to just reaching back and zipping up the rear window, forget it! It's true the windscreen will not interfere with the soft top but it's a bitch to get at the window zipper (as I found out in a sudden downpour).

Under 5 minutes to remove

Reviewed by: Keali'i Llantos - xaloha@juno.com


I purchased the Oris Windstop from PBC. All the good things I've been hearing and reading about this product are well deserved.

Product is of high quality construction. Black meshed cloth with rigid metal surround in smooth black finish.

Installation is very easy. Common tools required are a 10mm and 13mm socket and a torque wrench. Instructions are clear and concise. Plenty of pictures to accompany instructions.

Windblocker unit snaps into two "T-bars" mounted near the seatbelt towers. No drilling is required. You simply remove an existing tenax bolt (10mm) and a pushpin from each tower  seatbelt wall. You now have 2 holes to mount the T-bar to. You install the T-bar  by replacing the existing tenax bolt and using a 13mm bolt in the pushpin hole. The 13mm bolt is part of the Oris kit.

You then slide the Windstop into the T-bars until they snap securely in place.

Per the other posts on this unit, the Oris Windstop is most effective when both windows are up. Backdraft is reduced to just the top of my head. I'm just a tad over 5'8", so results will vary based on the driver/passenger height.

In the up position, the Windstop rests against the Racing Beat Style Bar II which causes an annoying squeak when cruising. I temporarily placed a black electrical tape on the spot  where the two meet to eliminate the squeak. I, however, will take the suggestion from a  previous post to place one of those black adhesive "feet" available in most hardware stores for the permanent fix.

One of the nice things about the Windstop is that you can stow it by simply laying it flat on your boot cover. Or if you choose, you can unsnap the Windstop from the T-bars and put the unit in the accompanying storage bag.

Although a bit pricey, overall I give this product Two Thumbs up. Very well made, good instructions, easy to install,  simple to use, does what it is supposed to do, and looks like a factory unit.

For pictures and more info, please visit my website at http://www.keohi.com/kuulei

Reviewed by: David Leonoff - periokid@aol.com

Behind the seats windblocker.

This product is extreme easy to install and of high quality. More expensive then others but looks like it came with the car. The amount of tubulence in the car is markedly reduced. It is still a little windy but much, mcuh more comfortable. If you put the windows up the effect is even more dramatic.

Reviewed by: Leon van Dommelen - dommelen@miata.net

The Oris Windstop is back! As I mentioned here earlier, it was discontinued by the original importer. But Larry Cohen, of Serious Automotive Accessories, (and South Coast representative of the Bay Area Miata Association), has brought it back. I got one as soon as they were again available.

Having used both the Keith Tanner and the Oris windstops, I would say the choice between these will must likely be a matter of weighing looks versus price. The only other major consideration I can see is that the Oris allows the seat backs to be adjusted independently and freely. With my KT I had to adjust my seat back more vertical than I like to clear the side-impact bar.

Both are very efficient wind stops, (with the side windows up of course, there is not much point in trying to stop wind from one direction only), as other reviewers have noted. No need to repeat all this again. My impressions driving the windstops several times back-to-back is that the KT reduces wind motion at the lower half of your face and neck more than the Oris, but that the Oris is somewhat quieter since it generates less turbulence.

The Oris is easier to handle, since its lower half is a screen surrounded by a leather border with a metal stiffener. The KT is solid plexiglass all the way down. It makes the Oris a lot friendlier in the trunk, though the KT will squeeze in it with some effort. Also, I can push the Oris on the deck behind the seats without moving the seat backs forward, as I had to do with the KT. Installation or removal of the Oris is quicker since you simply shove it in or out permanently installed brackets. With both windstops I can raise my top, but not my Brain Storm glass window, with the windstops in place.

One minor thing I personally really like about the Oris is that it is hinged and you can simply push it back down when you are off the highway and lower your windows for that "real" convertible look and additional fresh air. I can also raise the Oris while driving, but with some effort: I must raise myself a bit in my seat. I have short arms.

One reviewer objects to the slight forward slant that the Oris assumes. I like this, but then I never got very excited about cars with vertical or backward slanted rear windows. More importantly, this slant increases the effectiveness of the windstop: the crucial top of the stop is closer to your head. In any case, since the top bears down on the attachment bracket when it rotates, it should be easy to fashion a stop if you want to keep it vertical.

Clearly, the Keith Tanner is a lot cheaper than the Oris yet very effective. But to me the price of the Oris was no big deal compared to that of various other "goodies" on my car. And the Oris is truly very nice. Really worth it.

