Bridgestone Potenza

Bridgestone Potenza RE 11A

[4/11/2013] Reviewed by: Paul Franchi

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

New RE 11A 195/50/15 tires

Replaced set of RE 11 tires with the new RE 11 A mounted on 15 x 7 wheels and found an unexpected level of improvement in the handling, ride, and noise level. I filled the tires with nitrogen as I had with my previous set and found the performance improved on my favorite roads by an unexpected level.

I experienced a predictable solid response to quick turns in the twistys with no hint of anything but stick at speeds beyond those I felt comfortable at before the upgrade. These tires brought the handling of my 91 BRG automatic to a new level and I find myself using the brake only when encountering stop signs. These tires have added a new level of smiles per mile to my Miata experience.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone RE-11

[4/26/2011] Reviewed by: Nathan - whynathan@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '99-'05 1.8 liter

This tires are rated as number 1 by tire rack. The tires are non directional but have an inside and outside wall. They have wide tread block and a aggressive looking design.

I run 205/50/15 with konig helium, coilovers, sway bars and a fm butterfly brace. This tires are great, I haven't drive them till they're hot yet but they grip like these no tommorow, even in the rain they hang on. The tires are very predictable in a slide, but don't make any noise so you have to feel it slide. the only bad thing besides the price is the tires have small dead spot when making small steering inputs from center. It's not big but it's annoying sometimes. If you make big input you won't notice, or if you steer off from center.

There are other tires that grip harded and better steering response that are cheaper, but this is the only tire that can keep going in the rain as well. If want tires that grip hard in the dry and wet there is no other options.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza RE-01 R

[9/2/2008] Reviewed by: Danny I

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99-'05 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Tires or Tyres 195-50R15 installed on Team Dynamics Motorsports 1.2 15x7 wheels

Installed for a mostly street driven machine with an occasional Track Day. Purchased from Tire Rack and mounted/balanced by my local Porsche speed shop.

Love the grip and slight improvement in launches due to smaller diameter. No 65mph shimmy. Total package is 31 lbs. Very nice in the rain, and across uneven roads. Compared to the RT615 or AvonTechR, a much safer ride on mountain roads with less than perfect surface. Very good in rain up to about 65-70. I think this is the best combo I've had so far. I would have also tried the TDR wheels with same tire in 6.5" width.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza RE950

[3/27/2006] Reviewed by: Jack Felton

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter

HP all-season tires from costco.

I have a 92 1.6l with stock suspension. I didn't know what to expect from these tires when I bought them, but i was pleased and my feelings have only intensified over time. Freeway on-ramps have become the highlights of my day when i can blow around the outside of 5.0 mustangs without so much as a chirp from the bridgestones.

I am extremely pleased with my purchase and would recomend these tires to anyone

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza RE750 15"

[9/8/2004] Reviewed by: Jim Weaver - weavetune@cs.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Bridgestone Potenza RE750 15" replacement for RE730

Update of my previous post. I now have 15k miles on these tires. My findings are these are WARM WEATHER tires. When I first got them (winter temps around 30-40 degrees) they were scary. I have now had them for several months and can say that they perform much better in warm weather. It could be they are broken in, but I think it is the heat that has done the most for the change in performance. As I stated earlier I upgraded my shocks AGK 8 way and FM springs. I have recently had them on some nice mountain twisties (35-65mph) and they stick very well. However they do not chirp so when they finally do break loose your eyes get big and you react to the slide. With the RE730's I knew to back off when the chirp set in. Milage seems to be as good or better than the RE730's which I got roughly 30K per set. Would I buy them again.... still unsure as I like to know what a tire is going to do and chirping is a big plus.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone RE910 Tires

[8/16/2004] Reviewed by: John Raskin - sizzling@astound.net

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Bridgestone RE910 tires (P185/60R14)

I recntly purchased a used 1 owner 1999 Miata and the car came with Bridgestone RE910's. Since my experience with other tires on the Miata is limited, I really don't have anything to compare to. However, comparing the car with these tires to previous cars I have owned (a 240Z & and RX7), I'd say these are great tires, on a true sports car. I live near Mt Diablo in Northern California (about 40 miles east of San Francisco) and there are a few good fast (35-65mph) twistees around the mountain. I've been impressed with the grip of these tires and did not experience ANY break away and I tossed the car ino and through turns pretty good.

