Windblokker for MAZDA Miata & MX5 90 - 05

[11/1/2009] Reviewed by: pabille - pabille@verizon.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05

This product is sold by Raceland. Raceland is headed by CEO and former pro rally driver, Hendrik Blok. At first look, it looks similar to the Oris and Cobalt but at closer look, there appear to be differences. This product mounts behind the OEM wind blocker in my '03. There is no need to remove the OEM product thereby keeping storage space in the mesh pockets. The boot also goes on when the screen is mounted and you can put the top up. The screen will tilt back in order to make the top up process easier.

No experience with the other products by Oris and Cobalt. This one has a thin mesh and some exposed loose threads around the edge. There are no instructions but mounting is intuitive and there is a PDF of an instruction sheet available from the forum.

Finish is not perfect but at the price (around $40 shipped), you can't pass it it up. Functionality is s good or better than the competition. They say the mesh may not be as thick or the hardware may not be as sturdy but at forty bones, I can buy another five Windblokkers and still would have spent less than the brand name competition.

Under 5 minutes to remove

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24 January, 2010

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