Reviewed by: Aleksander Tan - atan@2xtreme.net

So far very good. I just installed the windstop today and find that the overall fit and finish looks OEM and the installation was a breeze. Install time should take 10 minutes if you are taking your time. I do agree with one of the other reviewers that this product should come with a detente to keep it pointing straight up. It does a great job buffeting wind with the windows up but with them down, it wasn't too bad...nor too good. The unit looks great and I do like the fact that they include the storage case with it.

I received the unit from PBC and had it blue labeled so I would get it in time for the weekend. When I received it, the instruction/parts bag was ripped and the sheet metal screws and washers fell out. I did not know this at the time, and I emptied the box of styrofoam packing into the recycling bin. My mistake. When I found that I was missing 1 screw and washer I spent half the day scouring dealers and hardware supply houses to replace the screw. Nobody had the same screw. NOBODY!!! So after hours of searching I decided to go home and search through the recycle bin. Maybe it fell out with the styrofoam packing. Within 5 minutes of searching trash (not fun) I found both the washer and the missing screw. I was elated. As soon as I washed them off, the windstop was installed. I think it is a great product, just be very careful when upacking the parts!!! BTW PBC had it for about $220 so the prices must be coming down. I would not have found the parts had it not been for Miata.net. This is an invaluable source of information for Miatas and aftermarket parts. I will only purchase my parts through the vendors I have seen here since my experience so far leads me to believe that they are trustworthy and customer oriented.

Reviewed by: Chris Dunn - csdunn@miata.net

A windblocker that is designed to reduce cockpit turbulence when driving with the top down. Purchased from Serious Auto Accessories. They were very helpful and delivered on time as promised. Call them for pricing, but their price is MUCH lower than the prices quoted for this device in the past.

The Oris Windstop was extremely easy to install. You remove two bolts, two plugs, and install the mounting brackets in the newly available space. Using the Windstop is also very easy, and literally takes seconds to put in place.

The Windstop is very well made and looks terrific in the Miata. Putting the top up and down while it is in place is not as easy, however, as the top binds a little. Nightime rear visibility is ok, as the cloth removes some of the glare from headlights to the rear. Daytime visibility is not as good, and I find myself using the side mirrors more.

Until now I have been using a Keith Tanner Windblocker. The KTW actually works better than the Oris, as it blocks more of the air. This is because the KTW seals better at the bottom, and it sits closer behind the driver. My wife is 5'4", however, and really cannot use the KTW in her daily commute because of the way it fastens to the seats. I purchased the Oris for her to provide a little more cool weather protection.

Reviewed by: Dave Okamoto - davo@lsil.com

A rear wind screen that acts as a baffle against the backdraft with the top down.

After considering many of the solutions available in the marketplace, I had all but given up the search for a quality, well-made, easily installable, easily removeable, rear wind screen that didn't have a home-made appearance. I read the two reviews on the Miata site and decided to look at the Oris Windstop marketed by American Sunroof Corp. Since ASC's location is within a few miles of my office, I called to see if they had one in stock. Confirming that they did, I trundled over there in my Miata and was struck by the clever installation with two T-brackets installed by provided screws in existing holes. They pulled a new WindStop out of the carton and held it in place to show me how it installed and worked. I bought it on the spot for $299, more than I would have liked but the quality appears to be worth it. I was told by the Service Manager at ASC that Oris is the manufacturer of thess windscreens for the Mercedes SL Roadsters. I don't know if that comment contributed! to my decision to buy or not, but take it home, I did. The WindStop comes in a nicely tailored black cloth zippered bag that fit in the trunk with room to spare (well, okay, a little room to spare. Certainly can't get my golf clubs in there together with the WindStop.) Within about 10 minutes of arriving home, I had it installed. The instructions are very clear with diagrams showing each step. Actually, there are very few steps. Remove one screw on each side (which is reinstalled through one of the holes in the T-bracket). Remove a plug (same as the ones that attach the carpet) and install a self-tapping screw (provided) through the remaining hole in the T-bracket. Slide the WindStop legs into the T-bracket until the spring clip engages the groove on the leg. I immediately went for a test-drive. It's terrific, with the side windows up. Not so terrific with the windows down, as you'd expect. If I want quiet, high speed cruising, I'd have the windows up anyway to ! reduce the noise of other traffic. The fit is solid, the results are very comfortable. The hair on the very top of your head feels a slight breeze, but you don't come home with a different hair style that you left home with. I wasn't aware until I started playing with the WindStop after arriving home (didn't completely read the instructions) that it hinges and lays down across the boot if you so desire. Also, that the top can be raised right over the WindStop in the upright position (to put the top up for security for a prolonged stop).

All in all, I'm very pleased with this newest acquisition for my Miata. Don't know how I'll feel about this long term, but if it's different, I'll repost. Although pricey, I'd recommend this design for anyone looking for a quiter, calmer ride where you can still hear the music and can converse at almost normal levels. While I haven't been on a long trip with it installed yet, I'm willing to bet that I'd arrive less tired from the noise and the backdraft turbulence that I'm used to.