From what I've read these tires have excellent longevity as well. Since it doesn't rain here during the summer, it will be a few months until I test these in rain. But for summer weather, city and mountain roads, I'd rate them excellent so far.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza RE750

[1/31/2004] Reviewed by: Jim Weaver - weavetune@cs.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

Bridgestone Potenza RE750 195 60 15

bI am not very happy with these tires purchased from Tire rack on their recomendation. I had been running Potenza RE730 for years (3 sets) and loved them. These are Bridgestones replacements for the now discontinued RE 730.

I knew exactly what the RE730's were going to do. In hard cornering they would not sway and they would chirp well before they broke loose. The NEW RE 750's sway horribly (I just put KYB AGX and FM Springs on before the tires.) I am having to take ON ramps at 10-15 mph slower for fear these tires will totally let go and send me spinning. I do not recomend the RE750's for anyone wanting to do spirited driving.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza SO3

[8/26/2003] Reviewed by: Keith Kimble - Kkjkmd@aol.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Max performance summer tires.

Installed a week ago, replacing Dunlop SP 8000s on my 93 Miata. Previous experience with this tire on my '78 Porsche 930 and wife's '92 MR2.

Expensive but superb tire. I'm surprised anyone would think dry traction is inferior to Dunlop 9000--you're kidding me, right? I went with 205/50-15s. Fronts rubbed on the front mud guards, so I removed them (the mud guards, that is). Tires are quiet, handle as expected (significant step up from 195/55-14 SP 8000s, which most people think are a better high performance tire than the 9000s). Also considered Goodyear F1s and Yoko ES 100s, but Bridgestone experience on a variety of vehicles (SO2s and SO3s, among others) and Yoko AVS dry experience on the Porsche (rears down to cord after 6000 miles) made the difference. Only downside I can see is the cost.

Under 5 minutes to remove

Bridgestone RE910

[7/2/2003] Reviewed by: Jerrod Larson - jerrod@rcia.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Firstly, the grip of the tire is pretty amazing, as it is really difficult for me to break the tires away in a tight turn (for example). The tires just seem to stick and stick in corners, far better than the original Toyos that came on it. However, it is precisely in cornering that the tire's worst trait comes out: a sort of difficult to describe unpredictability, which varies tremendously on tire pressure. (This has been hinted at in other reviews of the tire in the forum.)

At 32+ psi, the tires will ride well in the straight but can get really scary in fast, tight turns, almost feeling like the sidewalls are folding or something. I noticed this first on a freeway offramp, where at about 60 mph with tire pressure at 32psi (50 was posted), quite normal for the Toyos, I had to back off the throttle because the handling was getting way too loose and hard to predict. Playing with tire pressures A LOT, I found 26-27 psi is about as perfect as you can get, and now at 27 psi the off ramp is no worries at 65mph.

I think I would recommend this tire to people who daily drive their Miatas, and those who would sacrifice ride comfort with performance, because the 910's are definitely not a performance tire. With proper inflation though, most people can probably find an acceptable ride in the 910s.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone RE 910

[2/27/2003] Reviewed by: Greg Sparkman - Roadster18l@aol.com

Applicable to: '99 +

Bridgestone RE910's 205/45/16 60,000 mile warranty.

I bought these tires to replace the orignal Bridgestone Turanzas. I kept the stock size 205/45/16. These were the only tire I could find with a milage warranty 60,000. I deliver pizza's as a part time job so I need the warranty.(I often drive like I am running a SCCA course) The tires are not as responsive as the Turanzas they replace nor are they as harsh on my 02 Sport.(Really a nice ride compaired to the Turanzas) I belive the max grip is about the same, I haven't noticed reduced corner speed.(Turn lanes, Exit ramps) Grip in the wet is darn near as good as in the dry. Hit a few puddles doing 60 without real problems. Strait line grip seems better than the prior units. (Not as willing to lay rubber when I dump the clutch)

These tires are probably not as sticky as some would like but for a 60,000 mile tire they are providing good performance. I have put on 5,000 miles on these tires and am satisfied with what I got for the price I paid.(About $480 installed)

[10/8/2003] Update by: Greg Sparkman - Roadster18l@aol.com

Applicable to: '99 + 1.8 liter

Just a follow up from a previous review. 205/45/16 on a 02 sport.

Tires were really sticky when new and stayed that way for about 10,000 miles then went hard as Semi tires. Traction fell considerably, but still does OK in the rain even though I am down to the tread wear bars.

I am happier with this tire than the original but still only got 20,000 miles out of them. 15,000 on the Turanzas.

Bridgestone Potenza RE950

[10/26/2002] Reviewed by: Dennis Chesters - dc hesters@mac.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

All-weather tires.

The RE950s are a significant improvement over the Dunlops that came with my '96 Miata, puchased 2 years ago. After a few scarey spin-outs on wet and snowy days in the mid-Atlantic winter of 2000-2001, I researched the web for snow-capable tires on the web. It was either better tires, or a 4-wheel drive vehicle for the bad winter days. The RE950's were they only model rated above mediocre, so I replace the dreadful Dunlops with RE950s in the fall of 2001. They were an immediate improvement on rainy days, taking the heart out of my mouth on rainy-day hard-stops. The mid-Atlanti9c winter of 2001-2002 was nearly snow-free, so I can't yet certify that the RE950's are also competent on snowy streets. If you are looking for competent wet/snow tires that fit the Miata from the mddile-ages, the RE950 seems the best bet for the '90s Miatas.

Not an installed item

[12/18/2001] Reviewed by: Jim Hamilton - jimrhamilton@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

195/60-14 High-Performance All Season Tire, HR Speed Rated.

Just the tire I was looking for. The other reviews helped my decision, and I think they were very accurate. Purchased from Tire Rack for $314 and recieved within about 4 days. My previous tires were Eagers, which were loud, wore out quick, no good in the rain, and shimmied relentlessly despite being on OEM hollow-spoke wheels. The Potenzas are much quieter, longer-lasting (supposedly), AWESOME in the rain (no doubt thanks to the aquatread-like tread pattern) and do not shimmy whatsoever. In dry conditions they stick like a dog on a fudgesickle, but can still be coaxed into tail-out antics with judicious throttle and steering inputs. Much fun.

Very glad I got the 195's instead of the 185's. The miata.net tire calculator says that this size will make my spedometer read 2.1% too slow, but this is well worth the extra traction that the 195's give (I think I can live with the knowledge that at 100mph, I'm actually travelling 102.1.). 55 series sidewalls would have been a better match, but tirerack did not have that size available, and the difference is not all that great (1.3% too fast rather than 2.3% too slow).

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza RE-950

[8/8/2001] Reviewed by: Bruce Rosen - brosen@nist.gov

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Bridgestone Potenza RE-950 High Performance All Season Tires, HR Speed rated

Bought the tires about 2 weeks ago. Since then I've used them in both dry and wet weather. Dry performance is quite good. Not as good as really high end performance tires, but still quite adequate for an "every day to work" driven vehicle. Nice part is the performance stays good in the wet. My old Dunlops would slide and spin if somebody at the same traffic light spit on the road. These new RE-950s really do work much better.