Reviewed by: Mark Booth - markb@adnc.com

A few days ago, I asked if anyone had any experience with the WINDSTOP from American Sunroof Company. I didn't receive any responses so I went ahead and did the research on my own <grin>.

A local dealership loaned me their display WINDSTOP so I could try it out for a day or two and here are my findings...

First, the idea behind a rear windscreen is to eliminate/minimize the amount of wind buffeting that is common in a Miata. As you drive, the air flow goes up over the top and around the sides of the windshield and this creates a lot of turbulent air right behind the passengers. A rear windscreen is designed to be a shield to that rear buffeting that all Miata owners are familiar with.

The WINDSTOP is a VERY high quality rear windscreen designed specifically for the Miata. The frame is constructed of light-weight black aluminum. The center is an attractive mesh fabric. Anyone familiar with the windscreens found on the Mercedes convertibles will immediately know what the WINDSTOP looks like. In fact, the WINDSTOP was produced in partnership with ORIS in Germany.

To attach the WINDSTOP, you simply mount two small brackets to existing holes near the seatbelt towers (no drilling required). The mounting brackets are small and virtually invisible when the WINDSTOP is not attached. When you wish to use the WINDSTOP, you simply slide the hinged legs on the WINDSTOP down into the mounting bracket tubes. The legs click-lock into place and that's it. The WINDSTOP is ready. While mounted, the WINDSTOP can be folded to the rear, laying flat against the top boot if desired. ASC provides a nice zippered storage bag to hold the WINDSTOP safely when it is not in use. (Yes, it fits in the trunk.)

I can not emphasize enough just how well this product is designed and constructed. First class hardware is used everywhere. The frame appears to be powder-coated.

In my informal testing (up and down the freeway and side streets near my home), I am disappointed to report that the WINDSTOP does only a minimal job of reducing the buffeting reaching the occupants WHEN THE SIDE WINDOWS ARE DOWN. Too much air still manages to slip around the sides of the windshield and slap the occupants in the back of the head. With the side windows rolled all the way UP, however, the WINDSTOP significantly reduces the wind buffeting! All you feel is a little bit of turbulence around the top of your head. With the windows UP and the WINDSTOP in place, the A/C and heater do a MUCH better job at keeping the occupants cool (or warm).

The WINDSTOP is sized perfectly so that the top edge of the frame is slightly above the view through the rearview mirror. The frame does not interfere with your rearward vision. The mesh fabric allows a reasonably unobstructed rearward vision (it's kinda like having a tinted rear window). I noticed that the fabric tended to diffuse the headlights of vehicles following me...a plus as far as I am concerned.

Will I be buying one? Not likely. I just don't like the idea of having to roll the side windows up to achieve maximum reduction in wind buffeting. The WINDSTOP just isn't effective enough with the side windows down.

With the windows UP, however, the WINDSTOP works EXTREMELY well at eliminating that tiresome wind buffeting. If you don't mind riding with windows rolled up, you will love the WINDSTOP.

Price: $300 (direct from ASC). (Keep in mind that this is a VERY high quality accessory.)

For more information, contact American Sunroof Company 1-800-327-8054.

Reviewed by: C.Y. Lee - cxylee@microsoft.com

Having had enough of watching my passenger's long hair get impossibly tangled in freeway driving, I called ASC about ordering one. They referred me to the not-so-local accessory shop, so I had it drop-shipped to me.

Installation was a breeze, there were two brackets that mount on each side of the car and they just screwed in via self-tapping screws. A simple (but cheap-feeling) spring in each mount grasps each leg of the windstop to keep it in place.

After using it for a month I am generally satisfied with the performance of the product. With the windows up it cuts down airflow in the cockpit enough to keep long hair in place and the A/C inside on really hot days. But it doesn't do as much as I'd hoped to lower the wind noise (originally I thought that it might save me from needing to upgrade my amp, but no such luck).

Now the complaints:

The paint on the legs has flaked off after repeated mountings and unmountings. The metal underneath is dark gray, so it's not very visible, but I expected better.

Vibrates slightly at high speed (doesn't rattle though).

The windstop can tilt forward about 5 degrees from vertical to accommodate the top being up without taking down the windstop (which is a nice feature); however, with the top down and the windstop positioned straight up-and-down, it will work its way into the 5-degree-forward position after a few minutes of driving. I wish there was a detente to hold it perpendicular, as it looks kind of goofy tilted forward.

Overall, I am satisfied with the purchase, though considering the workmanship I think it'd be more fairly priced at 50 to 75% its $300 price tag.

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4 February, 2007

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