Other great part is that they are also much quieter on the highway. Now I can actually hear my radio with the top down at 65mph, something not possible with my Dunlops even with the volume turned all the way up. Also, there is no shimmy or shake at 65mph, not that I had one with the Dunlops before, but I know that different brands and sets of tires have been know to create that problem, so I'm happy to report these did not. So in summary I'd say these are an excellent tire for those looking for a good balance between performance and price in an everyday vehicle that stays at least somewhat within the bounds of vehicle driving laws (my days of real high performance driving ended 20 years ago when I stopped doing SCCA G Production racing in a Triumph Spitfire, on the track where it was both legal and safe).

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza RE-930i All-Season tires

[7/9/2001] Reviewed by: John Irby - jtigolf2000@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.8 liter

195 60HR-14

The RE-930i's are the ideal tires if you use your Miata as a daily driver - Excellent dry grip, 45K/Mi treadwear, quiet & smooth (the 65 mph shimmy is long-gone), great performance in the wet - just all-around terrific tires.

Bought at Costco Wholesale - installed (including balancing) - for just $70 per tire. Bridgestone/Firestone may have been getting a bad rap as a result of the Ford Explorer problems, but based on my experience with the RE-930i's, Bridgestone/Firestone proved to me that the company can still make excellent tires.

Not an installed item

Bridgestone Potenza RE730

[7/5/2001] Reviewed by: Matt Daniels - matthew.daniels@excite.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

205/50/ZR15 Bridgestone Potenza RE730 tires. Aggressive tread pattern. High performance summer tires. 300 treadwear rating. ZR speed rated.

Awesome tires. Great price-performance. I didn't want to spring for Toyo T1S's (another $30 per tire) so, I went with these. Debated between the Kumho 712 Ecstas and these, and essentially paid more ($32 per tire more) for the Bridgestone name/reputation (gotta be loyal to the Ferrari F1 racing sponsors!) Bought these mounted and balanced on 15"x6.5" Kosei Racing Seneka wheels from Tire Rack. The were shipped from their Delaware warehouse and arrived in 2 days...great service from them. Nice weight, and they look good, too. Great wet performance, just tried them in the rain tonight, very stable. Predictable and progressive breakaway, very easy to drive hard. Overall grip is excellent. Still can coax out a little power-on oversteer when you want to. Highly recommended based on price and performance.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza RE950

[5/15/2001] Reviewed by: John Dachik - ochslist@hotmail.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

High Performance All Season Tire.

Perfect. Just what I wanted - the best compromise between performance and longevity (I hope). No you won't get the cornering performance of Toyo Proxes TS1's, but it's pretty darn good, and will likely last three times as long. Cured my 65 mph shimmy. Good looking tire. No problems in the wet. Can be loud on some surfaces.

If you want good performance, but don't want to get new tires every year these will likely meet your needs.

Not an installed item

Potenza RE910

[9/25/2000] Reviewed by Neal Story - nstory@hotmail.com

Applicable to '90 - '97

.P205-50R15 RE910 Bridgestone Tires

The purchase of 15" ARC wheels and these Bridgestone tires did more than just improve the looks of "my wife's" pride and joy. The handling is noticeably improved. Bridgestone/Firestone has a 150% price Garantee. I brought in a quote from an internet web site and saved 35 dollars a tire. I am very happy with these tires. The Dunlop tires these replaced were junk compared to these

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Potenza RE-71

[6/21/2000] Reviewed by Kevin Hunter - kevin.hunter@sage.nelesautomation.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter 1.8 liter


To the engineers who designed the Deerfoot Trail (the main highway I take to work every morning in Calgary, Canada), I owe an apology. I used to curse them as my 91 BRG hit the pavement at 100 Kph (~62 mph). The road would throw my poor car around mercilessly, and my chassis would strain at each and every incremental increase in velocity. "Where did these engineers get their degrees?" I used to say every day, white-knuckled at the wheel. I came to realize though, that it wasn't the road at all, but my tires, and all the cursing was quickly curtailed when I treated my Miata to a set of RE-71's.

My Miata was previously perched on top of a set of Dunlop D60's - that will soon be recycled into coffee cup holders. Hopefully they hold onto the cups better than the road!

Compared to the D60's, the RE-71 sidewalls are rock solid. The tires look great too - a bit more beef to them. I also dragged the back of my fingernail against the tread - these tires are tacky!

On dry pavement, the car literally grabs the road. The car conducts itself fitting of a Miata in corners and is reliable, comfortable and quiet at all speeds. As for rain, the water that gathers in the road depressions are no longer a driving deterrent.

For those of you drooling over Toyo Proxes, you can't get them in a 14" for the OEM wheels. I had considered getting a new set of wheels and 15" Proxes, but, after talking to other savvy Miata owners, I decided to keep the OEM wheels and surround them with new skins. The owner of the establishment also took the time to explain the manufacturing process Bridgestone used to join the threads inside the tire. Unlike most tires, whose threads are finished in an interlaced fashion, the RE-71's are put together in a spiral fashion, so that the finish is even. This makes for a well balanced orbit at all points on the speedo. Something that is very apparent on the Deerfoot at 140 Kph, 150 Kph, 160 Kph ... Now, about that speed limit?

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[5/28/2000] Reviewed by Lance - lance@sunlink.net

as others have said.

After hearing all the buz of a great tire/price etc. I ordered from tire rack 4 RE-71's for my 14 inch BBS

from my 83 SE. Had them dropshipped, mounted and balanced and allinged. They ran great.

Had less than 7 thousand miles on by the winter season Nov 1999, the tire shop stored them and got them ready for this year May 2000.

Went to have them remounted, The tire dealer who mounted them said, never saw anything like it, two tires are worn and not worth driving on out of town, the other two tires look almost like new. Tried calling bridgestone, two see why? 1-888-847-3272. Guys, Although they have no mileage warrenty, whats wrong with this picture. So, if anyone needs two tires at half price let me know.

Not an installed item

[4/25/2000] Reviewed by Jerami King - jerami@macromotive.com

Applicable to '90 - '97

RE-71 in 195-55VR15.

GREAT looking tire. Sidewalls are stiff enough to allow hard turn-in, but not overly harsh. Dry traction is superb, have not had much wet experience (Phoenix, AZ). I have noticed that after a hard run, sand and dirt stick to them. Looks really cool! )

I bought these tires from Tire Rack after spending a week on the phone trying to find anyone in Phoenix who had them in stock. Total was 299.98 delivered to my door. The tires balanced almost perfectly, needing only 1/2oz on one tire to balance. These tires are awesome! I am a fairly aggressive driver, and these tires came highly recommended- and have exceeded my expectations. I am hitting apexes approximately 4-8mph faster and turning in later than I had thought was possible. These tires are the perfect compliment to my suspension setup. Buy a set before they're gone forever!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza RE730

[4/13/2000] Reviewed by Dave Young - youngdm@mediaone.net

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Bridgestone RE-370 205-50/15

The Bridgestones were installed today. One day's worth of driving!

I recently purchased a 92 Miata, base package with ac and limited slip as the only options from the manufacturer. The original owner never replaced the stock wheels (steel) or tires-185-60/14. I liked the way it handled initially, but did expect an improvement with the fresh tires and new rims(Borbet T's). Words cannot adequately describe my pleasure with the modifications. The ride quality has improved (original tires did have 34,000) and the handling is truly as if on rails. What I was really surprised about was how aggressive the tread is (had only seen photos of the tire) and how much it added to the looks of the car. Truly awesome! I highly recommend the 205-50/15 for both performance and appearance. The Borbet T's look fabulous also!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza RE730

[4/7/2000] Reviewed by JR Weaver - weavetune@compuserve.com

Applicable to '90 - '97 1.6 liter

Bridgestone Potenza RE730 Tire Size 195/50/15 (note; not available in 14" size)

The RE730's are the best performance tires I've had on my Miata.Others were Potenza RE71 and Yoko Avid 4 14". The RE730's are awsume in wet or dry conditions. I've not been able to make them break loose yet in two weeks of pushing.

I purchased Borbet 15" Rims along with the RE730's from Tire Rack on Monday and had them on the car in Wednesday afternoon. After my disappointment with the Yoko's I did a lot of research and found few choices in 14" performance tire's. So I decided to go to 15" Rims and chose the Borbet's because they looked soooo coooool. I couldn't be happier with this combination. GO TOPLESS

Not an installed item

Bridgestone Potenza S-02 Pole Position Tire

Reviewed by: Soren Wong - soren@primex.co.uk

Described as "Max Performance" at the TireRack. I purchased 195/50ZR-15's for my 15" Motoform Circ's. You can get this size from UK distributors for 50-60 Pounds ($80-$100). I don't know what shipping to the States would be.

These tires are consistently rated at or near the top of performance tire comparisons. Unfortunately, they aren't really available in the states in Miata sizes. When I saw them here at a very resonable price (I'm in the UK), I quickly had them fitted.

The performance of these tires on dry pavement is incredible! The best I've driven before were BFG TA-ZR's and they can't compare with the S-02's. So far, I haven't gotten them to squeel or drift noticably during any spirited driving. I haven't tried any 3500RPM lauches, but there hasn't been any chirping during hard acceleration either and I'm running about 13 PSI of boost. Road noise is acceptable, but the ride is harsh at 29PSI with a Racing Beat/Tokiko combination.

Grip in the wet is excellent also. My previous set of tires were Toyo Proxes FZ-4's (dreadful), so my reference point is not great. On the other hand, I am comfortable going quite a bit more quickly than everybody else when it's wet.

Less than useless on snow.

If you are interested in getting some, send me an email.

Bridgestone Potenza RE-71 Tires

Reviewed by: Stuart Jones - stuart.jones@capmark.funb.com

Described as "Ultra-High Performance" by the Tire Rack. I bought them in a 195/55vr-14 size. I had them installed free; tires and shipping was only $300.66

I stepped up to these tires while replacing a set of Yokohama 388 all-seasons. Without taking anything away from the Yoko's, which had very good grip for such a low-price tire, the grip produced by the RE-71s is just plain phenomenal in the wet /and/ in the dry. I've noticed only a very small amount of increased bumpiness with these tires, but certainly not enough to warrant any real concern. As others have noted, these tires are very quiet both in a highway cruise and when in the twisties.

I /love/ the look of these tires.. Pictures on the Tire Rack's website do not do them justice; installed on the factory '95 alloys, these tires have a very /mean/ and purposeful look to them. I bought these tires for their performance capabilites (that, and the fact that they are Bridgestones.. that 'Soul of F1' notion catches one of my weak spots <g>), but the looks are a real plus. An exceptional tire, one that I'd highly recommend to anyone looking for high performance on the lightweight factory alloys.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

Reviewed by: Jason Wassman - jgarcia@pacbell.net

The Bridgestone RE71 tires I purchased are 195/55vr-14.

After countless turns, both in the wet and in the dry, I've found the RE71 to be an exceptional tire. The ride is as nice as any tire I've experienced on a Miata, and yet it handles like a low profile, soft compound tire. The road noise is low, and when pushed to the limit the tires are very quiet as well. Wet weather perfomance is phenomonal as well. Out the door, the set of tires, with a lifetime balance and road hazard, cost was US$372.

I highly recommend these tires to anyone who wants an ultra high performance tire at a bargain price. You can have your cake and eat it too!

Reviewed by: Kevin Morrison - kevin@sunriders.com

These are a Z-rated Ultra High Performance tire. I have them in 195-50 size on 15x7 Borbet type H wheels. They were $75US each from The Tire Rack, plus about $30 for shipping, and $45 for mounting and balancing on my wheels. They arrived 2 days after I ordered them.

I like these tires. These replaced a set of Yokohama A509s, and have a lot more grip, and better wet performance. They have a surpisingly good ride for a 50 series tire, no worse than Dunlop D60s in stock size, and better than the A509s. They do make a lot of radial noise, but I think it sounds pretty cool. The side walls are not the stiffest in the world, but the turn-in response is still markedly better than stock. Grip seems almost endless, until they suddenly break loose, but they come back in line very quickly. These tires hardly chirp or squeal at all, even at the limit, so you don't get much warning. These tires will greatly increase the performance envelope of the Miata, and in all honesty are far more tire than you will ever need in a normally aspirated car. But...for $75 each you can afford to have more tire than you need.

The tread pattern on the RE-71 is nearly identical to the Toyo Proxes T-1, but are about the least expensive Z rated 15 inch tire out there. In my opinion, they are the best value in high-perf street tires and are in a league with the Toyos, Dunlop SP8000, and Yoko AVSi (which all cost a lot more).

Bridgestone Eager Tires

Reviewed by: Tejash Vishalpura - tejash@cwix.com

(4) Bridgestone Eager tires on all corners.

Just bought my first Miata in December('98). I bought a black '96 from a stereotypical "little old lady". It was in great condition with "gentle" 28k miles. Well it seems before the "lady" was going to sell the car, she had these Eagers installed to replace the dead OEMs. Although her intentions were good, these tires are real dogs.

My number one complaint is that they cry like dying calves in slaughter, while pushed in a corner. And this happens way to quickly. Even in moderate grocery store, slow slaloms for a parking spot. I have been able to alleviate some of this howl and slipperiness, by bumping up the PSI in all tires much higher then normal.

I suppose this tire has its place in the world of automobiles. But I believe for $5-$10 a tire you could possibly buy a better set of Dunlop D60's, Bridgestone RE910's, or even the new Yokahama AVID(quite good in rain) series. I have had good experiences with these tires on other cars, so I can't make claims on size availabilies.

Feeling stupid at removing these fairly new tires, with replacements, I have decided to just keep them on and go Solo II racing. It should give me a good understanding of my car in loose conditions, and also accelerate the rate of destroying these tires. I will probably be putting on a set of Kumho's on the stock wheels for racing. And put on new Dunlop D8000's on Panasport wheels for street driving.

If you are considering this tire. Why not spend spend a little more on tires. Especially if safety is a high concern for you. Remember you have only 4 tiny patches of rubber suspending the entire mass of your car. I would spend $50-$100 more on tires then on better stereo system. Use your best judgement.

Good luck to all, and keep motoring!

Reviewed by: Robert Allen - rja@sun.com

Claimed to be a "performance" tire by my local dealer and Bridgestone, but with a bias towards longevity. A step down from the RE-71 class of tire. H speed rated. Large outer shoulder tread blocks to give resistance to edge rollover in hard cornering. Tread design resists hydroplaning.

I bought these in the winter because the stock tires on my '94 were awful. These tires did VERY well in the heavy rain we got in California during El Nino. Now that it's drying up I'm doing some significant cornering (my car is not lowered, but has JR swaybars and a strut tower brace) and the tires are pretty good.

Make no mistake, these are not A008's or even RE-71's. I'm running 195's on my stock 6" x 14" alloy wheels though, and I'm pretty happy. The tread pattern lacks the usual "I'm an expensive and sticky performance tire" look which makes me think I've spent my money well, but these are only about $60-70 a piece and if you know how to make use of all the corner and control your adhesion you can get a lot out of these. If you're running stock swaybars you will probably not get as much stick because the stock cars have a lot of snap oversteer. But with thicker swaybars and otherwise stock suspension these are good tires. The ride is not punishing. Noise is not bad. I've been considering buying a 2nd set of rims and putting on some short lived street/racing tires, but that reflects more on my perceived needs than on the abilitys of these tires. I'd guess they are probably comparable to the D60 M2's, though I have not used those tires.

Turanza Revo

[1/29/2003] Reviewed by: Greg Sparkman - Roadster18L

Applicable to: '99 +

These Tire came equiped on my 02 Sport. 205/45/16

These tires do what they are designed to do, grip and respond. During their short life they provided great grip and worked well in the wet. These tires were sticky soft down to the tread wear bars. I managed to get there in 15K to my suprise, I rotated every 5k. These tires did pick up every bump in the road. After reaching the tread wear bars they got hard as steam roller tires, but still managed decent grip. I replaced these with Bridgstone 910's 205/45/16's which by the way are not near as responsive but do offer a softer ride.

Good tire if you can afford to replace often. I deliver pizzas in this car so I do drive hard and put on many miles. I chose to fid a tire with longer life.

Not an installed item

[7/12/2000] Reviewed by Clifford Mann - cemann@bellsouth.net

Applicable to '90 - '97

Bridgestone Turanza Revo 185/60/14 All-season tires with Uni-T and dual tread technology.

I have had these tires on my 92 for 3 months now and they are exactly what I was looking for. With having the stock rims and suspension, I wanted a tire that handled well in all weather and lasted longer than a high performance tire. They perform great in the rain compared to the Dunlop 60s that came with the car. They have a life of 50k miles and that was a plus for me since I put about +30k mi/yr on a car. The Turanza's came with a 30-day guarantee with no prorating. There is no shimmy in any speed and the road noise is very minimal. For someone looking for an all season long life tire that handles great and looks good too, then these are the tires I would highly recommend.


Bridgestone pole position S-03

[6/24/2003] Reviewed by: Howard Leader - lawleader@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

replacemnt tires for Dunlop SP9000's

Excellent dry & rain tire. had them now for ~7000 miles. We've had alot of rain lately, much of it very heavy and alot of ponding on hiways, etc. No problem. Great driving confidence. Some modest compromise on dry grip vs. SP9000, but wet grip more than compensates. Definitely reccommend this tire and I will purchase them again.

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

[6/23/2002] Reviewed by: Anonymous

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position tires (205/50/15)

My factory original tires were Michelin Pilot Sport SX-GT's. I replaced these with Toyo T1S tires that had improved wet and dry grip and a smoother and quieter ride. However, I was sorely disappointed in the extremely slow turn in of the Toyo's that killed the nimble feeling of my Miata. Since the Michelin's have been discontinued I got a set of Bridgestone S-03's. The S-03's have all of the attributes of the Toyo's but with turn in sharpness between the Toyo's and Michelin's. I am much happier now.

If the S-03's had a bit stiffer sidewall I would consider it the perfect tire. Overall I believe they are a more fun tire for the Miata than the Toyo's.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgetone S-03 Pole Positions 195/50ZR-15

[1/14/2002] Reviewed by: Michael Thomas - mtmx5@yahoo.com

Applicable to: '90 - '97 '99 + 1.6 liter 1.8 liter

Bought these in conjunction with a new Koni coilover kit to increase handling and ride feel. Previously owned Dunlop GT Qualifiers with KYB AGX and coilovers. The ride quality is so much nicer with my present setup. I can go much faster around corners and freeway ramps always put a big stupid grin on my face. I've heard that the S-02s were a great tire, but people have been saying that these are so much better. Have only had them on for a few days, but as of now, I'm totally satisfied. Get them for ride quality, great handling, and almost no highway noise.

Over 30 minutes to remove completely

Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position

[5/20/2001] Reviewed by: Vince Parro - vparro@mediaone.net

Applicable to: '90 - '97

New Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole Position High Performance Tires.

I have been driving on the Potenza S-03 Pole Positions for 2 weeks. My Miata is equipped with an Aerodyne Turbo with 10 lbs of boost. I was am astounded with the traction in both dry and wet conditions. I have yet to be able to break loose the tires under full acceleration, even in the rain. Cornering is also very impressive, again they have not lost their grip. I pushed them as far as I felt I could safely on the street and, yeh, maybe a little beyond that. My previous tires were Dunlop SP8000's. There is no comparison. In the rain with the Dunlop's I would have to be careful accelerating. With the S-03's I can accelerate under full throttle. Incredible!!! Boy, am I looking forward to the next autocross!!

Under 30 minutes to remove completely

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